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Posted 29 Nov 1999

Adding Icons to the System Tray

, 2 Aug 2003
A class for adding icons to the system tray
// SystemTray.h : header file
// Written by Chris Maunder (
// Copyright (c) 1998.
// This code may be used in compiled form in any way you desire. This
// file may be redistributed unmodified by any means PROVIDING it is 
// not sold for profit without the authors written consent, and 
// providing that this notice and the authors name is included. If 
// the source code in  this file is used in any commercial application 
// then acknowledgement must be made to the author of this file 
// (in whatever form you wish).
// This file is provided "as is" with no expressed or implied warranty.
// Expect bugs.
// Please use and enjoy. Please let me know of any bugs/mods/improvements 
// that you have found/implemented and I will fix/incorporate them into this
// file. 


#ifdef NOTIFYICONDATA_V1_SIZE   // If NOTIFYICONDATA_V1_SIZE, then we can use fun stuff
#define NIIF_NONE 0

// #include <afxwin.h>
#include <afxtempl.h>
#include <afxdisp.h>    // COleDateTime

// CSystemTray window

class CSystemTray : public CWnd
// Construction/destruction
    CSystemTray(CWnd* pWnd, UINT uCallbackMessage, LPCTSTR szTip, HICON icon, UINT uID, 
                BOOL bhidden = FALSE,
                LPCTSTR szBalloonTip = NULL, LPCTSTR szBalloonTitle = NULL, 
                DWORD dwBalloonIcon = NIIF_NONE, UINT uBalloonTimeout = 10);
    virtual ~CSystemTray();


// Operations
    BOOL Enabled() { return m_bEnabled; }
    BOOL Visible() { return !m_bHidden; }

    // Create the tray icon
    BOOL Create(CWnd* pParent, UINT uCallbackMessage, LPCTSTR szTip, HICON icon, UINT uID,
                BOOL bHidden = FALSE,
                LPCTSTR szBalloonTip = NULL, LPCTSTR szBalloonTitle = NULL, 
                DWORD dwBalloonIcon = NIIF_NONE, UINT uBalloonTimeout = 10);

    // Change or retrieve the Tooltip text
    BOOL    SetTooltipText(LPCTSTR pszTooltipText);
    BOOL    SetTooltipText(UINT nID);
    CString GetTooltipText() const;

    // Change or retrieve the icon displayed
    BOOL  SetIcon(HICON hIcon);
    BOOL  SetIcon(LPCTSTR lpszIconName);
    BOOL  SetIcon(UINT nIDResource);
    BOOL  SetStandardIcon(LPCTSTR lpIconName);
    BOOL  SetStandardIcon(UINT nIDResource);
    HICON GetIcon() const;

    void  SetFocus();
    BOOL  HideIcon();
    BOOL  ShowIcon();
    BOOL  AddIcon();
    BOOL  RemoveIcon();
    BOOL  MoveToRight();

    BOOL ShowBalloon(LPCTSTR szText, LPCTSTR szTitle = NULL,
                     DWORD dwIcon = NIIF_NONE, UINT uTimeout = 10);

    // For icon animation
    BOOL  SetIconList(UINT uFirstIconID, UINT uLastIconID); 
    BOOL  SetIconList(HICON* pHIconList, UINT nNumIcons); 
    BOOL  Animate(UINT nDelayMilliSeconds, int nNumSeconds = -1);
    BOOL  StepAnimation();
    BOOL  StopAnimation();

    // Change menu default item
    void GetMenuDefaultItem(UINT& uItem, BOOL& bByPos);
    BOOL SetMenuDefaultItem(UINT uItem, BOOL bByPos);

    // Change or retrieve the window to send notification messages to
    BOOL  SetNotificationWnd(CWnd* pNotifyWnd);
    CWnd* GetNotificationWnd() const;

    // Change or retrieve the window to send menu commands to
    BOOL  SetTargetWnd(CWnd* pTargetWnd);
    CWnd* GetTargetWnd() const;

    // Change or retrieve  notification messages sent to the window
    BOOL  SetCallbackMessage(UINT uCallbackMessage);
    UINT  GetCallbackMessage() const;

    UINT_PTR GetTimerID() const   { return m_nTimerID; }

// Static functions
    static void MinimiseToTray(CWnd* pWnd, BOOL bForceAnimation = FALSE);
    static void MaximiseFromTray(CWnd* pWnd, BOOL bForceAnimation = FALSE);

    // Default handler for tray notification message
    virtual LRESULT OnTrayNotification(WPARAM uID, LPARAM lEvent);

// Overrides
    // ClassWizard generated virtual function overrides
	virtual LRESULT WindowProc(UINT message, WPARAM wParam, LPARAM lParam);

// Implementation
    void Initialise();
    void InstallIconPending();

	virtual void CustomizeMenu(CMenu*) {}	// Used for customizing the menu

// Implementation
    BOOL            m_bEnabled;         // does O/S support tray icon?
    BOOL            m_bHidden;          // Has the icon been hidden?
    BOOL            m_bRemoved;         // Has the icon been removed?
    BOOL            m_bShowIconPending; // Show the icon once tha taskbar has been created
    BOOL            m_bWin2K;           // Use new W2K features?
	CWnd*           m_pTargetWnd;       // Window that menu commands are sent

    CArray<HICON, HICON> m_IconList;
    UINT_PTR     m_uIDTimer;
    INT_PTR      m_nCurrentIcon;
    COleDateTime m_StartTime;
    UINT         m_nAnimationPeriod;
    HICON        m_hSavedIcon;
    UINT         m_DefaultMenuItemID;
    BOOL         m_DefaultMenuItemByPos;
	UINT         m_uCreationFlags;

// Static data
    static BOOL RemoveTaskbarIcon(CWnd* pWnd);

    static const UINT m_nTimerID;
    static UINT  m_nMaxTooltipLength;
    static const UINT m_nTaskbarCreatedMsg;
    static CWnd  m_wndInvisible;

    static BOOL GetW2K();
#ifndef _WIN32_WCE
    static void GetTrayWndRect(LPRECT lprect);
    static BOOL GetDoWndAnimation();

// Generated message map functions
	afx_msg void OnTimer(UINT nIDEvent);
#ifndef _WIN32_WCE
	afx_msg void OnSettingChange(UINT uFlags, LPCTSTR lpszSection);
    LRESULT OnTaskbarCreated(WPARAM wParam, LPARAM lParam);



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About the Author

Chris Maunder
Founder CodeProject
Canada Canada
Chris is the Co-founder, Administrator, Architect, Chief Editor and Shameless Hack who wrote and runs The Code Project. He's been programming since 1988 while pretending to be, in various guises, an astrophysicist, mathematician, physicist, hydrologist, geomorphologist, defence intelligence researcher and then, when all that got a bit rough on the nerves, a web developer. He is a Microsoft Visual C++ MVP both globally and for Canada locally.

His programming experience includes C/C++, C#, SQL, MFC, ASP, ASP.NET, and far, far too much FORTRAN. He has worked on PocketPCs, AIX mainframes, Sun workstations, and a CRAY YMP C90 behemoth but finds notebooks take up less desk space.

He dodges, he weaves, and he never gets enough sleep. He is kind to small animals.

Chris was born and bred in Australia but splits his time between Toronto and Melbourne, depending on the weather. For relaxation he is into road cycling, snowboarding, rock climbing, and storm chasing.

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