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CodeProject Article Types

CodeProject has a number of different article types. To make your live easier and to help you decide what type of article to submit, all available types are listed and described below.


An article is typically either a tutorial that allows someone to learn about a technique or technology, or an explanation and documentation for code that you are uploading. Articles outline the problem you're trying to solve, the techniques you're using, and a simple explanation of how to use your code or techniques. Interesting gotcha's or trivia are always welcome.


A Project is a code repository imported from a service such as GitHub, BitBucket or Visual Studio online. The repository must have a README file for it to be considered for import, and must adhere to the usual editorial guidelines for articles.


A tip has the same layout as a regular article but is meant primarily to provide a quick coding solution or tip. Tips and Tricks are not as exhaustive or extensive, nor do they require as much detail as an article to explain a problem and its solution. Articles may be several pages long, but a tip might be only a couple of paragraphs. Tips simply state a problem and a solution.


A Reference article is a short (typically 1 page) article used to lookup common information such as tables (eg. ASCII tables, HTTP codes etc) or function or class explanations. Typically there will be few if any images, and no downloadable code (though both are possible if the author wishes)


An asset is a piece or set of data that can be used by developers for their work or articles. It should have an exaplanation of what it contains and is useful for, but the focus for this article is the download itself