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Posted 13 Jun 2002

Custom Tab Controls, Tabbed Frame and Tabbed MDI

, 13 Jul 2005
An extensible framework for creating customized tabs in ATL/WTL, with a VS.NET-like tab control implementation, tabbed frames, tabbed MDI, and more.
Sergey Klimov
// History of CoolTabCtrls.h prior to codeproject article about it
// History (Date/Author/Description):
// ----------------------------------
// 2002/06/12: Daniel Bowen
// - Several updates to make CCustomTabCtrl derived classes act
//   more like a common control:
//   * Window Styles: CTCS_*.  Use the same bits as the
//     tab control style where possible
//     (CTCS_BOTTOM == TCS_BOTTOM, etc.)
//   * Notifications: CTCN_*.  Use the same bits as the
//     tab control notifications where possible
//   * Structures:
//   * Better implementation of custom drawing.  It now works much
//     more similar to how custom drawing works for common controls.
//   * Remove the dependancy on REFLECT_NOTIFICATIONS. 
//     No common control needs notifications reflected, and neither
//     does this now.
//   * Don't have the tab itself depend on TCN_INITIALIZE/CTCN_INITIALIZE.
//     There's no precedent for this type of notification in any of the
//     common controls.  Instead, there is an overrideable "Initialize()"
//     function if a derived class needs to do some initialization
//     outside of handling WM_SETTINGCHANGE (which is sent during the
//     default initialization)
//   * Remove "SetSizeSettings" and "GetSizeSettings", since there is
//     no precident for this in a common control, and was mainly being
//     used by derived classes (who have access to the member variable).
// - Style updates:
//   * CTCS_BOLDSELECTEDTAB. New. Instead of exposing methods
//     "SetBoldSelectedTab" and "GetBoldSelectedTab", use this style.
//   * CTCS_TOOLTIPS.  Now required if you want the tab control
//     to use tooltips (instead of always using tooltips).
//   * CTCS_SCROLL. New. This enables "scroll buttons".  When the tab
//     items don't get all the real estate they want, they overflow
//     and the scroll button for that side is enabled.
//     You can call the methods Get/SetScrollDelta and
//     Get/SetScrollRepeat to adjust how much is scrolled, and
//     how fast scrolling is repeated when holding down the button.
//   * CTCS_CLOSEBUTTON. New. This enables a "close" button.  When this
//     button is clicked, the parent gets a "CTCN_CLOSE" notification.
//   * CTCS_HOTTRACK. New. Enables hot tracking tab items.
//     If you are targetting Windows 2000/98 or later, be sure to
//     #define WINVER and/or _WIN32_WINNT to 0x0500 or later before
//     including this file (usually in your precompiled header)
//     so that the new "COLOR_HOTLIGHT" is used.
//     Note:  If you specify CTCS_SCROLL or CTCS_CLOSEBUTTON,
//     those buttons are always hot tracked regardless of this style.

// - Structure updates:
//   * NMCTCCUSTOMDRAW (extends NMCUSTOMDRAW).  The precident for
//     this strucuture are custom draw structures like
//     NMTBCUSTOMDRAW (toolbar) and NMLVCUSTOMDRAW (list view)
//   * TC_SIZES renamed to CTCSETTINGS.  This structure may hold
//     more settings in the future.
// - Tab Item updates:
//   * rename CCoolTabItem to CCustomTabItem
//   * remove HWND from CCustomTabItem, and have new "CTabViewTabItem"
//     that inherits from CCustomTabItem.
// - "State" member variable.  Several state and flag related things
//   are kept as bits in a new state member variable.

// - New default WinTraits used that specifies CTCS_TOOLTIPS by default
// - Message handlers shouldn't be overrideable functions. OnSettingChange
//   was guilty of this.  Change it so that the function isn't called
//   directly, and that each derived class implementing OnSettingChange
//   has the corresponding message map entry for it.
// - EnsureVisible.  Useful when CTCS_SCROLL is set, and you want to see
//   a tab that is scrolled partially or completely out of view.
//   The precident for this is the list view message "LVM_ENSUREVISIBLE".
// - Resizing:
//   * UpdateLayout - In your derived class, instead of overriding UpdateLayout,
//     override UpdateLayout_Default and/or UpdateLayout_ScrollToFit
//   * Override CalcSize_CloseButton and/or CalcSize_ScrollButtons to
//     support the close button and/or scroll buttons
// - Drawing:
//   * Overrideables: DoPrePaint, DoItemPaint, DoPostPaint.  Use the
//     custom draw structure colors, so that you pick up
//     any changes that a client might be doing if they truly are
//     using the custom draw functionality.  Override
//     InitializeDrawStruct to specify the defaults.
//   * Paint the close button and scroll buttons in DoPostPaint
//     (depending if the corresponding styles are set)
// - Move updating of the tab item tool tip RECT updating to
//   "UpdateTabItemTooltipRects" in the base CCustomTabCtrl class.
// - Hit test also can check for close button and scroll buttons.
// - GetItemRect accounts for any scroll offset.
// - Rename m_fontBold to m_fontSel, and always use it as the "selected item font"
// - Handle WM_CAPTURECHANGE and clear any mouse down tracking
//   (even if we do a ReleaseCapture when we have the capture,
//   WM_CAPTURECHANGE is sent).
// - Fix small issues with DeleteAllItems that would cause an ASSERT.
//   The current selection wasn't being properly cleared, and
//   would be erroneously set to 0 (which is a valid index of the first item)
// 2002/05/13: Daniel Bowen (DDB)
// - Compile under VC 7 and update a few minor issues
// 2002/05/09: Daniel Bowen (DDB)
// - Move CDotNetTabCtrl and CDotNetButtonTabCtrl out of CoolTabCtrls.h
//   into DotNetTabCtrl.h. Relevant history also moved.
// - Renamed CFlatTabCtrl to how Bjarke renamed it - CSimpleDotNetTabCtrl
// - Don't depend on atlmisc.h directly (CRect, CPoint, etc.).
//   If compiling under VC7 then you'll need atlstr.h,
//   and if under VC6 then you'll still need atlmisc.h
//   (for the time being...).
// - Update most notifications and operations that could use it
//   (SetCurSel, DeleteItem, etc.) to use the new NMCOOLTABITEM or
// - Use CAtlArray instead of CSimpleArray to hold the items.
//   If compiling under VC 7, use CAtlArray.  If compiling under
//   VC 6, have a "fake" CAtlArray that inherits from CSimpleArray,
//   but has a public interface like CAtlArray.  This was needed
//   so that items can be inserted at any position.
// - Several suggestions from Bjarke Viksoe
//   * DefWindowProc() in OnCreate
//   * bHandled = FALSE in OnDestroy (so others can see the message)
//   * Handle WM_SIZE, and call UpdateLayout.
//   * Call UpdateLayout in OnSettingChange
//   * Updates to CButtonTabCtrl, CFolderTabCtrl, and CSimpleDotNetTabCtrl
// - Let the handler of notifications we send be able to cancel
//   the default handling of LButtonDown, RButtonDown,
//   LButtonDblClk, RButtonDblClk, DeleteItem
//   This is done by returning a non-zero value from the
//   notification handler.
// - Additional arguments to InsertItem to select the item inserted
// - MoveItem and TCN_MOVEITEM
// - SwapItemPositions and TCN_SWAPITEMPOSITIONS
// - Additional arguments to DeleteItem to not get the default
//   handling of changing the selected item if the selected
//   item is being deleted, and an argument to say not to send
//   a notification about the deletion.
// 2002/04/23: Daniel Bowen (DDB)
// - Tooltips. The way we implement tooltips is to have as many
//   "tools" as there are tabs.  The relationship of
//    tool ID => tab index is:
//    tool ID = tab index + 1     (to avoid 0 as an ID)
//   Adding and removing tabs adds and removes the "last" tooltip tool.
//   In UpdateLayout, we set the RECTs for the tooltip tools,
//   and we have it ask us for the text all the time,
//   and give back the text for the corresponding tab.
// - New "CCoolTabItem" class that is used instead of TCITEM.
// - CCustomTabCtrl now has another template parameter - 
//   the items "array" type.  Its default is "CCoolTabItem".
//   If you want, you could use your own class that inherits
//   from CCoolTabItem when creating a new type of tab control.
// - The "sizes" parallel array is now obsoleted, because
//   the RECT for the tab is kept in CCoolTabItem.
// - Several of the public "Interfaces" have been modified. 
//   This was done in conjunction with what would make more
//   sense for CCoolTabItem. Here an attempt at the list:
//    * GetItem - Now returns a pointer to the corresponding tab item
//    * SetItem - I've obsoleted it for now. It can come back
//       if someone really wants it.  Now, instead of calling SetItem,
//       call GetItem to get the pointer to the TItem, update
//       what you want through the methods on TItem (i.e., CCoolTabItem),
//       then call UpdateLayout and Invalidate if appropriate.
//    * FindItem - Since TItem (CCoolTabItem) doesn't have a "mask"
//       guy anymore, FindItem has a new parameter to specify
//       which fields to care about in the search.  These flags
//       are an enumeration in CCoolTabItem.
//    * InsertItem - You can build a TItem instance and pass
//       a pointer to that in, or you can use the new version
//       of InsertItem where you can just pass function arguments.
// - New "CreateNewItem" and "DeleteItem" that manage the memory
//   allocation/deallocation of the TItem;  These are overrideable.
// - Call SetCurSel and SetFocus so that they are overrideable.
// - Some variable renaming.(idx => nIndex, cnt => nCount, etc.)
// - Some format changes in CCustomTabCtrl (tabs, brace placement, etc.)
// 2002/04/22: Daniel Bowen (DDB)
// - Changed "struct TC_SIZES" from using int's to using char's.
//   This makes an instance take up 4 bytes instead of 16 bytes.
// - Move the Image List and "bold selected tab" stuff to the
//   base "CCustomTabCtrl" class.  In a future revision, I'll
//   probably update the base class to honor these, but for
//   now, its up to the deriving class whether or not to use
//   these things.  Having them there makes it easier to use
//   any CCustomTabCtrl derived class where there's a template
//   parameter for the tab class, and where it might want to
//   use the image list or bold the selected tab.
// - When the tabs are not a subclassed static control,
//   the "GetFont" and "SetFont" calls were going in the bit
//   bucket.  CCustomTabCtrl now has a member variable
//   "CFont m_font", and all the derived classes (with one
//   exception) now use the base class version instead of their own.
//   If a derived class has a bold font, they still declare
//   that themselves.  Because the base class "m_font" is
//   managing the lifetime of the font (i.e., it calls DeleteObject
//   in the destructor), the handler for WM_SETFONT makes
//   a copy of the font instead of "pointing" to it.
//   Typically, no one should be sending us WM_SETFONT.
//   CFlatTabCtrl is the one deriving class that has its
//   own version of m_font, because it wants to do a
//   SetFont(m_fontBold) - which with the new way of things
//   would cause CCustomTabCtrl::m_font and CFlatTabCtrl::m_fontBold
//   to be the same.
// 2002/01/30: Daniel Bowen (DDB)
// - Rename Bjarke's original CDotNetTabCtrl to CFlatTabCtrl
// - Added my version of CDotNetTabCtrl based on Pascal's
//   CDotNetTabCtrl2:
//    * Added support for divider lines between tabs
//    * Closer match to look of tabs used in VS.Net
//    * Support for bolding text of selected tab
// - Added CDotNetButtonTabCtrl (to look like VS.Net
//    view of HTML with the Design/HTML buttons)
// - Utilize COffscreenDrawRect for flicker-free drawing
//   (requires updated atlgdix.h containing COffscreenDrawRect)
// - Handle WM_RBUTTONDOWN to allow switching tabs,
//   and fire NM_RCLICK notification
// - When changing the selection, redraw entire client area
//   to avoid visual artifacts in case an implementation
//   doesn't keep each tab the same size always
//   (such as if the selected tab is bolded and slightly bigger,
//   or if there are divider lines between tabs).
// - Added method "FindItem" that let's you search for an item
//   with some or all the members that have the requested values.
//   It is meant to work similar to CListViewCtrl::FindItem and
//   LVM_FINDITEM (since there are no similar messages for tab controls)
// - Updated "DeleteItem" to better handle the case when the
//   deleted item is before the selected item.  It now keeps the
//   same item selected that was selected before, and adjusts
//   m_iCurSel as appropriate (this was needed for doing TabbedMDI.h)
// - Updated "GetItem" so that if bits in the mask are requested
//   that aren't acutally in the stored item, those bits are cleared,
//   so that the caller of "GetItem" can determine which bits
//   it got, compared to which it asked for.
//   This update also allows you to let some tabs have images and
//   others not have images, and have it work properly.
// 11/06/2001: Pascal Binggeli (PBI)
// - Added support for ImageList
// - Added support for not subclassing from CStatic.
// - Added CDotNetTabCtrl2 class.

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