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Posted 20 Nov 2003
Licenced GPL3

KeePass Password Safe

, 2 Jan 2019
KeePass is a free, open source, light-weight and easy-to-use password manager.
19/01/02 - 1.37
- Added option 'Do not store data in the Windows clipboard
  history and the cloud clipboard' (the option is turned on by
  default; for entry clipboard commands in the main window)
- Enhanced installer (added user directory checks, the plugins
  web page option can be translated now, ...)

- In order to avoid selection/Ctrl+A problems, the user name
  auto-completion now does not append suggestions anymore; it
  only shows a list of suggestions (in which a suggestion can
  be selected manually)
- Improved reliability of clipboard operations
- The data for the 'Clipboard Viewer Ignore' clipboard format
  is now stored in UTF-16 on Windows 2000 and higher
- Moved the option 'Clear clipboard when closing/locking the
  database' from the 'Advanced' tab to the 'Memory' tab
- Upgraded to Boost libraries version 1.69.0
- Various code optimizations
- Minor other improvements

18/09/03 - 1.36
- KeePass now uses Transactional NTFS (TxF) for writing
  database files, if possible; this improves the compatibility
  with other programs that are watching these files (e.g. file
  synchronization services)
- Added automatic completion support for the user name box in
  the entry editing dialog (suggesting user names that are used
  in other entries)
- Added option 'Search for passwords in quick searches' (turned
  off by default)
- The KP1_CFG_LOCAL environment variable now supports paths
  relative to the current working directory

- File transactions now preserve access control list (ACL)
- File transactions are not used anymore when attempting to
  write to a local file that does not exist yet (to ensure a
  correct default ACL)
- File transactions are not used anymore for files that have a
  reparse point (e.g. symbolic links)
- The configuration system does not create a KeePass folder in
  the user's application data folder anymore when the target
  configuration file location is outside this folder
- Upgraded to Boost libraries version 1.68.0
- Upgraded installer
- Various code optimizations
- Minor other improvements

18/01/02 - 1.35
- The installers (regular and MSI) now create empty 'Languages'
  and 'Plugins' folders in the application directory, and the
  portable package now also contains such folders; language
  files and plugins should now be stored in these folders
- Added button 'Open Folder' in the language selection dialog,
  which opens the 'Languages' folder
- Added button 'Open Folder' in the plugins dialog, which opens
  the 'Plugins' folder
- Added workaround for Microsoft Office breaking the 'Print'
  shell verb for HTML files

- Password quality estimation: improved compatibility with
  process memory protection
- Improved password quality estimation performance
- Printing / HTML export: improved embedding of CSS
- Printing / HTML export: spaces in passwords are now encoded
  as non-breaking spaces
- Various improvements in the language selection dialog
- Various UI text improvements
- Upgraded to Boost libraries version 1.66.0
- Various code optimizations
- Minor other improvements

17/10/05 - 1.34
- Printing now works even when the default browser doesn't
  support the 'Print' shell verb
- Added workaround for Wine not supporting EM_PASTESPECIAL

- Improved error handling when there is too few memory for
  saving a database
- When attaching a file fails, a detailed error message is
  displayed now
- KeePass now refuses to attach files that are larger than 512
  MB (as larger files can result in memory problems)
- Increased default number of AES-KDF rounds
- Updated links (to the website, help pages, etc.)
- Upgraded to Boost libraries version 1.65.1
- Various code optimizations
- Minor other improvements

17/06/02 - 1.33
- Browser path detection: added support for browsers that
  register themselves only in the 64-bit registry view (like
  Firefox 64-bit)

- Improved application and system tray icons
- Moved advanced tray icon options to a separate group
- Invalid characters (like control characters) now are filtered
  out when exporting to an XML file
- Improved process memory protection for passwords of entries
  that are displayed in the entry details view of the main
- Upgraded to Boost libraries version 1.64.0
- Various code optimizations
- Minor other improvements

17/01/02 - 1.32
- When trying to search using an invalid regular expression, an
  error message is displayed now
- Context menus can now be displayed by pressing the Apps key
  or Shift+F10
- Changed keyboard shortcut for closing KeePass to Ctrl+Q
- During a drag&drop operation, KeePass now additionally
  provides the text in Unicode form
- HTML export/printing: the notes and attachment data columns
  now are twice as wide as the other columns
- The version information file (which the optional update check
  downloads to see if there exists a newer version) is now
  downloaded over HTTPS
- Changed some ICO files such that higher resolution images are
- CHM help file: improved high DPI support
- Upgraded to Boost libraries version 1.62.0
- Upgraded installer
- Various minor code improvements developed within the scope of
  the European Commission's Free and Open Source Software
  Auditing (EU-FOSSA) project
- Various code optimizations
- Minor other improvements

16/03/02 - 1.31
- The quick search box (in the toolbar of the main window) now
  supports searching using a regular expression; in order to
  indicate that the search text is a regular expression,
  enclose it in '//'; for example, performing a quick search
  for '//Michael|Adam//' shows all entries containing 'Michael'
  or 'Adam'
- Added per-user Start Menu Internet Application detection
- HTML export/printing: long field names are hyphenated now,
  long field data now breaks and wraps onto the next line, and
  passwords are rendered using a monospace font

- When searching using a regular expression, for a match the
  expression now must occur somewhere in the entry data; in
  order to enforce that a match occurs only at the start or at
  the end of the data, use '^' or '$'
- Simple text boxes now convert rich text immediately
- When minimizing the main window to tray, the active control
  now loses the focus, and the focus is restored when restoring
  the window
- Added time limit for finding repetitions during a password
  quality estimation
- The 'About' dialog now indicates whether the current build is
  a development snapshot
- Changed code signing certificate
- Upgraded installer
- Various UI text improvements
- Various code optimizations
- Minor other improvements

16/01/02 - 1.30
- Refined application icons (thanks to Victor Andreyenkov)
- Added option 'UUID' in the 'Find' dialog (to search in UUIDs
  of entries)
- Added option 'Delete attachments' in the 'Mass Modify' dialog
- Key provider plugin API: added support for a direct key flag
  that instructs KeePass to use a key provided by the plugin
  as-is, i.e. without hashing it using SHA-256
- Added workaround for Windows XP non-client metrics bug
- The installer now prevents running the installer while it is
  already running
- All KeePass program binaries are now dual signed using SHA-1
  and SHA-256

- Quick searches (toolbar) now also search in UUIDs of entries
- Improved icon recoloring
- The password generator based on a character set now ensures
  that the generated password is Spr-invariant
- Password generator based on a pattern: when a Spr-variant
  password is generated, a confirmation dialog for accepting
  this password is displayed
- KeePass is now compiled with Windows Vista definitions (but
  still also runs on older Windows systems)
- Added support for compiling KeePass with Visual Studio 2015
- Upgraded to Boost libraries version 1.60.0
- Upgraded installer
- Various code optimizations
- Minor other improvements

- The main window is now updated immediately after closing the
  'Mass Modify' dialog

15/04/03 - 1.29
- The font used in password text boxes can now be changed
  ('Tools' -> 'Options' -> tab 'Interface' -> button 'Select
  Password Font')
- {FIREFOX} placeholder: if no regular Firefox is installed,
  KeePass now looks for Firefox ESR
- In the field reference dialog, the field in which the
  reference will be inserted is now selected as source field by
- Increased notes size limit to about 2 GB
- The path of the local configuration file can now be changed
  using the 'KP1_CFG_LOCAL' environment variable
- All KeePass program binaries are now digitally signed (thanks
  to Certum/Unizeto)

- Removed 'O' and 'C' access keys from 'OK' and 'Cancel'
  buttons (instead, press Enter for 'OK' and Esc for 'Cancel')
- Upgraded to Boost libraries version 1.57.0
- Various code optimizations
- Minor other improvements

- AltGr+E (i.e. Ctrl+Alt+E) does not focus the quick search box

14/10/01 - 1.28
- The estimated password quality (in bits) is now displayed on
  the quality progress bar, and right of the quality progress
  bar the length of the password is displayed
- Pattern-based password generator: the '^' character now
  removes the next character from the current custom character
  set (for example, [a^y] contains all lower-case alphanumeric
  characters except 'y')
- In the cases where Windows would display outdated thumbnail
  and peek preview images for the main window, KeePass now
  requests Windows to use a static bitmap instead (showing only
  the KeePass logo)
- While saving a database, a shutdown block reason is now

- Improved input control focusing in the master key dialog
  after displaying a validation error message
- When duplicating an entry, the last modification time is now
  copied from the source entry
- Improved window message relaying when KeePass is minimized to
- Upgraded installer
- Upgraded to Boost libraries version 1.56.0
- Various code optimizations
- Minor other improvements

- Key provider plugins are now remembered correctly (if the
  option 'Remember key sources' is enabled)

14/04/06 - 1.27
- Password text boxes now use a monospace font
- The 'Find in this Group' function now also searches in
  subgroups of the selected group
- {OPERA} placeholder: updated detection code to also support
  the latest versions of Opera
- Enhanced Internet Explorer detection
- Added high resolution version of the KeePass application icon

- Improved realization of the {CLEARFIELD} command (now using
  Bksp instead of Del, in order to avoid Ctrl+Alt+Del issues on
  newer Windows systems)
- When the option 'Enable auto-type features' is deactivated,
  the global auto-type hot key is not registered anymore
- Improved quoted app paths parsing
- Font handling improvements
- Various files (e.g. 'History.txt') are now encoded using
- Improved build system
- Upgraded to Boost libraries version 1.55.0
- Various UI text improvements
- Various code optimizations
- Minor other improvements

13/07/12 - 1.26
- New password quality estimation algorithm
- When activating the main window while a dialog is opened, the
  main window now redirects the activation to the dialog
- Added '-preload' command line option
- Added database repair mode warning

- KeePass does not change the focus anymore when locking while
  being minimized to tray
- When clicking into the empty space of the groups tree view,
  the currently selected group is not deselected anymore
- The 'Special' GUI character set now includes '|' and '~'
- The 'High ANSI' character set now consists of the range
  [U+0080, U+00FF] except control and non-printable characters
- Changed auto-type command icon
- Shortened product name in window titles
- Improved RC-created group time fields
- KeePassLibC DLLs are now explicitly marked as DEP- and ASLR-
  compatible (like the executable file)
- In the MSI package, the version is now included in the
  product name
- Replaced Boost threads by Windows API threads (because Boost
  threads can result in crashes on restricted Windows 7 x64
- Upgraded to Boost libraries version 1.54.0
- Various UI improvements
- Various code optimizations
- Minor other improvements

- Password generation based on patterns: escaped curly brackets
  are now parsed correctly

13/01/20 - 1.25
- Added option to show the tray icon only if the main window
  has been sent to the tray
- The caret position in a secure edit control is now preserved
  when unhiding and hiding the content
- When starting KeePass for the first time, it asks whether to
  enable the automatic update check or not (if not enabled
- KeePass now shows an error message when the user accidentally
  attempts to use a database file as key file
- When holding Alt while double-clicking onto a notes field in
  the main entry list, KeePass now copies the displayed cell
  text instead of the raw notes to the clipboard

- {GOOGLECHROME} placeholder: updated detection code to also
  support the latest versions of Chrome
- Enhanced user switch detection
- Moved quick search options to a separate category
- Improved update check
- The 'No updates available' message is not shown in the status
  bar anymore (updates and errors are shown)
- Unified clipboard methods
- Changed naming of translation files
- Upgraded installer
- Upgraded to Boost libraries version 1.52.0
- Various code optimizations
- Minor other improvements

12/09/01 - 1.24
- Header data in KDB files is now authenticated (to prevent
  silent data removal attacks; thanks to P. Gasti and K. B.
- The content part of a KDB file now contains 32 random bytes
  (generated each time the file is saved, by a
  cryptographically secure pseudo-random number generator using
  system entropy) to prevent content guessing attacks using the
  content hash
- When closing the entry editing dialog by closing the window
  (using [X], Esc, ...) and there are unsaved changes, KeePass
  now asks whether to save or discard the changes; only when
  explicitly clicking the 'Cancel' button, KeePass doesn't
- Added '-pw-stdin' command line option to make KeePass read
  the master password from the StdIn stream

- Improved update check
- Upgraded and improved installer (now uses Unicode, LZMA2
  compression, ...)
- Upgraded to Boost libraries version 1.51.0
- Various code optimizations
- Minor other improvements

12/07/01 - 1.23
- When trying to delete entries, the confirmation dialog now
  shows a short summary of the entries that will be deleted
- Added date/time placeholders: {DT_SIMPLE}, {DT_YEAR},

- Improved UI update when using a TAN entry
- The last modification time of a TAN entry is now updated when
  using it
- Improved behavior when trying to shutdown the system while
  KeePass is running
- KeePass does not block the system shutdown anymore when a
  dialog is displayed but no database is opened
- LNGX files aren't shown in the translation selection dialog
- Improved KDB data validation
- Improved multi-byte to Unicode and Unicode to multi-byte
  string conversions (less memory is required now)
- Changed versioning scheme in file version information blocks
  from digit- to component-based
- Upgraded installer
- Various code optimizations
- Minor other improvements

- HTML export: XML special characters in URL links and
  attachment names are now encoded
- HTML export: group trees are not encoded twice anymore

12/04/20 - 1.22
- Auto-Type window definitions in custom window-sequence pairs
  are now Spr-compiled (i.e. placeholders, environment
  variables, field references, etc. can be used)
- Auto-Type: entry titles are now Spr-compiled before being
  compared with the target window title
- Added support for 's' HTML tag in the notes field (in the
  entry view of the main window the marked text is striked out)
- Supported HTML tags (b, i, u, s) are now removed from notes
  before showing them in the main entry list
- Regular expression replacements can now be applied to the
  notes before showing them in the main entry list (the
  KeeNotesRegex# items in the configuration file specify the
  regular expressions and KeeNotesFormat# the replacements)
- Added option to select a different font for notes ('Tools' ->
  'Options' -> tab 'Interface' -> button 'Select Notes Font')
- Ensuring same keyboard layouts during auto-type is now
  optional (option enabled by default)
- Added regular expression support in x64 builds
- Master key transformations are now computed in two threads in
  x64 builds, too; on dual/multi core processors this results
  in almost twice the performance as before (by doubling the
  amount of rounds you'll get the same waiting time as in 1.21,
  but the protection against dictionary and guessing attacks is

- Improved key transformation delay calculation
- The program options are now also accessible while the
  database is locked
- Column headers in a search results list are now unclickable
  (search results cannot be sorted anyway)
- Improved string translation in task dialogs
- Improved dialog display state handling
- Added '@' and '`' to the printable 7-bit ASCII character set
- Merged simple and extended special character spaces to one
  special character space
- Reduced control character space from 60 to 32
- Upgraded to Boost libraries version 1.49.0
- Various code optimizations
- Minor other improvements

- The 'Add Entry' tray context menu command is now disabled
  when a dialog is displayed
- The toolbar state is now updated after clicking a group link
  in the entry details view

11/10/12 - 1.21
- Added option to minimize the main window after locking the
  KeePass workspace (option enabled by default)
- Added {SAFARI} browser path placeholder
- KeePass now removes zone identifiers from the CHM help file
- Address space layout randomization (ASLR) is supported now
- Plugins: added new COM interface IKpAPI3, which extends
  IKpAPI2 by a lot of useful functions
- Plugins: added tray and cleanup notification and
  customization messages
- Plugins: added ability to delay unloading until the main
  window has been closed

- The overlay icon for the taskbar button (on Windows 7) is now
  restored when Windows Explorer crashes and when starting in
  minimized and locked mode
- The buttons in file save dialogs now have accelerator keys
- Improved opening of CHM help file
- Improved command availability updating of rich text context
- KeePass is now developed and compiled using Visual Studio
  2008 (with MFC 9.0); older compilers, IDEs and Windows 9x
  aren't supported anymore
- Updated SAL annotations
- Upgraded to Boost libraries version 1.47.0
- KeePass.exe isn't compressed using UPX anymore
- Plugins: IKpAPI::GetMainWindowHandle now always returns the
  handle of the KeePass main window, independent from which
  thread the function is called
- Various UI text improvements
- Various code optimizations
- Minor other improvements

11/06/28 - 1.20
- Added option to specify a database color; by specifying a
  color, the main window icon and the tray icon are recolored
- When searching for a string containing a whitespace
  character, KeePass now splits the terms and reports all
  entries containing all of the terms (e.g. when you search for
  "Forum KeePass" without the quotes, all entries containing
  both "Forum" and "KeePass" are reported); the order of the
  terms is arbitrary; if you want to search for a term
  containing whitespace, enclose the term in quotes
- Added support for sending keystrokes (auto-type) to windows
  that are using different keyboard layouts

- Improved version formatting in update dialog
- On Windows Vista and higher, the restart dialog after
  changing the language is now shown as modern task dialog
- KeePassLibC can now be compiled in debug x64 and release
  Unicode x64 mode
- Various code optimizations
- Minor other improvements

11/04/07 - 1.19b
- Command line options provided by plugins work correctly again

11/04/03 - 1.19
- Added option to remember key sources (key file paths,
  provider names, ...); it's enabled by default
- New locking timer (using a timeout instead of a countdown)
- Lock files are now hidden
- On Windows 7 and higher, the main window peek preview is now
  disabled when the KeePass workspace is locked
- File transactions: the NTFS/EFS encryption flag is now also
  preserved when the containing directory isn't encrypted
- {FIREFOX} placeholder: added support for registry-redirected
  32-bit Firefox installations on 64-bit Windows systems
- Relative database paths on the command line are now evaluated
  relatively to the initial working directory (specified by the
  parent process) instead of the last used directory
- Improved user-friendliness in UAC dialogs
- Improved help (moved placeholders to separate page, ...)
- Installer: the KeePass start menu shortcut is now created
  directly in the programs folder; the other shortcuts have
  been removed (use the Control Panel for uninstalling and the
  'Help' menu in KeePass to access the help)
- Upgraded installer
- Various code optimizations
- Minor other improvements

10/09/02 - 1.18
- Password quality estimation algorithm: added check for about
  1500 most common passwords (these are rated down to 1/8th of
  their statistical rating; Bloom filter-based implementation)
- {GOOGLECHROME} placeholder: updated detection code to also
  support the latest versions of Chrome
- KeePass now enables data execution prevention (DEP)
- Improved lock overlay icon (higher resolution)

- Improved character classification in password quality
  estimation algorithm
- Improved group and entries deletion confirmation dialogs
  (only Windows Vista and higher)
- Items in the update checking, plugin and icon picker dialogs
  aren't underlined anymore when hovering over them
- The default expiry interval for new entries is now limited to
  a maximum of 8 years
- Renamed character repetition option in the password generator
  for improved clarity
- Added code to prevent loading libraries from the current
  working directory (to avoid binary planting attacks)
- Installer: various minor improvements
- Various code optimizations
- Minor other improvements

09/12/05 - 1.17
- Added option to use file transactions when writing databases
  (enabled by default; writing to a temporary file and
  replacing the actual file afterwards avoids data loss when
  KeePass is prevented from saving the database completely)
- Added high DPI support
- The Ctrl+E shortcut key now jumps to the quick search box
- In the main entry list, backup entries are now rendered with
  green text color
- Menus are now rendered with gradient item backgrounds
- Added support for detecting KeePass 2.08 and higher KDBX
  database files
- Added {GOOGLECHROME} placeholder, which is replaced by the
  executable path of Google Chrome, if installed
- Added '--auto-type' command line option
- Added '--lock-all' and '--unlock-all' command line options to
  lock/unlock the workspaces of all other KeePass instances
- Added 'KeeConfigFileOverrideGlobal' and
  'KeeConfigFileOverrideUser' configuration options to change
  the locations of the configuration files
- On Windows 7, KeePass now shows a 'locked' overlay icon on
  the taskbar button when the database is locked
- On Windows 7, when opening/saving a database, the taskbar
  button is now animated using an indeterminate progress bar

- Most broadcasted Windows messages do not wait for hanging
  applications anymore
- Improved multi-byte characters support in entry details view
- Improved toolbar updating after restoring from tray
- Improved naming of options to clarify their meaning
- Improved tray icon updating
- Improved behavior on KDBX error
- Upgraded installer
- Various performance improvements
- Various code optimizations
- Minor other improvements

09/06/06 - 1.16
- Added option to use Windows' CNG/BCrypt API for key
  transformations (about 50% faster than the KeePass built-in
  key transformation code; by increasing the amount of rounds
  by 50%, you'll get the same waiting time as in 1.15, but the
  protection against dictionary and guessing attacks is raised
  by a factor of 1.5; option enabled by default; only Windows
  Vista and higher)
- Completely new update checking system that now also supports
  checking for new plugin versions
- Added warning when trying to open a KDBX file created by
  KeePass 2.x (with hint about how to migrate from 2.x to 1.x)
- Added 'KeeAutoNewDbBasePath' and 'KeeAutoNewDbBaseName'
  configuration options (to specify the default location where
  the database file will be stored in mini mode)
- Added advanced option to immediately delete TAN entries after
  using them
- Added '-minimize' command line option
- Added '-registerfileext' and '-unregisterfileext' command
  line options to register/unregister the KDB file association
- File association methods are now UAC aware
- Added check for reserved group names (like 'Backup')
- On Windows Vista and higher, core database manager error /
  warning messages are displayed using modern task dialogs
- The number of days below which entries are treated as soon to
  expire can now be configured (see help -> customize)
- Plugins: added new COM interface (IKpAPI2) for the main API
  that allows querying whether the database is the one
  initially specified on the command line
- Key provider plugin API: new key query method that supports
  context information

- Image list handling improvements
- When auto-locking after the specified number of seconds of
  inactivity, KeePass minimizes to taskbar or to tray,
  depending on the 'Minimize to tray instead of taskbar' option
- Plugin versions are now displayed in a separate column in the
  plugins dialog
- When trying to open a second master key dialog or auto-type
  entry selection dialog for a window, KeePass brings itself to
  the foreground instead of showing a second dialog
- Calculation of soon to expire entries is now more precise
- Various improvements to status bar messages
- Improved workspace locking toolbar button tooltips
- Installer: various minor improvements
- Various code optimizations
- Minor other improvements

- Newlines of the notes field are now encoded correctly in
  exports when Unix mode is enabled
- New databases do not inherit file names of previous locked
  databases anymore

09/02/13 - 1.15
- Completely new plugin architecture (exposing a lot more
  functionality to plugins, faster, requires less memory, safer
  memory management / cross-module calls, more secure, and
  allows independent development of KeePass and plugins, i.e.
  starting with 1.15 KeePass can be updated without requiring
  plugins to be updated and vice versa)
- Added option to use advanced in-memory protection (DPAPI,
  only Windows Vista and higher; the key is stored in a secure,
  non-swappable memory area managed by Windows; option enabled
  by default)
- The hash of the master key and its transformed version are
  now in-memory protected
- Added help source selection dialog (by default the online
  help center is used)
- Added '-set-urloverride', '-clear-urloverride' and
  '-get-urloverride' command line options
- Focused disabled menu items are now drawn with a transparent
  selection rectangle
- Windows XP and higher: added support for double-buffering in
  the entry list
- Windows Vista and higher: added support for alpha-blended
  marquee selection in the entry list
- Added KeeForceAllowChangeMasterKey, KeeForceAllowPrinting,
  KeeForceAllowImport and KeeForceAllowExport configuration
  options (these override the option to disable unsafe
  operations and the mini mode setting; they are only loaded
  from the enforced and global INI files, not the local one)
- Added KeeDisallowPrintingPasswords configuration option to
  disallow printing passwords and viewing them in the print
- Added multi-user documentation

- Improved plugin loading performance
- Plugins don't need to be manually enabled anymore (just copy
  the plugin files into the KeePass application directory)
- Improved main menu items order
- Improved main menu accelerators
- Improved group main menu item texts
- Improved performance of various entry list operations
- Hash of master key is now cleared when closing a database
- Hash of file key is now cleared after opening/saving files
- Various code optimizations
- Minor other improvements

- Fixed cursor navigation problem in secure edit controls
- Fixed random access violation in OnScreenKeyboard plugin

08/10/18 - 1.14
- KeePass is now also available as MSI package
- Entry field references are now dereferenced in drag&drop
- Added support for writing databases to hidden files
- Added '-lock' command line option

- Improved compatibility of browser placeholders with cmd://
- Improved compatibility of the database auto-saving option
  (at exit and locking) with other options
- Consecutive auto-type delays now add up
- Improved encoding detection in file import routines
- Several 64-bit code improvements
- Various code optimizations
- Minor other improvements

- Fixed crash that happened when clicking 'No' in the plugin
  incompatibility message box while passing a plugin command
  line argument
- Special XML characters in group names are now encoded
  correctly in XML exports (group tree attribute)

08/09/07 - 1.13
- Completely new auto-type/URL placeholder replacement and
  field reference engine
- Added internal field reference cache (highly improves
  performance of multiple-cyclic/recursive field references)
- Added support for Uniform Naming Convention (UNC) paths
  (Windows) in the URL field (without cmd:// prefix)
- Added command in the 'Tools' menu in the entry editing dialog
  to insert the default auto-type sequence into the notes
- On Windows Vista and higher, the read-only mode message box
  is displayed as a modern task dialog
- Added option to exclude expired entries in the 'Find' dialog
- Added advanced option to include expired entries in quick
  searches (toolbar; enabled by default)
- Added advanced option to automatically sort items in the
  auto-type entry selection dialog (enabled by default)
- Added advanced option to disable automatic clearing of the
  clipboard when closing/locking the database (default: clear)
- Added Ctrl-Shift-F accelerator for the 'Find in this Group'
  main menu command
- Added {NUMPAD0} to {NUMPAD9} to documentation
- The RmvDup plugin now supports removing empty groups

- The current working directory is now restored after manually
  browsing for a key file
- Duplicating entries now doesn't clear the search results list
- Improved performance of high ANSI and special character
  encoding for auto-type sequences
- When using PuTTY for ssh:// URLs, references within the user
  name field are now dereferenced
- Auto-type definition lines and field references generated by
  commands in the 'Tools' menu of the entry editing dialog are
  now appended to the notes instead of being inserted at top
- Improved UUID string parsing
- Improved cmd:// URL handling
- {VKEY xxx} now doesn't need to be initialized anymore using
  other auto-type special key codes
- Updated auto-type global hot key hint when registering fails
- Various code optimizations
- Minor other improvements
- Minor installer improvements

- Cyclic password field references now work correctly
- KeePass does not crash anymore when being in mini mode and
  clicking Cancel in the initial database creation dialog

08/08/14 - 1.12
- Groups in the group list now behave like folders in Windows
  Explorer when moving groups/folders (i.e. sub-groups are also
- Added advanced option to drop to the background when copying
  data to the clipboard
- Added auto-type configuration dialog (button 'Auto-Type' in
  the options dialog, tab page 'Advanced'); this dialog now
  contains all options related to auto-type
- The default auto-type sequence can now be configured in the
  Auto-Type configuration dialog
- Added option to prepend a special auto-type initialization
  sequence for Internet Explorer and Maxthon windows to fix a
  focus issue (option enabled by default)
- Added field reference creation dialog (accessible through
  the 'Tools' menu in the entry editing dialog)
- KeePass now follows field references in indirect auto-type
  sequence paths
- Field references are dereferenced when copying data to the
- Secure edit controls in the master key and entry dialogs now
  accept text drops
- Group names in the entry details view are now clickable;
  click it to jump to the group of the entry (especially useful
  for jumping from search results to the real group of an
- Added documentation about how to customize KeePass (networks)
- KeePass now shows an explicit file corruption warning message
  when saving to a file fails
- KeePass on Windows <= XP now mimics the extended combobox
  behavior seen on Windows Vista: when pressing a character
  key, the next string starting with this character is selected
  (for example a file can be selected in the key files list now
  by pressing the key corresponding to the drive)
- Entries in the auto-type entry selection window are now

- The auto-type sequence and auto-type window definition lines
  are now removed before copying the contents of the notes
  field to the clipboard, executing an URL and/or auto-typing
- KeePass recreates the temporary system/account directory, if
  it has accidently been deleted
- When using the installation package and Windows Vista,
  settings are now stored in the user's profile directory
  (instead of Virtual Store; like on Windows XP and earlier)
- If the option to remember the last used file is disabled,
  KeePass now won't remember the last used directory either
- Entry details view is now cleared when no entry is selected
- All edit combo boxes can now auto-scroll horizontally
- When security-critical operations are disabled, the 'unhide'
  button in the master key dialog is disabled now
- The read-only flag is not cleared anymore when closing a file
  (consequently locking will not clear the read-only flag)
- When deleting a subgroup tree, backup entries of all deleted
  entries are now created in the 'Backup' group
- Improved status bar updating on WTS notifications
- {INSERT} works like {INS} now
- Various code optimizations
- Minor installer improvements
- Minor other improvements

- "User Name" is now translated correctly in TXT exports
- Referencing passwords of other entries now works correctly

08/04/12 - 1.11
- Master key transformations (rounds) are now computed in two
  threads; on dual/multi core processors this results in almost
  twice the performance as before (by doubling the amount of
  rounds you'll get the same waiting time as in 1.10, but the
  protection against dictionary and guessing attack is doubled)
- On Windows Vista, some of the message boxes are now displayed
  as modern task dialogs
- Database files are now verified (read and hashed) after
  writing them to disk (in order to prevent data loss caused by
  damaged/broken devices and/or file systems)
- When saving databases to removable media, KeePass now tries
  to lock and unlock the volume, which effectively flushes all
  system caches related to this drive (this prevents data loss
  caused by removing USB sticks without correctly unmounting in
  Windows first; but it only works when no other program is
  using the drive)
- Improved database file writing algorithm (small block writes
  and explicit flushing)
- The system's INI cache is now flushed before copying the
  temporary global INI file to the application directory
  (improves Windows 95 / 98 / ME compatibility)
- Added placeholders for referencing fields of other entries
  (dereferenced when starting URLs and performing auto-type,
  see the auto-type placeholders documentation)
- Added natural sorting (when sorting the entry list, KeePass
  now performs a human-like comparison instead of a simple
  lexicographical one; this sorts entries with numbers more
  logically; only supported with ShlWApi/IE 6.0.2800)
- Added pattern placeholder 's' to generate special characters
  of the printable 7-bit ASCII character set
- KeePass now locks when the system is suspending (if the
  option for locking on locking Windows or switching user is
- Added a 'Tools' button menu in the entry editing dialog
- Tools button menu: Added command to select an application for
  the URL field (will be prefixed with cmd://)
- Tools button menu: Added command to select a document for the
  URL field (will be prefixed with cmd://)
- Tools button menu: Added command to insert a placeholder into
  the URL field
- Tools button menu: Added command to select an auto-type
  target window (a dialog will be opened, in which you can
  select an existing currently-opened window; an appropriate
  auto-type definition will be added in the notes field)
- Several entry context menu commands are now only enabled if
  applicable (if the user name field of an entry is empty, the
  'Copy User Name' command is disabled, etc.)
- A " - Copy" suffix is now appended to duplicated entries
- After duplicating entries, the new entries are selected
- Added ability to sort entries based on UUIDs
- Added advanced option to focus the entry list after a
  successful quick search (toolbar; disabled by default)
- Added support for large translation/language files
- Added option to always allow full access through remote
  control (disabled by default, and marked with "not
- Added radio buttons for removing the expiry time from
  entries in the mass-modify dialog
- Added generic Wiki and '$' client icons
- Added certificate and mobile phone client icons (thanks to
- Added ability to specify the minimum length and minimum
  estimated quality that master passwords must have (see help
  file -> Features -> Composite Master Key; for admins)
- Added interface for writing master password requirements
  validation plugins (see the KPM_VALIDATE_MASTERPASSWORD
- Added interface for writing entry validation plugins (see the
- Added interface for writing generated passwords validation
  plugins (see the KPM_VALIDATE_GENPASSWORD message)
- Added plugin interface for storing custom data in KeePass KDB
  databases (for example some history, logging, ...)
- Plugins can now execute auto-type (KPC_AUTOTYPE)
- Added ability to specify a window title suffix in the INI
  file (KeeWindowTitleSuffix)
- Added more simple and robust plugin interface for editing and
  deleting entries
- The dialog banner text color can be changed in the INI file
  now (KeeBannerColorText, set to BGR-Quad)
- The gradient direction in dialog banners can now be specified
  in the INI file (KeeBannerFlip)
- In mini mode, no passwords are generated automatically for
  new entries
- In mini mode, clicking the 'Generate Password' button in the
  entry window immediately generates a new password based on
  the automatic generation profile, instead of showing the
  password generator dialog
- In mini mode, the URL field is replaced by a combo box, in
  which you can select one of the plugin-provided user

- If natural sorting is supported, TANs are not prefixed with
  zeros anymore
- Removed 'Loading error' message that appeared when checking
  for an update and a new version is available
- TAN indices are now stored in the user name field (the notes
  field can therefore be used now for storing confirmation
  messages and/or transaction details)
- "User Name" is now translated correctly in TXT exports
- On Windows XP and higher, dialog banners now have black
  background gradients by default
- Improved list view item focusing
- Icon of the 'Generate Password' button in the entry editing
  dialog is now always visible
- Passwords generated by the automatic generation profile can
  now be accepted
- The help can now consistently be accessed through buttons in
  the lower left of dialogs
- Improved apple icon (inverted colors)
- Improved group tree redrawing when closing a database
- Correct times are assigned to incoming entries through RC
- Improved placeholder replacement engine for URLs and auto-
  type (prevents infinite recursion)
- Multiple files can now be selected in the import file dialog
  (except KDB format)
- Import file dialogs do not change the working directory
- In the mass-modify dialog the expiry time now defaults to the
  current local time instead of the 'never expires' time
- Upgraded to Boost libraries version 1.34.1
- Minor UI improvements (improved error messages, ...)
- Minor other improvements

- Fixed randomly appearing bug in TAN numbering routine
- Fixed random failure of local date/time formatting routine

08/01/12 - 1.10
- Added configuration file caching (highly increases
  performance when running KeePass from slow devices like USB
- Added key provider API (it now is very easy to write a plugin
  that provides additional key methods, like locking to USB
  device ID, certificates, smart cards, ... see the developers
  section in the online KeePass help center)
- Added support for environment variables in URLs and paths
  (%-syntax support for field placeholders was removed because
  it conflicts with the environment syntax, see the 'Upgrading
  to KeePass 1.10' article)
- Added {INTERNETEXPLORER}, {FIREFOX} and {OPERA} application
  path placeholders (can be used in URLs and auto-type)
- Added support for starting very long command lines
- Added mini mode (must be configured in the INI file manually;
  in mini mode, a lot of functionality is hidden; see help
  file - technical FAQ)
- The quick find control in the main window now remembers the
  most recent searches (if you want the search texts to be
  remembered across sessions, you need to save the database)
- Added password generator option to exclude/omit
  user-specified characters in generated passwords
- Added option to disallow repeating characters in generated
  passwords (both character set-based and pattern-based)
- Moved security-reducing / dangerous password generator
  options to a separate 'Advanced' dialog (if you enable a
  security-reducing option, the 'Advanced' button in the
  password generator window is shown in red)
- Added ability to search using a regular expression
- Internal random number generator is now additionally seeded
  using random bytes provided by the system's default CSP
- Internal random number generator is now additionally seeded
  using a newly generated 128-bit GUID
- A default user name for new entries can now be specified in
  'File' -> 'Database Settings'
- Added ability to specify the groups that are automatically
  created when creating a new database (in the INI file)
- Banner colors can be changed in the INI file now
  (KeeBannerColorStart and KeeBannerColorEnd, set to BGR-Quads)
- XMLImport plugin: entries with no or empty UUIDs are
  supported now (KeePass generates new random UUIDs for them)
- KeePass now registers a global sync. application mutex:
  'KeePassAppMutexExI' (+ updated Windows installer)
- Added an advanced option to disable the Ctrl-Alt-K hot key
- Added textual cue for the quick-search edit control
- The TAN wizard now shows the name of the group into which the
  TANs will be imported

- Changed field order: password follows user name now (note:
  if you use your previous configuration file, the columns in
  the main window will be ordered the old way; to change it,
  drag&drop the column headers manually to adjust the order)
- Code improvements (developers: KeePass now requires the Boost
  C++ libraries to compile)
- Empty fields are not shown in the entry details view any more
- Improved startup time
- Improved search performance
- Improved internal menu handling
- Group export menu items are now named more consistently
- Improved print options dialog (replaced "export" by "print",
  excluded irrelevant export options, ...)
- Search results list display mode is now adjusted based on
  matching items
- When trying to open a database that already is currently
  opened by someone else, you are not prompted any more whether
  to open it in read-only mode, if the '-readonly' command line
  argument is present in the current instance
- Entry list is now automatically focused after a Ctrl-F search
  and the first item is selected
- Improved default global configuration file (shipped in setup)
- Improved title drawing in dialog banners
- Improved entry list update behavior when there are no groups
- KeePass now uses the default shell verb for opening URLs and
  files instead of 'open'
- Optimized performance of process memory protection algorithm
- The status bar is now updated immediately after performing a
  quick search (main window)
- Search results are not cleared any more when having an auto-
  sorting option enabled and performing an operation that
  modifies a search results entry (like auto-type)
- Replaced 'Gen' button by an image button
- Minor improvements in the installer
- Minor improvements in cmd:// URL handling
- Minor dialog text improvements

- Password generator does not crash any more when trying to
  generate a password using an empty pattern + random permuting
- The Ctrl-Alt-K global hot key correctly brings the KeePass
  main window to front when it's hidden behind other windows
- Changing the state of the 'Randomly permute characters of
  password' option now correctly selects the '(Custom)' profile

07/10/12 - 1.09
- Added option to permute passwords generated using a pattern
  (this allows generating passwords that follow complex rules)
- Added ability to specify custom character sets in password
  generation patterns
- Implemented new URL opening method (as workaround for buggy
  Firefox file handler registration on some systems)
- Documents can now be opened using cmd:// URLs (shell execute)
- Added support for CF_CLIPBOARD_VIEWER_IGNORE clipboard format
  (clipboard viewers/extenders compliant with this format
  ignore data copied by KeePass)
- Improved window position/size/state handling (added support
  for Win+M / 'Show Desktop' command, window managers, ...)
- Improved window positioning (PX=0/PY=0 works now)
- Added -readonly command line switch; if present, the database
  will be opened in read-only mode
- Added ability to specify the characters a TAN can consist of
- KeePass now stores the user and machine name in .lock files,
  so it can show who's currently editing the file when trying
  to open a locked file
- Added support for subitem infotips in various list controls
  (languages list, export options, plugins, ...)
- Added support for toggling items in option lists by pressing
  the Spacebar key
- Installer can now associate .kdb files with KeePass
- The password generator now remembers the last used settings
  (even if they are not saved manually as a profile)
- Network administrators: cascading configuration model now
  uses a separate enforced configuration file
- Improved configuration saving/loading (improved behavior
  under Windows Vista when using the installer, improved out of
  the box support for installation by admin / usage by user,
  better limited user account handling, ...)
- Added pattern placeholder 'S' to generate printable 7-bit
  ASCII characters
- Added pattern placeholder 'b' to generate brackets
- Added quick key file accessibility test in the password
  dialog (shows helpful system message on error)
- Temporary files are now named randomly
- The password generator dialog is now shown in the Windows
  taskbar if the main window is minimized to tray
- KeePass now offers to open the help file when importing a CSV
  file fails
- The 'About' dialog is now automatically closed when clicking
  an hyperlink
- Expired/used TAN entries are not shown in the expired entries
  dialog any more
- Expired entries are not shown any more in the auto-type entry
  selection dialog
- Improved password generator profile management (UI)
- KeePass now shows a descriptive system error message if
  executing a cmd:// URL fails
- Improved text in password generator window to allow easier
- Changed password pattern placeholders to support ANSI
- '-' is now treated as TAN character by default, not as
  separator any more
- The main window title now shows 'File - KeePass Password
  Safe' instead of 'KeePass Password Safe [File]'; improved
  tooltip text for tray icon
- Unhiding the master password now requires unsafe operations
- After searching, the first entry is automatically selected
  (but the quick-search box still has the focus)
- The option to automatically open the last database is enabled
  now by default
- Database is now marked as modified when generating a password
- Minimizing to tray is now enabled by default
- Renamed some menu commands to be more consistent with Windows
- Removed duplicate message box that appeared when checking for
  updates and a new version is available
- Removed deprecated API exports; new API must be used by
  plugins from now on
- Main window does not move any more when trying to go below
  the minimum size
- UI now mostly follows the Windows Vista UI text guidelines
- Improved high ANSI characters support in command lines
- Improved installer (added start menu link to the CHM help
  file, publisher information, ...)
- KeePassLibC: Improved 64-bit compatibility
- The expired entries dialog is not shown any more when the
  database is unlocked because of a global auto-type operation
- "Tray/Untray" menu item is now correctly disabled when a
  dialog is open
- 'New' and 'Open' menu commands are now also enabled when the
  workspace is locked
- Unified dialog elements
- Decreased executable file size
- Fixed various problems that occured when KeePass was
  minimized to tray ('--exit-all' not working, problems at
  Windows shutdown, IPC problems, ...)
- Fixed a bug in the tray icon third-party component that could
  leave an unresponsive button in the Windows task bar
- The tray icon does not freeze any more when the Windows
  workspace is locked
- Fixed various drawing bugs that occured when disabling the
  'Display images on buttons' option
- The button tooltips in the password generator dialog are
  translated correctly now
- The hot key to bring the KeePass window to front now also
  works when the 'Disable all auto-type features' option is
- KeePass now selects the correct group when navigating to a
  group after performing a search
- Jumping to an entry from the expired entries dialog now also
  works correctly when unlocking a database
- The password list is now updated correctly after
  drag&dropping entries into another group (view restoration)
- Various other minor improvements and bugfixes

07/09/01 - 1.08
- Completely new password generator; it now supports saving
  options as profiles, password generation based on patterns,
  more options (excluding look-alike characters, ...)
- Added ability to configure the settings of passwords that are
  automatically generated for new entries (open password
  generator, choose the correct profile, edit and save it)
- Added option to use the local date/time format instead of ISO
  notation (see 'Tools' -> 'Options' -> 'Advanced'); it's
  enabled by default
- Added '--exit-all' command line parameter; call KeePass.exe
  with this parameter to close all other open KeePass instances
  (if you do not wish to see the 'Save?' confirmation dialog,
  enable the 'Automatically save database on exit' option)
- Added support for silent installation
- Improved 'Enter Password' dialog (more compact, replaced the
  hyperlink by a button, improved texts and descriptions)
- The database name is now shown in the title of the 'Enter
  Password' window
- KeePass now shows a warning if it cannot find a database that
  has been specified using the command line
- The XML import plugin now supports special characters
- Newline characters are encoded now in XML exports
- Pressing the 'Enter' key in the password list now opens the
  currently selected entry for editing
- Changing the database master key now requires unsafe
  operations permission
- Added support for auto-typing the following characters in US
  International mode: ', ", acute accent, grave accent, ~
- The banner of the 'Edit Entry' dialog is hidden now if the
  screen resolution is very low (640x480 or lower)
- New entries now by default get the icons of their container
  groups, if the icons do not look like folders
- Changed tab order in various places to the more obvious 'left
  to right, then top to bottom' pattern
- The clipboard is now also cleared on KeePass exit when the
  enhanced clipboard protection option is enabled
- The quick-find box now has the focus after opening a database
- Added Spanish language for installer
- Improved internal random number generation interface
- Updated file format documentation (thanks to Naomaru Itoi)
- Updated CHM documentation file
- Auto-Type now selects the correct sequence when multiple
  entries match the current window and multiple sequence/window
  pairs are specified (thanks to ThierryP for the patch)
- The expiration time column menu item in the columns context
  menu is translated correctly now
- Entry details view is now cleared after deleting entries
- URL length is not limited anymore
- Various other minor improvements and bugfixes

07/04/16 - 1.07
- Auto-Type is now supported on Windows 9x systems
- Added ability to use one auto-type sequence for multiple
  windows (thanks to Steve Harrison for the patch); see the CHM
  documentation file for more
- The '^' character is now auto-typed correctly
- New CHM help file (new layout, new content from the KeePass
  Online Help Center, ...)
- The default auto-type sequence can now be changed: in the INI
  file set the 'KeeDefaultAutoTypeSequence' string to the
  sequence of your choice (there's no option in the user
  interface for this yet); see the CHM documentation for more
- WTS notifications are ignored if a dialog is open
- Improved attachments description column naming in exports
- Top-level menu shortcuts now work after closing a database
- Status bar is now updated when navigating in the group tree
- Updated single instance class
- For plugin developers: added delayed initialization message
- Improved help menu
- Added SAL annotations
- Installer now supports a lot more languages
- Installer now uses best compression available
- Fixed a bug that could increase the database size when saving
  a database multiple times, which has previously been modified
  by KeePassX (Linux/MacOSX port of KeePass); existing inflated
  databases are shrinked to their normal size without data loss
- Replaced password generation button by a help button in the
  master key dialog
- Replaced help hyperlinks in 'Edit Entry' dialog by a help
  popup button
- Added help button in TAN wizard dialog
- Fixed a typo in the random password generation dialog (the
  section sign U+00A7 isn't a special character -- it's higher
- Fixed a bug which could have caused the 'Select Key File'
  hyper link to be drawn incorrectly when using non-official XP
- Fixed various tray icon bugs
- Error code is not shown any more in success messages
- Improved error message that is shown when accessing the key
  file fails
- Added window positioning support for virtual screens
- Window position/size is now remembered when exiting from tray
- Fixed a bug in the 'Start KeePass at Windows startup'
  registration method
- x64 fixes (thanks to Gabe Martin)
- Improved MFC string clearing routine
- Various translation improvements
- Made 'Icon' label wider
- Other minor improvements and bugfixes

06/10/14 - 1.06
- Locking workspace when locking Windows or switching user is
  now optional (see Security tab, option disabled by default)
- Improved password quality estimation algorithm
- Improved auto-type window focusing; it is recommended that
  you try the new default auto-type method (i.e. not the
  alternative one)
- Implemented remote control (feature disabled by default)
- After performing a search and opening the Add Entry window,
  the first top-level group is selected by default instead of
  the search results group
- Added a few icons to the client icons list (password list)
- Last access time is now updated on auto-typing (both context
  menu invokation and global auto-type hot key)
- Improved KeePass startup performance (BCMenu)
- Changed default button in 'Overwrite Key-File' dialog
- Improved update-checking messages
- Renamed "Expire Time" to "Expiration Time"
- Improved support for empty databases
- Fixed tab order in Add/Edit Entry dialog
- Improved handling of Windows session ending
- Databases are saved before logging off from Windows
- The 'Save' toolbar button is grayed (but pressable) if the
  database hasn't been modified
- Strings containing quotes are now passed correctly over the
- Clearified some messages

06/05/19 - 1.05
- KeePass is now developed and compiled using Visual Studio
  2005 (with MFC 8.0); older compilers and IDEs aren't
  supported anymore
- Implemented C-style interface for plugins (KP_Query and
  KP_Call; MFC is not required anymore to build KeePass
- Heavily restructured the source code (extracted KeePass core
  library, separated platform-dependent and platform-
  independent code)
- Workspace is now locked automatically if Windows is locked or
  the user switches to a different account (Windows XP only)
- Improved single-instance behaviour
- Improved support of paths with mixed directory separators
- Improved command-line handling (thanks to Bill Rubin)
- Changed command-line parameter handling for plugin parameters
  (thanks to Bill Rubin for this patch)
- Improved plugin handling (DLLs are checked for interface
  methods; improved KeePass startup performance)
- Added update checking feature (automatically and manually;
  the ChkForUpd plugin project is discontinued)
- Password list is refreshed after auto-typing a TAN number
- Fixed a bug that caused the group focus to jump to the first
  group after saving the database (when having the entry-backup
  and the delete-backups-before-save options enabled)
- Handle to plugin manager window is passed to plugins in
- When performing 'save-as' the lock files are updated now (the
  one of previously opened file is deleted, a new one is
  created for the new database)
- Tray menu items are now disabled when KeePass displays a
  modal dialog
- Added advanced option to disable the 'save' button if the
  database hasn't been modified
- Renamed default file menu items (new, open, save, ...)
- Improved {CLEARFIELD} behaviour
- Other improvements and bugfixes

06/01/02 - 1.04
- Added dialog that lets you select an entry if multiple
  entries match the current window when pressing the global
  auto-type hotkey (previously KeePass always just used the
  first entry that matched, now you can select the right entry)
- An entry now can have multiple Auto-Type-Window strings
- User input is now blocked while KeePass is auto-typing
- URLs in note fields are clickable now (including entry
  preview window)
- KeePass now supports all protocols in URLs that delimit the
  protocol prefix and the address using '://'
- Default auto-type sequence for TAN entries now is {PASSWORD}
- Added option to show TANs in a more simple list view
- Added option to show TAN indices in entry titles
- TANs are marked as used/expired when auto-typing them
- Fixed a bug that prevented several auto-type codes from
- New auto-type code: {CLEARFIELD} clears the contents of the
  edit control that currently has the focus
- On Windows 2000 simple asterisks are displayed now instead
  of black dots as on Windows XP
- Added option to exit the program instead of locking the
  workspace after the specified time
- Added option to open a database in read-only mode
- Added error code for 'key-file not accessible'
- Context menus in the main window now popup lightning fast
- Added filename filters for single group exports
- CHM documentation file now supports full-text search
- Added version compatibility page to the CHM documentation
- Replaced duplicate 'user' icon by a 'wireless' icon
- For plugin developers: parameters of _OpenDatabase and
  _ChangeMasterKey are now passed to the plugin (pointer array)
- Tray icon is recreated after Windows Explorer crashes (thanks
  to Kenneth Ballard for the patch)
- Renamed '?' menu to 'Help'
- Renamed 'Extras' menu to 'Tools'
- Removed 'Print Group' command from 'Edit' in the main menu
  (use the context menu of a group to print it)
- Changed menu accelerator key to close the database to Ctrl-W
- Removed 'Open License' and 'Print License' from 'Help' menu
- Moved program options from 'Edit' menu into 'Tools' menu
- Improved main menu (fixed dots, item positions, ...)
- Added option to override entry URLs (URL-Override:)
- Code fixes (KeePass should compile cleanly now with VC 2005)
- Improved Unicode support (thanks to Norbert Schulze)
- Changed font from MS Sans Serif to MS Shell Dlg
- Translation files must now be UTF-8 encoded
- Some dialog/lock timing improvements
- Minor other improvements

05/09/10 - 1.03
- Added option to copy URLs to the clipboard instead of
  launching them (exception: cmd:// protocol, these URLs will
  be started as before)
- Added option to disable all auto-type features (adv. options)
- Added {SPACE} code for auto-type sequences
- Auto-type and URL fields now support the {APPDIR}
  substitution code, this will be replaced by the directory
  path of the currently running KeePass instance
- Fixed a bug in the KeePass database import routine (passwords
  were imported incorrectly)
- KeePass now prevents disabled columns from being resized
- Status bar is now updated after pressing Ctrl-A to select all
- Fixed a bug which could occasionally crash KeePass when
  loading old database formats (old UI state meta streams)
- Removed a misleading message box that appeared when entering
  an incorrect confirmation password in the master key dialog
- Accelerator tips are now correctly removed from toolbar
  button tips when using a language that uses special
  accelerator combination hints in brackets
- Fixed various translation bugs
- Get() function of the CPrivateConfig configuration manager
  class doesn't require 33-byte buffers any more

05/09/05 - 1.02
- KeePass databases can now be imported into the currently
  opened database, you can choose if you want to create new
  IDs, overwrite existing entries or overwrite them only if
  they're newer than the existing ones
- You can now export groups (including their subgroups) to
  encrypted KeePass database files (you can use the same key as
  the current database or define a new one)
- The auto-type function now supports sending higher ANSI
  characters in code range 126-255
- Fixed problems in the auto-type functions, no incorrect
  extended keys are sent any more (should solve the problems
  with auto-type on most notebooks)
- KeePass now appends an asterisk (*) to the filename in the
  titlebar if the database has been modified
- New icons, KeePass now uses the 'Nuvola' icon theme by David
  Vignoni (the icons are distributed under the LGPL license
  with an addon, see CHM manual - 'Acknowledgements' for more
- The entry view now supports very simple notes formatting
  using HTML tags; currently supported are: b, i and u
- Fixed some problems in the configuration manager class; the
  options-saving performance improvement (of 1.01) works now
- Fixed a bug which caused the KeePass window to lose the
  always-on-top status after auto-typing (alternative method)
- Fixed a bug that could crash KeePass after editing an entry
  when the database had 32*n entries and if the backup-entries
  option was enabled
- Minor improvements in the icon picker dialog
- The right Alt and Ctrl keys are released correctly now before
- Shortened product name in tray-icon tooltip
- Fixed a small bug that could display an assertion warning in
  debug builds of KeePass when loading UTF-8 strings of length
  122 from a database
- The quickfind edit control now correctly grabs the Ctrl-C,
  Ctrl-V, Ctrl-A and Ctrl-X key combinations
- Fixed a bug which occasionally caused the password generator
  to generate longer passwords than the specified length (no
  security problem though, the generated passwords are random)
- Fixed a bug that prevented top-level menu hotkeys (like
  Alt-F) from working immediately after program startup
- Some minor other improvements and fixes
- Updated SHA-2 source code (should compile fine now with all
  Microsoft compilers up to version 7.1)

05/08/16 - 1.01
- Added option to minimize the main window before auto-typing
  (so, the same auto-type behaviour as in version 0.99c and
  before); this option is turned off by default (the method of
  1.0 is default), see the advanced options dialog to turn it
  on if auto-typing doesn't work on your computer
- Auto-type now works correctly with toggled caps-lock
- Improved options-saving performance (thanks to Brad Clarke
  for the patch), this should prevent the delays when exiting
  the program
- KeePass will now register the global hotkey Ctrl-Alt-K, if
  no other application hasn't reserved it already; this hotkey
  will bring the KeePass window to the front when you press it
- KeePass now continues auto-typing if it has been interrupted
  by the login screen when you tried to auto-type while the
  workspace was locked
- Replaced 'Pick One' buttons by icon buttons in the add-entry,
  add-group and mass-modify dialogs
- You can now save the database even if you don't have modified
- Improved menu accelerator handling, the hotkeys now also work
  when the bottom entry preview window has the focus
- Added buttons to select common expiry time intervals and the
  default expiry time in the mass-modify entries dialog
- Ascending TAN numbers in the notes field now have at least 3
  digits (leading 0s), so you can sort them now by notes
- Fixed a minor bug with the default entry-expiry menu in the
  add-entry dialog (daylight saving caused the time to be
  updated incorrectly)
- Quick-find edit control contents are cleared now when closing
  or locking a database
- Added option to delete all backup entries before saving the
  database to disk (see 'Advanced' tab in the options dialog)
- Added tooltips for secure edit controls (in secure mode)
- Added function to open broken/corrupted KeePass databases;
  useful if you unplugged your USB stick before the file was
  written completely, it of course cannot help you if you
  forgot the master password, read CHM file for more info
- Fixed a bug which caused the statusbar to display incorrect
  information when selecting groups in the group list
- Fixed incorrect window title that appeared after entering
  3 times a wrong password when trying to unlock the workspace
- You cannot minimize the main window any more while a
  subdialog is open
- Changed some strings to clearify their meanings
- Minor improvements and clearifications in the documentation
  manual (CHM file)
- Minor UI improvements (balloon tooltip for quickfind, etc.)
- For plugin authors: config keys can be deleted now by passing
  NULL as pszValue parameter to CPrivateConfig::Set
- Several small code changes in order to cleanly compile with
  Microsoft 7.x compilers

05/06/04 - 1.00
- Changed window activation routine for the Auto-Type command
- Minor improvement to the checkboxes in the advanced options
- Added short 'first steps' KeePass usage tutorial to the CHM
- Extended and updated CHM manual
- The automatic random password generation for new entries is
  optional now
- Moved 'workspace cannot be unlocked' message to the status
  bar (instead of displaying it in a message box)
- Improved window repositioning code (window position and size
  is now remembered over different desktop screen resolutions)
- Added option to exclude backup entries in quick searches
- Fixed default Y-splitter position (used when no INI present)
- Fixed a bug which caused the toolbar to be displayed
  incorrectly after a second database has been opened when
  being in single-instance mode and having the first db locked
- Fixed a bug which could make KeePass show an empty expired
  entry list dialog when opening a new database
- Fixed a bug that could crash KeePass when changing the UI
  language while the single instance option is enabled
- Shift-Home and Shift-End don't clear secure edit controls any
  more when being in non-protected mode
- Clearing out the date/time fields completely results in
  default values instead of invalid dates/times
- You cannot enter invalid dates/times any more
- Renamed the long traying command string to "Tray/Untray"
- Added -ext: command-line parameter; parameters that start
  with -ext: are not parsed by KeePass and can therefore be
  used by plugins for example
- Added 6 and 12 months to pre-defined expiry intervals list
- Several minor UI improvements

05/05/14 - 0.99c
- Added new secure edit controls (if enabled, no password edit
  control spies can read out the text of the control; the
  password isn't even visible in the process memory of KeePass)
- Added option to specify a default expire interval (new
  entries can expire in N days by default, see options dialog)
- Added single instance option
- Added button right of the expiry edit control to select
  common expire intervals (like 1 week, 2 weeks, 1 month, etc.)
- Added command-line option to pre-select a key-disk (switch
  -preselect:, you'll get prompted only for the password)
- Made single click tray icon optional (default is double-click
  but you can set it to a single left click in the advanced
  options dialog)
- Added button to the database settings dialog to calculate the
  number of rounds that lead to a 1-second delay
- The CSV import routine now supports local ANSI _and_ UTF-8
- Changed order of fields in exported CSV files (to make it
  compatible with the import-CSV routine)
- CSV files with non-encoded empty fields (i.e. ',,' instead of
  ',"",') are supported now
- KeePass now doesn't crash any more when importing CSV files
  that contain empty strings
- Password show/hide flag isn't cleared automatically any more
  after generating a random password using the password
- You can now select groups by pressing the initial character
  of the group name (i.e. if you have a group named 'Test',
  pressing the 'T' key while the tree control has the focus
  will select the 'Test' group
- Improved key releasing code (executed before auto-typing)
- Added tooltips for the password asterisks masking buttons
- Fixed a bug which marked the database as non-modified when
  opening and closing an entry without changing something
- Changed fonts for the password edit controls and show/hide
  behind asterisks buttons (Windows XP password look)
- The options are now saved immediately after closing the
  options dialog (before, the options were saved at exit)
- Changed code for apostrophes (') from apos to #39 (the
  Internet Explorer doesn't support the correct apos code...)
- The enhanced clipboard routines now work correctly together
  with TAN entries
- Added an option to the 'find' dialog to specify if KeePass
  should include the entries in the 'Backup' group in the
  search results or not
- You can now use the 'Delete' key to delete entries
- Fixed some minor problem with the 'higher ANSI characters'
  string in the password generator
- Added KPM_SAVEDB_POST plugin message (allows developers to
  create file backup plugins)
- KeePass now creates backups of deleted entries automatically,
  if you've enabled the entry backup option
- The 'KeePass' directory in the users application config path
  is only created if KeePass really requires write access to it
- The entry preview window is now cleared when the password
  list is updated without specifying a selection
- Removed hyperlink edit controls (leaked GUI objects)
- KeePass now shows external windows in their default window
  positions and sizes
- Title banner in the 'find' dialog shows the selected group
- Inapplicable checkboxes in the 'find' dialog are disabled now
  when searching in a group
- Added help link to the database settings dialog
- Cleaned up the about dialog
- Minor command-line improvements
- Minor usability improvements in the options dialog
- Several minor UI improvements

05/04/01 - 0.99b
- Improved exports: you can now choose the fields that will be
- Newline characters can now be encoded/replaced by \n in
  exported files
- Changed the default Auto-Type-Window string to *{TITLE}*
- The Auto-Type-Window strings are now case-insensitive
- Existing / user-defined Auto-Type-Window strings override the
  default string (i.e. only if no single matching user-defined
  Auto-Type-Window string has been found, the titles of the
  entries are used)
- Exporting backup entries (entries in the "Backup" group) is
  optional now
- Fixed a bug which caused KeePass menus to be unresponsive
  after startup when using the command-line
- When the database gets auto-locked (timer), KeePass minimizes
  itself to tray
- KeePass now tries to close the database before Windows exits
- KeePass doesn't crash any more when trying to load old
- Expired entries in the 'Backup' group aren't shown any more
  in the 'expired entries' dialog displayed at database open
- Replaced 'start minimized' option by 'start minimized and
  locked' option; KeePass won't ask you immediately at startup
  for the password of the database if you enable this option
- You now have 3 chances to confirm the password when changing
  the master key
- KeePass now displays dates/times in an ISO-like format
- Entries in the "Backup" group are ignored now when searching
  for auto-type-window strings
- When using the users directory, KeePass now places its config
  file in a 'KeePass' subdirectory instead of the root path
- Several minor UI improvements

05/03/29 - 0.99a
- You can reuse existing key-disks now (when you select an
  existing key-disk, KeePass asks you if you want to overwrite
  or reuse it), this way you can use a single key-disk for
  multiple databases
- Settings of the global KeePass.ini now override the settings
  of the KeePass.ini in the user directory (administrators can
  install KeePass on a network drive and force some specific
  options, while leaving other options like UI settings up the
  users, read the FAQ for more information about this)
- Added command-line options for specifying the password and
  the key-file location (switches -pw: and -keyfile:, see docs)
- Improved exports: the entries are now grouped together
  (ordered by their group, not the creation order any more)
- When you export a group, its complete child tree will be
  exported now, too (i.e. all subgroups of that group)
- Added 'advanced' tab to the options dialog
- Added option to show all expired and soon-to-expire entries
  immediately after opening a database (see 'advanced' tab)
- Added 'minimize window on startup' option (the main window is
  minimized automatically when starting KeePass)
- Moved start and exit options into the 'advanced' tab
- Added option to start KeePass with Windows ('advanced' tab)
- Added option to backup modified entries into a 'Backup' group
- Improved comboboxes (better XP theme compatibility, better
  item indentation)
- When auto-typing, the window is minimized to tray if you
  enabled the minimize-to-tray option
- You are prompted for the database password if you try to
  auto-type when the database is locked
- The database isn't marked as modified any more when closing
  the edit-entry dialog with OK but without modifying anything
- KeePass now saves its options when you exit windows without
  closing KeePass first
- Added password confirmation dialog for the change-master-key
  dialog when changing to password + key-file
- Fixed a bug in the subgroup creation code
- CSV and XML file formats are now documented in the CHM manual
- Added documentation about the option loading/saving procedure
- Added password show/hide button right of the password edit
  control in the password generator dialog
- Password asterisks setting is now independent of the show-
  state of the password column in the main window
- Group structure is saved in XML exports (parent tree is
  stored in a 'tree' attribute of the 'group' element)
- Changed tray icon action trigger from single click to double
- The enter-password dialog now appears in the task bar
- The key-file is now saved in its hex representation (i.e. you
  can look at it with a standard text editor)
- Cleaned up the code to save boolean/flag options
- Added window translation filter
- Improved window state handling routine
- Minor stability improvements (timer concurrency, ...)
- Minor translation improvements

05/02/26 - 0.98b
- Implemented plugin architecture
- Added global auto-type hot key (just press some hot key
  combination to make KeePass enter the login information, you
  can set the key combination in 'Edit - Options - Setup', the
  default hot key is Ctrl-Alt-A; see manual for more info)
- Added option to lock a database using a password _and_ a key-
  disk together, i.e. you need both to unlock your database
- Added full XP theme compatibility
- Updated CHM documentation and the KeePass homepage
- The column sizes and splitter positions are now remembered
  when KeePass is in maximized mode
- Toolbar and statusbar are now updated after a quickfind
- User cannot add a search-results group himself any more
- Fixed a problem in the auto-type feature when typing long
- Improved error messages for opening and saving files (not
  just telling that something failed, but why it failed)
- Fixed some window bugs, which could occur after using the
  auto-type feature (small window and always-on-top failure)
- Improved UTF-8 support for all import formats
- KeePass now releases the Ctrl key for you before auto-typing
- Entry preview window is cleared after a find or quickfind
- When a restart is needed (for example after changing the
  'disable security-critical commands' option), KeePass first
  asks the user to save all data before restarting (avoiding a
  hidden KeePass window in the background)
- KeePass uses the users directory to store the INI file, if
  there is no INI file in the application directory and the
  application directory is write-protected
- Improved CSV export (escapes special characters now)
- The delete-entry toolbar button works again
- Improved, more secure copy-to-clipboard functions (blocking
  clipboard monitors and paste-once-only functionality; thanks
  to Gabe Martin for contributing the code!)
- It's possible now to disable the expiration time of an entry
- The entry-moving routines should now be a bit faster
- New help hyperlinks in the add-entry dialog about URLs and
  the auto-type feature
- Bugfix: the date field in the add-entry dialog didn't allow
  days greater than 28
- Improved tab orders in some dialogs
- The auto-type sequence and auto-type window definition lines
  are now removed before copying the contents of the notes
  field to the clipboard
- The clipboard is now cleared when the database is closed or
  the workspace is locked
- All dialogs are now positioned relatively to their parent
  instead of being centered in the full screen area
- Improved the TAN wizard (you can assign consecutive numbers
  to the TANs now, if you wish) and fixed some bugs in it
- More clear "save before close/lock" message box title
- KeePass now first tests if the configuration file (.ini) is
  accessible before trying to write to it

04/11/21 - 0.98a
- Implemented auto-type feature (KeePass can minimize itself
  and type the username and password of the currently selected
  entry into dialogs, webforms, etc.)
- Added ability to select the key-file manually (you can store
  multiple key-files on one disk now)
- New CHM documentation file (many features are documented now)
- You can now use command-lines in the URL fields, just prefix
  the command-line using cmd://, so if you would like to
  execute Notepad: cmd://C:\WinNT\Notepad.exe; the cmd://
  protocol allows using parameters, in contrast to file://
- Added hotkeys for hiding/showing the passwords (Ctrl+H) and
  user names (Ctrl+J)
- Bugfix: the toolbar is now updated after using the TAN wizard
- Fixed all menu accelerator conflicts
- Added "Find in group..." command to the groups context menu
- KeePass now locks the workspace when pressing the Esc key in
  the main window
- Added column view context menu to the header control of the
  password list
- For the default action, the tray icon now accepts a single
  left-click instead of a double-click
- Added ability of storing (hidden) meta-streams in the
  database, this will make future database format upgrades
  easier and old KeePass versions will be able to load
  databases created with a newer version, too
- KeePass now remembers the complete UI state, i.e. the last
  selected and top visible group and the last selected and top
  visible entry (info saved in database, using meta-streams)
- Added tooltip for quick-finder edit control in main window
- URLs in the search group can be executed now
- The entry preview window now uses the active system codepage
  instead of the fixed Latin-1 codepage (1252)
- Fixed misleading caption in the change-master-password dialog
- Fixed a minor CRLF issue in the entry preview window

04/10/09 - 0.97c
- Fixed some problems in the relative paths handling
- Added auto-sort password list feature, KeePass can sort the
  password list automatically now, see 'View - Auto-Sort'
- The database is now marked as modified when copying a TAN
  number to the clipboard
- Improved item selection handling after entry additions,
  duplications and edits
- Password list refreshing should be a bit faster now
- After minimizing to taskbar and restoring to tray, the
  window's maximized state is correctly restored now
- The associated browser with 'http' is used now, instead of
  the one associated with '.htm' files

04/09/19 - 0.97b
- Improved in-memory passwords protection (for both master
  password and all stored passwords)
- Fixed two bugs in the relative paths handling; one which
  could have caused the auto-open function not to work any
  more; another, which could have caused problems when always
  opening the same database
- Improved font handling in the main dialog, Japanese should be
  displayed correctly now
- The window state (maximized, etc.) and original size (size
  when not maximized) are remembered correctly now
- Fixed a bug in the edit-entry dialog (the password sometimes
  was just empty and didn't match the repeated password)
- Fixed orders of translation calls in some dialogs, which
  could have caused problems
- Updated ReadMe file (added Japanese translator to credits)
- Some minor bugfixes and improvements

04/09/12 - 0.97a
- KeePass is using relative paths now to remember the last
  opened database; so this feature can be used now with
  removable drives that get mounted under different drive names
- Added "Mark database as modified on last-access time change"
  option (Edit - Options - Files)
- Added deletion confirmation dialog for entries
- KeePass can now open ssh: and telnet: URLs using PuTTY if you
  wish, PuTTY's directory must be in the PATH environment
  variable to use this feature (activate it in Edit - Options -
  Setup, thanks to Samuel Riesland for contributing the base
- The "Open URL" command can now be used on N different
  entries, which will then open N browser windows
- The TAN wizard now also accepts simple alpha characters (0-9,
  and now a-z, A-Z) as valid TAN characters, so your TANs can
  be alphanumeric now
- Added "Export group to TXT" command
- Moved group export commands into a submenu "Export to"
- KeePass now remembers the scrollbar position when sorting the
  password list
- Entries cannot be moved to the search results group any more
- If the "auto open last db" feature is activated, KeePass now
  first checks if the database exists before asking for a
  password; if the database has been deleted there's no need
  for a password
- Your database won't be emptied any more, if you accidently
  selected too many key encryption rounds, your computer hangs
  and you terminate the KeePass task
- The "X close button minimizes KeePass" option works now
- Fixed a problem in the open-database dialog (in some cases it
  didn't display the filename of the database)
- Updated ReadMe file (added Hebrew, Italian, Spanish and
  Turkish translators)
- After searching, the correct group is selected now when
  clicking into the group list
- Fixed a bug in the minimize/to-tray routines (which caused
  the double restore animation for example)
- Improved user activity tracking; the safe won't lock up any
  more while you're scrolling in the lists
- Added "Select All" command to entry list context menu
- The hotkey to add an entry now is Ctrl-Y; Ctrl-A selects all
  entries in the entry list

04/07/29 - 0.96b
- Added quickfind edit field right of the toolbar
- Extended clipboard clearing to all other fields, all copied
  strings are erased in the time you specify, not only the
  password field
- Removed an annoying message when unlocking of the workspace
- Fixed a buffer overflow in the main dialog
- You now have 3 chances entering the password when opening a
  database, the enter-password dialog is immediately displayed
  again after entering a wrong password
- Fixed a bug which caused the Ctrl-L hotkey not to work when
  the workspace was locked

04/07/04 - 0.96a
- Finally added drag-n-drop support to move entries to other
  groups (you were able to do this already before by using the
  mass modify command, but now it's much more convenient and
- New icons (thanks to Christopher Bolin)
- The URL in the entry view now is a link, i.e. it is clickable
- Lost entries are removed now when a database is opened
- Key files can be loaded from read-only media (cd-rom) again
- Fixed a bug in the PwSafe TXT import routine (note fields
  containing tab characters weren't handled correctly)
- Improved PwSafe TXT import routine (thanks to Andrew D. Bond,
  it's now a bit more intelligent, recognizing URLs in titles)
- Fixed a small bug in the list display routine (the password
  of an entry wasn't displayed correctly after editing it)
- Fixed a bug in the tree item (group) deletion routine
- Fixed a bug in the language dialog (the 'restart now' message
  wasn't translated correctly when switching from English to
  any other language)
- Added option to disable KeePass remembering the last opened
- If an entry has an attached file, its description is shown in
  the entry view
- Fixed DPI scaling bug in the GUI resizing routine
- The order of the password list columns is remembered now
- Extended status bar, the status bar now shows the total
  number of groups, entries, the number of currently selected
  entries and the number of entries in the current list
- Improved toolbar and entry view update behaviour
- Multi-user environment improvement: KeePass now checks if the
  currently opened database has been changed since it has been
  opened and asks whether to overwrite it or not if it has been

04/06/05 - 0.95b
- The XML exports now contain ALL information, times are
  encoded as strings, attached files are encoded in base 64
- Improved the group tree sort algorithm: the new one doesn't
  destroy the tree structure any more (levels remain)
- Added ability to import Personal Vault TXT files
- The number of key encryption rounds was reset to the default
  6000 each time you opened the database, fixed this
- Fixed a small translation bug in the database settings dialog
- Removed annoying notify message when creating a new database
- The mass modify command now is available for single
  selections, too
- Expired entries don't lose their icons any more

04/05/31 - 0.95a
- Instead of hashing the password only once, the password is
  now 1x hashed (SHA-256), N times encrypted (AES, you can set
  N in the new database options dialog), and finally 1x hashed
  (SHA-256); this makes a brute-force key-search much harder
- Fixed a bug in the PwSafe 2 importing routine
- Added option to disable unsafe operations like export
  functions; admins can force their users now not to use such
  operations (by just placing KeePass and its INI-file
  write-protected on a network drive)
- Added encoding information to XML exported files
- Improved the HTML output (thin borders, better handling of
  empty cells and hyperlinks, title is translated, etc.)
- Fixed a small memory leak the (old) database loading code
- Improved string handling routines (codepage handling, etc.)
- Fixed a crashing bug when deleting the General group
- Fixed a bug which could make the main window invisible
  (setting its position to -32000/-32000)
- KeePass asks if you would like to exit anyway when failing to
  save a read-only database at program shutdown
- Disabling the auto-resize columns option works correctly now
- Fixed a bug where the username wasn't displayed correctly in
  the entry preview area
- Updated ReadMe file
- Removed shades from buttons
- KeePass now checks if a disk is inserted when creating a new
  key-file, it also checks now for enough free disk space
- The 'always on top' option now works at startup
- The password generator settings weren't saved if the user
  clicked the Cancel button, fixed this
- Executable version information is used now
- Fixed HTML/XML output (ampersand is encoded now, etc.)
- Added database settings configuration dialog
- Database name is shown in the password dialog
- Added 'show all expired entries' dialog
- Added password quality meters to some dialogs, these controls
  show the estimated strength/quality of the entered passwords

04/03/19 - 0.94a
- Password generator options are remembered now
- Integrated standard settings from initialization file to
  KeePass, i.e. your settings won't be overwritten any more
  when updating to a new version (both ZIP and installer)
- Added option to associate .kdb files with KeePass (i.e. a
  double-click on a .kdb file in the Windows Explorer will
  automatically open the file with KeePass)
- Made entropy collection in the password generation dialog
- Added spin button control right of the password character
  number edit field in the password generator dialog
- Fixed a bug in the hotkey handling routines
- Reduced flicker when double-clicking into the passwords list
- The mass modify menu displays the groups as tree now too, not
  as simple list any more
- Entry view is cleared now when closing the database
- Added cancel button to entropy collection dialog
- Fixed some bugs in the import functions
- Some other minor improvements

04/03/04 - 0.93
- Replaced group list by a group tree, you can now create
- Added file attachments, you can now "attach" files to
  entries which are then saved in the encrypted database too
- The duplicate command now duplicates all selected entries,
  not just one
- Added print preview
- All exported files are encoded in UTF-8 now
- Information about the available language files is shown in
  the translation selection dialog (author, contact, etc.)
- Added menu accelerators for group movement commands
- KeePass could have crashed while using the TAN Wizard and
  having the lock-after-time option enabled, fixed this bug
- The entry view now supports the Ctrl-C hotkey for copying
  the selected text to the clipboard
- Added option to make the close button working as minimize
- Changed the TXT export format (strings are exported lossless
  now, fields are translated)
- The clipboard is cleared only if the user hasn't copied
  anything other into it (i.e. if the password has been
  overwritten already the clipboard isn't cleared again
- Usernames can be hidden behind asterisks now too (just like
  the passwords, see View menu)
- Various minor bugfixes and improvements
- The Windows setup program now has multi-language support
  (thanks to Lubos Stanek)
- 0.93b: Fixed various minor bugs

04/02/22 - 0.92a
- Smaller Windows installer
- The default filename suggestions of export files now depend
  on what you are exporting (i.e. database name or group name)
- The filename of the currently opened database is shown in the
  title bar now
- Fixed a bug in the notes field processing

04/02/21 - 0.91
- Added Czech translation (thanks to Lubos Stanek!)
- Added Estonian translation (thanks to Andri Viiand!)
- Added context menu for the entry view (copy selection to the
  Windows clipboard, etc.)
- The 'notes' field is now able to hold 2^31-1 characters
  (2147483647) instead of only ~32000
- Fixed a bug in the window translation routine
- Changed resizing priorities (the group and password lists are
  now the windows which are resized first when resizing the
  main window, not the entry view any more)
- The entry view is cleared now when locking the workspace
- Added TAN support (just paste your TANs into an edit field
  and the wizard generates password entries from them, which
  automatically expire when copying them to the clipboard)
- Column titles of HTML export files and printing are
  translated now
- Closing the currently open database is delayed until the user
  selected the new file to open and clicked OK
- Fixed a bug which caused KeePass to ignore the view columns
  options when auto-resizing of the columns is disabled
- URL field supports placeholders (%USERNAME% inserts the user-
  name of the current entry, %PASSWORD% the password, %TITLE%
  and %NOTES% insert the title and the notes)
- Added support of translation information fields (see Help -
  About Translation...)

04/02/11 - 0.90a
- Fixed some small bugs (threading/timer bug, translation bug,
  two bugs in the routines of the entry details view)

04/02/10 - 0.89
- Added optional entry view (a view at the bottom of the main
  window which shows the details of the currently selected
  password entry)
- Added resizing grippers (group list, password list and entry
  view can be resized now)
- The hide-password option (display stars) of the main window
  is now synced with the hide-password option of the edit/view
  entry dialog
- Fixed a bug which could have caused KeePass display a hidden
  message box when minimizing the main window
- Window position and size is saved only if the main window
  isn't maximized or minimized
- Fixed a small bug which caused KeePass not to update the
  toolbar when using the keyboard to select pw entries
- The automatic resizing of the password list columns is now
  optional, you can disable it (see options dialog)

04/02/01 - 0.88
- Added more entry fields: creation time, last modification,
  last access time, expires and UUID
- Added toolbar (optional)
- Completely new database format, but you can open v1 databases
  without any problems (100% backward compatibility is given)
- New search engine, the entries aren't duplicated any more and
  you can make changes to the entries in the results list
- Double-clicking on the title field of an entry now opens the
  edit/view dialog, the ctrl-left method has been removed
- KeePass now asks if it should overwrite key-files, if a key-
  file already exists on the target drive
- Password list now supports multi-selection, this allows new
  operations like 'delete all selected', etc.
- Mass-edit feature; change group, icon and expiration date of
  all selected items at once using this new contextmenu command
- The main image list is reused, therefor KeePass requires
  fewer GDI memory
- Fixed a bug which could have caused KeePass to forget the
  last opened database
- Replaced IE>=3.0 checkboxes by images, KeePass now runs fine
  under Linux/Wine

04/01/11 - 0.87
- Added Twofish as alternative file encryption algorithm
- Added option to lock the workspace when minimizing the window
- Added option to minimize the window to tray instead of
- Added option to lock the workspace after a user-defined time
- Tray icon changes when the workspace is being locked
- Added command-line switch /? to show some help on available
  command-line options
- Extended options dialog (multi-page dialog)
- A pseudo-random password based on the system entropy (times,
  counters, etc.) is automatically generated and filled in
  the password edit box when adding a new entry to the list
- Added ability to search in database based on group names
- The group list can be sorted now, just click on the column
- The background color of every second row can be changed now
- Fixed a bug which caused KeePass to display no error message
  when saving a database wasn't successful
- Added a cancel button to the file save confirmation dialog
- The system tray icon is now high-color
- Fixed a translation bug: the search group wasn't translated
- PwSafe v2 TXT exports can be imported now (the files exported
  by the latest version [v2] of CounterPane's PwSafe)

04/01/02 - 0.86
- Added Dutch translation (thanks to Kees Koenders!)
- Added Swedish translation (thanks to Michael Åström!)
- You can now change the font of the password and group lists
- KeePass remembers the last window position and size
- KeePass remembers the column sizes of the password list
- Added accelerators for the main window (Ctrl+X exits, Ctrl+
  L locks the workspace, Ctrl+A adds an entry, etc... see menu)
- Improved translation routine speed (before: sequencial search
  n/2 (= ~110) string comparisons needed, now: binary search
  lg n + 1 (= ~8) avg)
- CodeWallet(Pro) text files can now be imported
- Fixed an interface translation bug in the enter-password
  dialog when unlocking the workspace
- GUI: Import/Export submenu items are translated now
- Added accelerator for item movement, Ctrl+Up moves an entry
  one up, Ctrl+PgDown moves it to the bottom of the list, etc.
- Pressing F1 now opens the ReadMe file
- GUI: Disabling images of buttons now automatically disables
  the shading, too
- GUI: Replaced soft-shaded by linear diagonal-shaded buttons
- The window name now indicates if the workspace is locked
- Translations aren't included in the base package any more,
  they are now available for download on the KeePass homepage
- From on now a setup program for KeePass is available

03/12/17 - 0.85
- KeePass now has a Windows system tray icon which can minimize
  and maximize the main window to/from the tray; the context
  menu offers important functions like adding an entry to the
  current database, locking the workspace, etc.
- Changed CSV export format to be compatible with the
  commercial "Password Keeper" software
- CSV files can now be imported (Password Keeper compatible)
- The password list can now be sorted by clicking on a column
  in the header of the password list
- GUI: Double-clicking on a field in the password list now
  copies the field data, not only the password of that entry
- GUI: The headers can now be drag-n-dropped (reordered)
- GUI: A tooltip now shows the complete item when pointing on
  an item that is too large to display
- Added filter for password files in file open/save dialogs
- When creating a new database you now must repeat the master
- Fixed a bug that could crash KeePass when deleting a group
  when the database has no password entries
- KeePass now uses the system color for the dialog texts
- Pressing the control key and left-clicking on an item in the
  password list brings up the edit dialog for the selected item
- Special characters in translations are now fully supported
  (Umlaute, etc.)

03/12/03 - 0.84
- Added French translation (thanks to Marc Tissot!)
- Renamed some structures and variables, which could be defined
  already, to avoid compiling problems
- Added option to show/hide gridlines in the password entry
- The edit box in the 'enter-password' dialog now has the focus
- Changed the default focus in some dialogs
- View options (columns to show, hide passwords behind stars,
  always on top, etc.) are saved now
- Fixed a bug in the find routines which caused KeePass to
  crash when many items are found and a memory reallocation was
- KeePass now uses the system color for the dialog backgrounds
- You can now "compile" one big list of all password entries by
  opening the search dialog and clicking OK (so without
  entering a search string)

03/11/25 - 0.83
- Groups are movable now (like the entries, see context menu)
- GUI: Removed moving options from main menu (of course not
  from the context menus) because of space issues
- Removed the manifest file from the project because it somehow
  lead to problems on some computers when compiling with VC.NET
- Added check for open file before opening another one
- Improved command-line parsing routine (independent from
  executable file name)
- Command-line file now overrides the auto-open feature
- Fixed a small bug in the lock-workspace routine
- Improved the internal memory encryption function (not the
  database encryption algorithm) a bit (uses length as key now)
- Made random data generation using mouse input a bit faster
- Group view is restored after editing a group
- Added some more icons to the user image list
- 0.83b: Fixed a small bug in the group movement routine

03/11/22 - 0.82
- Usability fix: OK and Cancel buttons have been swapped
- KeePass remembers the directory of the last saved or loaded
- A database is loaded automatically if its path is supplied
  in the command line on startup
- KeePass can optionally open the last used database (see
  settings dialog)
- Usability option: the small icons on the buttons can
  optionally be disabled
- Fixed a string visibility bug when using German translation
  in the 'open database' dialog
- Workspace can be locked (so you don't have to close and open
  your database when you quickly want to go away from the

03/11/21 - 0.81
- Minor changes in the password manager class (added additional
  checks for function parameters)
- String visibility bug in the option dialog fixed (the German
  string was invisible because it exceeded the window rectangle
  in the dialog)
- Now not only passwords can be drag-n-dropped to other windows
  but all fields. Just point on the field you want to

03/11/17 - 0.8
- First release to the public

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