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Adjust Audio/Video Synchronization

I would suggest two softwares to achieve the objective:
  1. VirtualDub
  2. YAAI - Yet Another Avi Info

If you use VirtualDub, then after you have VirtualDub opened, perform the following steps:

  1. Open your video file in VirtualDub by dragging and dropping the file on the program.
  2. Click on Audio -> Interleaving or press (Ctrl + I) on your keyboard.
  3. Now in Audio skew correction text box, type a value in millisecond (1000 ms = 1 second) following the instructions: Use positive values if audio is playing too early or negative values if the opposite is true.
  4. Click Ok and don't forget to Click Video -> Direct stream copy and Audio -> Direct stream copy because we do not want re-encoding here.
  5. Click File -> Save as AVI or press F7 on your keyboard and save the file.

Anyway, here is the link that describes it all:[^]

The second software, although the name YAAI doesn't suggest much, is better than VirtualDub in my view.
The software is almost self explanatory once you have opened it. The only thing that is not intuitive is that there is no save option to save the AVI apparently, but the real scenario is that it modifies the loaded AVI, so you have to keep a backup (if required) of the original AVI.

Here is a link to the tutorial of YAAI on how to use it:[^].
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