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Posted 12 Sep 2002
Licenced Ms-RL

An ASP.NET thumbnail solution

An article describing a set of ASP.NET tools for generation of thumbnails and thumbnail views.
<%@ Page Language="C#" Trace="false" %>
<%@ Register TagPrefix="PhilipSoft" TagName="ThumbList" Src="ThumbList.ascx" %>
<%@ import Namespace="System.Configuration" %>
<script runat="server">

    int width,height;
    protected void Page_Load(Object sender, EventArgs e)
      String path,filter;
      if(!IsPostBack) {
       // create thumbnail-size combo data
       ArrayList arSizes = new ArrayList();
       for(int i=50; i<=500; i+=50)
       // create columns combo data
       ArrayList arCols = new ArrayList();
       for(int i=1; i<=10; i++)
       // initial properties
       cbThumbSize.SelectedIndex=3; cbColumns.SelectedIndex=3;
       chkSaveThumbs.Checked = (ConfigurationSettings.AppSettings["DefaultSaveThumbnails"]=="true");
       txtPath.Text = Request.ApplicationPath.TrimEnd('/')+"/images/";
       txtFilter.Text = ConfigurationSettings.AppSettings["DefaultFilter"];
       if(txtFilter.Text=="") txtFilter.Text = "*.*";
       chkStretch.Checked = (ConfigurationSettings.AppSettings["DefaultAllowStretch"]=="true");
       int pagesize; try {
         pagesize = int.Parse(ConfigurationSettings.AppSettings["DefaultPageSize"]);
       } catch(ArgumentNullException ex) { pagesize=10; }
       txtPagesize.Text = pagesize.ToString();
       chkUseCOMobj.Checked = (ConfigurationSettings.AppSettings["EnableThumbnailCOMobject"]=="true");
      } // if not postback
      String sSize = cbThumbSize.SelectedItem.Text;
      int pos = sSize.IndexOf('x');
      width = int.Parse(sSize.Substring(0,pos));
      height = int.Parse(sSize.Substring(pos+1));
      // set properties of thumbnail control
      ThumbList1.SaveThumbnails = chkSaveThumbs.Checked;
      ThumbList1.Width = width;
      ThumbList1.Height = height;
      ThumbList1.HeaderTitle =
       "<h3>Thumbnail images of directory " +  ThumbList1.VPath + "</h3>";
      ThumbList1.Columns = int.Parse(cbColumns.SelectedItem.Text);
      ThumbList1.ShowFilenames = chkShowFiles.Checked;
      ThumbList1.Sort = chkSort.Checked;
      ThumbList1.AllowPaging = chkPaging.Checked;
      ThumbList1.PageSize = int.Parse(txtPagesize.Text);
      //ThumbList1.HideNavBar = true; ThumbList1.CurPage=1; // test
      ThumbList1.AllowStretch = chkStretch.Checked;
      ThumbList1.UseCOMobj = chkUseCOMobj.Checked;
      ThumbList1.Bevel = chkBevel.Checked;
      ThumbList1.ItemBackColor = System.Drawing.Color.White;
      // new properties
      ThumbList1.ShowComments = chkShowComments.Checked;
      ThumbList1.AllowEdit = chkAllowEdit.Checked;
    } //page_load
    void chkPaging_CheckedChanged(Object sender, EventArgs e) {
      txtPagesize.Enabled = chkPaging.Checked;

    <title>PhilipSoft Thumbnail control test page</title>
<body style="FONT: 9pt verdana">
    <form runat="server">
        <h1>.NET ThumbList control test page 
            <br />
            Path:<asp:TextBox id="txtPath" runat="server" Width="251px" BackColor="Linen"></asp:TextBox>
            &nbsp; Filter:<asp:TextBox id="txtFilter" runat="server" Width="93px" BackColor="Linen"></asp:TextBox>
            <br />
            <br />
            Select thumbnail size: 
            <asp:DropDownList id="cbThumbSize" runat="server" BackColor="Linen"></asp:DropDownList>
            &nbsp;&nbsp; Columns: 
            <asp:DropDownList id="cbColumns" runat="server" BackColor="Linen"></asp:DropDownList>
            <asp:CheckBox id="chkSaveThumbs" runat="server" Text="Save thumbnails"></asp:CheckBox>
            <asp:CheckBox id="chkShowFiles" runat="server" Text="Show filenames" AutoPostBack="True"></asp:CheckBox>
            &nbsp;&nbsp;<asp:CheckBox id="chkSort" runat="server" Text="Sort" AutoPostBack="True"></asp:CheckBox>
            <asp:CheckBox id="chkPaging" runat="server" Text="Allow paging" AutoPostBack="True" Checked="True" OnCheckedChanged="chkPaging_CheckedChanged"></asp:CheckBox>
            &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Pagesize: 
            <asp:TextBox id="txtPagesize" runat="server" Width="37px" BackColor="Linen">3</asp:TextBox>
            <asp:CheckBox id="chkStretch" runat="server" Text="Stretch thumbnails" AutoPostBack="True"></asp:CheckBox>
            <asp:CheckBox id="chkBevel" runat="server" Text="Beveled" AutoPostBack="True"></asp:CheckBox>
            <asp:CheckBox id="chkUseCOMobj" runat="server" Text="Use COM object" AutoPostBack="True"></asp:CheckBox>
            <asp:CheckBox id="chkShowComments" runat="server" Text="Show Comments" Checked="True" AutoPostBack="True"></asp:CheckBox>
            <asp:CheckBox id="chkAllowEdit" runat="server" Text="Allow editing"  Checked="True" AutoPostBack="True"></asp:CheckBox>
            <asp:Button id="cmdShow" runat="server" Width="156px" Text="Regenerate thumbnails"></asp:Button>
        <br />
        &nbsp;&nbsp;<PhilipSoft:ThumbList id="ThumbList1" runat="server"></PhilipSoft:ThumbList>
        <br />

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About the Author

Philipos Sakellaropoulos
Web Developer Forthnet
Greece Greece
Software developer and Microsoft Trainer, Athens, Greece (MCT,, MCSE 2003, MCDBA 2000,MCTS, MCITP, MCIPD).

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