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Janani Muthaiyan - Professional Profile


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Software Engineer with 4+ Years of experience. Having much passion to work in IT industry. Have worked on various platforms, languages, handled many tools and integrated third-party tools. Always enjoy learning newer technologies and experimenting with it.

Started my career as a Web Developer and trained over the Web technologies such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript and jQuery. Further learned the Server Side technologies including PHP and ASP.NET. And extended the knowledge in .NET technology by working with MVC framework, Entity Framework, implementing third –party tools such as KendoUI via jQuery, Database handling including writing queries, stored procedures, functions and triggers.

Had a changeover in my career as I started working with the next employer. Introduced myself to a new platform “JAVA”. As I have been certified already in JAVA, It was quite easier for me to develop websites using JAVA technologies. Having JAVA as base, worked in various frameworks including Play and Spring MVC.

Further expanded my skills set in Android platform and iOS Application development and gained a valuable experience in Mobile Technologies.


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