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I have a video player that I want to build.
i have a horizontal scroll bar
lenghtMovieLoaded = video.Duration;   //(Retrieves the length, in seconds, of the video file.)
hScrollBar1.Maximum = (int)Math.Round(lenghtMovieLoaded); //maximum of scrollbar

Lets say, my video.Duration is 1000 sec in total.

Now,in a label i want to show the 1-[current time] of the video /and the 2-[total time].
Something like: //label2.Text = "1-[00:00]/2-[00:00]";

I need to convert 1000 sec into minutes = easy part>>
video.Duration/60 and I have the current minutes.

Now... the problem is the "seconds" part... I need to increment them from 0- 60 while the hScrollBar1 is moving, and not go over 60 but to restart from 0 -60 and so on, AND to be accurate with the track.
If I am at 1min33sec the "sec" part must not be a erroneous mathematical trick.

I do not know what to search in Google for. An algorithm I suppose...
Or, if you know a tutorial about this thing...
Im not very good at math also :) heh - im an artist so...
and thank you.
Updated 11-Sep-14 8:10am

The TimeSpan struct is your friend!
Just create a new TimeSpan from the count in seconds, and use its .ToString(formatString) to format it:
TimeSpan elapsed = TimeSpan.FromSeconds(elapsedTimeSecondsCounter);
string elapsedFormatted = elapsed.ToString(@"m\:ss");
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 11-Sep-14 14:38pm
Sure, a 5.
_Q12_ 12-Sep-14 12:55pm
Thank you - your code is actually resolve the problem... I must definitively play more with this TimeSpan thing and find out at what is Best good for... :) If you have, a good tutorial that you know of and explain it best, about this TimeSpan, please put it here. Thanks.
int total_seconds = 1000;
int hours = total_seconds / 3600;
int minutes = total_seconds / 60 % 60;
int seconds = total seconds %  60;

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