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I want to create a login page with good front end design, so how do i do that? without login controls.?

I have login page code with me. But how to make the front end look attractive?

That i want to know

Sinisa Hajnal 14-Oct-14 2:17am
You can either create your own front page design and use code-behind logic of the login control. OR you can style your login control with CSS - there are examples on the net. Look for them.

Bootsnip Templates[^]

Gmail Type template[^]

Follow these links these would give some idea.
Please comment back your queries if any.
sudeshna from bangkok 14-Oct-14 4:49am
Thanks for the help. can i ask another question? it might be a very stupid question
[no name] 14-Oct-14 4:52am
Yes sure, I would be really happy to hear that..:)
sudeshna from bangkok 14-Oct-14 4:58am
i have to do a inventory project on stones, so i am confused whether i do in windows or

i just want the front end looks good design and the software if viewed by any computer data can be visible. i mean suppose i make changes to data in database from my system,
if someone else opens the software from his/her system can see the changes or can update also something in the db. to for this what exactly platform i need to do?
[no name] 14-Oct-14 5:03am
See first, VB i.e. Visual Basic and C# are two languages for ASP.NET. Just the syntax varies. For your Front end to look good you can use the best BOOTSTRAP & the backend you can use any one VB or C#. I personally like C# and MVC. The MVC is the best thing to be usedand also is the future. You can explore. If you want I can provide you with some good links and any doubt or questions you can ask.
sudeshna from bangkok 14-Oct-14 5:08am
i know VB. as i have done many projects on but on windows platform. i have no idea. ya sure you can send me links here. what is mvc? that only i am getting confused. and if i do in with vb,shall my requirement be fulfilled? i mean did you understood what i want in my project?
[no name] 14-Oct-14 5:13am
Yes for sure. All your requirement will be fulfilled. I would also suggest you to use MVC. What is MVC??
MVC is Model View Controller. It is a framework based on which you make your project structure.
This is one of my article to get just the basic idea on MVC.
But Video tutorials provide the best solution and understanding so the link you can follow is:-
If you have plural sight access then MVC fundamentals by Scott Allen is the best.
You already have logical code of login credential. So just go following Sites (Links) and download your best match Login Form.

Login Form Template link 1[^]

Login Form Template link 2[^]

Login Form Template link 3[^]

sudeshna from bangkok 14-Oct-14 4:48am
Thanks for the help
sudeshna from bangkok 22-Oct-14 0:36am
how to apply the login form templates in my own project? i have downloaded the login templates
aarif moh shaikh 27-Oct-14 0:33am
Just copy & paste the Source code (HTML) to your project with it's Javascript files & CSS Files
Basically, any server control gets rendered as HTML and therefore can be styled using CSS. Create the page with login control, study its HTML source and write CSS for that structure.

Try this skin for example[^]
You are developing in WEB and still you don't have the idea of bootstrap???

You must give it a try. I use it to develop front end. It saves a lot of time then wasting in to draw raw html structure with css.

here is the link
sudeshna from bangkok 14-Oct-14 4:40am
Thank u for the link,but i am learning i dont know how to do.
sudeshna from bangkok 14-Oct-14 4:41am
where is the link?
Saqib Mobeen 14-Oct-14 5:40am
Click on "here is the link"

and you ll find the link

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