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PDF File Writer C# Class Library (Version 1.27.0)

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4.94 (623 votes)
9 Sep 2020CPOL
PDF File Writer is a C# .NET class library allowing applications to create PDF files. Latest update is support for Metadata and QR Code ECI Assignment Number.
This article looks at coordinate system and unit of measure (all methods arguments representing position, width or height must be in your unit of measure). It also does a look at the code behind things like: bookmarks support, charting support, print document support, data table support, reorder pages, PDF document output, memory control, and encryption support.



Compare Revision Minor Date Status Editor
73 - publicly available Yes 15-Sep-20 11:13 Available Sean Ewington
Updates in content.
65 No 30-May-19 3:30 Available Uzi Granot
New support for layers. New support for initial document display. Modifications to QRCode and Pdf417 barcodes.
62 No 8-Feb-19 9:38 Available Uzi Granot
New feature added PDF417 barcode
55 No 13-Jun-16 2:12 Available Uzi Granot
New feature document links
53 No 24-May-16 6:47 Available Uzi Granot
Version 1.18.0 enhancement: Named Destinations and PdfFont object creation.
52 No 24-May-16 3:02 Composing Uzi Granot
Updates in content.
47 No 1-Feb-16 2:44 Available Uzi Granot
Version 1.17.0 enhancements: WPF graphics, transparency, color blending and elliptical arcs drawing.
46 No 30-Sep-15 3:49 Available Uzi Granot
Version 1.16.4 Consistent use of IDisposable interface to release unmanaged resources.
45 No 22-Sep-15 2:15 Available Uzi Granot
PdfTable constructor uses current page size to calculate the default table area rectangle. When PdfTable starts a new page the page type and orientation is taken from the previous page.
42 No 29-Jul-15 5:55 Available Uzi Granot
Unicode text support and reduced memory requirements.
40 No 17-Jun-15 2:20 Available Uzi Granot
Document information dictionary was added and image resource can be saved as Jpeg, Indexed color, Shades of gray, Black and white.
38 No 8-Jun-15 2:08 Available Uzi Granot
PDF table support for long multi-line text or TextBox.
37 No 8-Jun-15 2:07 Composing Uzi Granot
36 No 7-Jun-15 14:06 Composing Uzi Granot
Initial creation
35 No 7-Jun-15 14:00 Composing Uzi Granot
Initial creation
34 No 10-May-15 9:18 Available Uzi Granot
Enhancements: stream output, table page break, image quality and standard 128 encryption
33 No 14-Apr-15 2:25 Available Uzi Granot
Version 1.12.0 enhancements: reorder page sequence and improved table border lines control.
32 No 13-Apr-15 10:36 Composing Uzi Granot
Initial creation
31 No 19-Jan-15 4:36 Available Uzi Granot
Version 1.11 adds media (video, sound) and file attachment support.
30 No 1-Dec-14 7:24 Available Uzi Granot
Version 1.10 adds data table (DataGridView) support and source code documentation help file.
29 No 12-Oct-14 5:54 Available Uzi Granot
Fix to ChartExample. Parse numeric fields in regions with decimal separator other than period.
28 No 6-Oct-14 7:54 Available Uzi Granot
Revision 1.9 new and enhanced features: Charting, Print to PDF file, Image Metafile support.
27 No 15-Sep-14 2:25 Available Uzi Granot
Minor source code change to allow compilation with .NET 3.5
26 No 11-Sep-14 2:51 Available Uzi Granot
A new feature Bookmarks was added to the library.
25 No 26-Aug-14 5:35 Available Sean Ewington
Updates in content.
24 No 25-Aug-14 7:08 Available Uzi Granot
Updates in content.
23 No 25-Aug-14 4:36 Available Uzi Granot
Add support for document encryption, web-links and QR Code
21 No 9-Jul-14 7:53 Available Uzi Granot
The CreateFile method resets the PdfDocument to initial condition after file creation. The PdfFont object releases the unmanaged code resources properly
20 No 6-May-14 3:02 Available Uzi Granot
Barcode support was added. Code-128, Code-39, EAN-13 and UPC-A
18 No 26-Feb-14 9:00 Available Uzi Granot
Significant changes to language support and image files.
17 No 7-Feb-14 8:05 Available Uzi Granot
Fix of a bug. Soe additional comments related to right to left languages.
16 No 21-Jul-13 11:08 Available Uzi Granot
The new revision supports all image files format (see ImageFormat class)
10 No 9-Apr-13 13:22 Pending Uzi Granot
Project was modified to support countries that uses non period (comma) for decimal separator.
7 No 1-Apr-13 13:33 Available Smitha Nishant
Updates in content.
6 No 1-Apr-13 12:44 Pending Uzi Granot
Updates in content.
5 No 1-Apr-13 9:14 Pending Uzi Granot
Updates in content.
4 No 1-Apr-13 9:00 Available Smitha Nishant
Updates in content.
3 No 1-Apr-13 8:54 Pending Uzi Granot
Updates in content.
2 No 1-Apr-13 5:09 Available Smitha Nishant
Updates in content.
1 No 1-Apr-13 5:08 Available Smitha Nishant
Initial creation


This article, along with any associated source code and files, is licensed under The Code Project Open License (CPOL)


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