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A New Parser Generator for C#

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4.96 (68 votes)
5 Mar 2016LGPL3
LLLPG, the Loyc LL(k) Parser Generator: now parsing C# itself!



Compare Revision Minor Date Status Editor
24 - publicly available Yes 30-Mar-16 21:08 Available Qwertie
Updated various links to point to
23 No 5-Mar-16 23:39 Available Qwertie
Updated to show the friendliest feature, Visual Studio integration
22 No 5-Mar-16 23:02 Available Qwertie
Updated initial paragraphs and various links.
21 No 26-Jun-15 8:04 Available Qwertie
Minor edits, added download link for new version, updated/added numerous links including link to Part 5
20 No 1-Mar-14 18:31 Available Chris Maunder
Updates in content.
19 No 1-Mar-14 17:45 Available Chris Maunder
Updates in content.
16 No 1-Mar-14 12:25 Available Qwertie
Updates in content.
15 No 28-Feb-14 8:52 Available Chris Maunder
Updates in content.
14 No 26-Feb-14 8:36 Available Qwertie
Updates in content.
12 No 25-Feb-14 20:20 Available Qwertie
Oops, seems I forgot to hyperlink to next parts in the previous update.
11 No 25-Feb-14 13:18 Available Qwertie
New links to part 4, LLLPG 1.1.0, minor edits
10 No 8-Feb-14 11:51 Available Qwertie
Fixed garbage HTML added by bugs in CP
9 No 7-Feb-14 19:59 Available Qwertie
Heavily edited to reflect the fact that LLLPG is just about complete and you can now use EC# as the input language.
8 No 30-Nov-13 6:44 Available Qwertie
Minor edits; updated rationale for LES
6 No 26-Nov-13 6:45 Available Qwertie
Linked to part 2
5 No 19-Nov-13 7:52 Available Qwertie
New LLLPG version 0.91, updated demo, several small edits to the text
4 No 8-Oct-13 4:11 Available Smitha Nishant
Updates in content. Changes: 9
3 No 7-Oct-13 10:40 Available Qwertie
tt -> code tags; edited intro; more concluding points
2 No 7-Oct-13 9:35 Available Qwertie
Tiny fix in zip, updated screenshot
1 No 7-Oct-13 9:24 Available Qwertie
Initial creation


This article, along with any associated source code and files, is licensed under The GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPLv3)


About the Author

Software Developer None
Canada Canada
Since I started programming when I was 11, I wrote the SNES emulator "SNEqr", the FastNav mapping component, the Enhanced C# programming language (in progress), the parser generator LLLPG, and LES, a syntax to help you start building programming languages, DSLs or build systems.

My overall focus is on the Language of your choice (Loyc) initiative, which is about investigating ways to improve interoperability between programming languages and putting more power in the hands of developers. I'm also seeking employment.


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