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RaptorDB - the Key Value Store

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4.89 (115 votes)
22 Jan 2012CPOL
Smallest, fastest embedded nosql persisted dictionary using b+tree or MurMur hash indexing. (Now with Hybrid WAH bitmap indexes)



Compare Revision Minor Date Status Editor
22 - publicly available No 7-May-13 3:31 Available Sean Ewington
Updates in content.
21 No 22-Jan-12 20:45 Available Mehdi Gholam
20 No 18-Jan-12 23:46 Available Mehdi Gholam
17 No 13-Nov-11 5:48 Available Deeksha Shenoy
16 No 21-Oct-11 6:09 Available Deeksha Shenoy
15 No 14-Oct-11 23:47 Available Deeksha Shenoy
14 No 30-Jul-11 21:47 Available Deeksha Shenoy
13 No 10-Jul-11 1:03 Available Deeksha Shenoy
12 No 27-Jun-11 21:18 Available Deeksha Shenoy
11 No 22-Jun-11 0:27 Available Deeksha Shenoy
10 No 16-Jun-11 19:59 Available Deeksha Shenoy
9 No 13-Jun-11 8:47 Available Deeksha Shenoy
8 No 31-May-11 20:59 Available Deeksha Shenoy
7 No 28-May-11 22:06 Composing
6 No 23-May-11 5:26 Composing
4 No 22-May-11 9:01 Composing
3 No 2-May-11 23:42 Composing
1 No 2-May-11 22:52 Composing


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Mehdi Gholam
Architect -
United Kingdom United Kingdom
Mehdi first started programming when he was 8 on BBC+128k machine in 6512 processor language, after various hardware and software changes he eventually came across .net and c# which he has been using since v1.0.
He is formally educated as a system analyst Industrial engineer, but his programming passion continues.

* Mehdi is the 5th person to get 6 out of 7 Platinum's on Code-Project (13th Jan'12)
* Mehdi is the 3rd person to get 7 out of 7 Platinum's on Code-Project (26th Aug'16)

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