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Posted 10 Oct 2004

LintProject - Improving the Usability of PC-Lint with Visual C++ Solutions and Projects

Utility to run PC-Lint on Visual C++ solutions and projects, generating XML and HTML reports of the results.
 *  Description : CVc6WorkspaceFileReaderImpl - implementation class to parse
 *                Visual C++ solution files for Visual C+ 6.0 and eMbedded
 *                Visual C++ 4.0.
 *     (c) Copyright 2000-2008 by Anna-Jayne Metcalfe (
 *     and Beth Mackenzie ( / Riverblade Limited
 *  Licence Terms:
 *     This code may be freely reused, subject to the licence terms below.
 *     Please do let us know of any bugs you find or improvements you make,
 *     so that we can pass them on to the rest of the development community.
 *     This code is free software; you can redistribute it and/or
 *     modify it under the terms of the Code Project Open License (CPOL)
 *     version 1.0 (
 *     This code is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
 *     but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
 *     Code Project Open Licence for further details.
 *    $Archive: /Projects/Applications/LintProject/Development/Shared/Vs6WorkspaceFileReaderImpl.h $
 *   $Revision: 4 $
 *       $Date: 22/02/08 20:58 $
 *     $Author: Anna $
 * $Nokeywords: $

/// \file	
/// \brief Implementation class for CSolutionFileReader.

#pragma once

	#include "SplitPath.h"
	#include "StringUtils.h"
	#include "PathUtils.h"
	#include "FileUtils.h"
	#include <Utils\Include\SplitPath.h>
	#include <Utils\Include\StringUtils.h>
	#include <Utils\Include\PathUtils.h>
	#include <Utils\Include\FileUtils.h>

#include "ProjectFileReader.h"

#include "SolutionFileReader.h"

namespace Riverblade
	namespace Libraries
		namespace AddInSolutionModel
			/// \brief Implementation class which parses Visual Studio 6.0 and eMbedded Visual C++ 4.0 workspace files.
			class CVs6WorkspaceFileReaderImpl : public CSolutionFileReaderImpl
				// Construction/destruction
					/// \brief Default constructor.

						:	CSolutionFileReaderImpl()

					/// \brief Class destructor.

					virtual ~CVs6WorkspaceFileReaderImpl(void)

					/// Parse the given workspace file contents.
					/// \param	arrayLines			The text of the workspace file.
					/// \return						\em true if the text was parsed successfully;
					///								\em false otherwise.
					virtual bool Parse(const CAtlArray<CString>& arrayLines)
						for (size_t uLine = 0; uLine < arrayLines.GetCount(); uLine++)
							const CString sLine = arrayLines[uLine];

							// Project: "CJLibrary"=".\CJLibrary\CJLibrary\CJLibrary.dsp" - Package Owner=<4>
							if (sLine.Find( _T("Project:") ) == 0)
								const CString sProject = Utils::Between(sLine, _T("\""), _T("\"") );

								const CString sRemnant = Utils::After(sLine, _T("=") );

								CString sRelativePath = Utils::Before(sRemnant, _T("-") );
								sRelativePath.Trim( _T("\" ") );

								// Since the pathname returned is a relative one,
								// we need to convert it to a fully qualified pathname
								Utils::CSplitPath split(m_sPathName);
								const CString sFullPath = Utils::CombinePath(split.GetDrive() + split.GetDirectory(), sRelativePath);

								if (!sFullPath.IsEmpty())

									CSolutionFileReaderProjectImpl info;
									info.m_sProject			= sProject;
									info.m_sPathName		= sFullPath;
									info.m_sGUID			= sProject;

									m_mapProjects[sProject]	= info;

						if (m_arrayProjectFilePathNames.GetCount() > 0)
							const CString& sPathName = m_arrayProjectFilePathNames[0];

							// Try to read the configurations from the associated projects - the workspace file doesn't include them
							if (Utils::FileExists(sPathName) )
								CProjectFileReader prj;
								ATLVERIFY(prj.Read(m_arrayProjectFilePathNames[0]) );

						return true;

		};	// namespace AddInSolutionModel
	};	// namespace Libraries
};	//namespace Riverblade

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About the Authors

Anna-Jayne Metcalfe
Founder Riverblade Limited
United Kingdom United Kingdom
I haven't always written software for a living. When I graduated from Surrey University in 1989, it was with an Electronic Engineering degree, but unfortunately that never really gave me the opportunity to do anything particularly interesting (with the possible exception of designing Darth Vader's Codpiece * for the UK Army in 1990).
    * Also known as the Standard Army Bootswitch. But that's another story...
Since the opportunity arose to lead a software team developing C++ software for Avionic Test Systems in 1996, I've not looked back. More recently I've been involved in the development of subsea acoustic navigation systems, digital TV broadcast systems, port security/tracking systems, and most recently software development tools with my own company, Riverblade Ltd.

One of my personal specialities is IDE plug-in development. ResOrg was my first attempt at a plug-in, but my day to day work is with Visual Lint, an interactive code analysis tool environment with works within the Visual Studio and Eclipse IDEs or on build servers.

I love lots of things, but particularly music, photography and anything connected with history or engineering. I despise ignorant, intolerant and obstructive people - and it shows...I can be a bolshy cow if you wind me up the wrong way...Laugh | :laugh:

I'm currently based 15 minutes walk from the beach in Bournemouth on the south coast of England. Since I moved here I've grown to love the place - even if it is full of grockles in Summer!

-+- Beth Mackenzie -+-
Software Developer Riverblade Ltd
United Kingdom United Kingdom
I'm a software developer and/or tester with Riverblade Ltd ( developing our core product range including our Visual Lint integration product and Lint Project Professional.

I incorporate a number of technologies into a daily basis including Windows API, C++ (VS2008), Managed C++, CLI, Databases, Java, JNI, Eclipse Framework, CDT and of course Visual Studio Extensibility (VSIP VSX).

In my spare time I enjoy cooking (prepping ingredients from scratch!), running, cycling, swimming, reading, interested in experimental electronic music (such as ClockDVA), movies, volunteering my IT skills where I can.

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