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CodeProject Publishing statuses

CodeProject has a number of different publishing statuses. To make your life easier and to help you the meaning of each one, all available statuses are listed and described below.


The item is in the process of being written or created


Item is pending and is not yet publicly viewable


Item is available for viewing and is listed on topic and search pages


Item is temporarily unavailable for viewing and is not listed


For content that is currently being reviewed and is available for viewing but is not listed. This is intended to allow content to be reviewed by others (including members not logged in) before being made Available.


Content that has been marked or auto-detected as spam, abuse or otherwise inappropriate material will be marked as InModeration and will go into a moderation queue before being made Available


For content that is posted and viewable directly by URL, but not to be included in listings or search results


Item has been deleted and is no longer available


The item is closed but may be re-opened at a later date


The item is an auto-saved copy creted during content editing