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Posted 17 Jun 2004

Screen Saver AppWizard

, 17 Jun 2004 CPOL
An article on creating a Screen Saver AppWizard
// ScreenSaverWizardaw.cpp : implementation file

#include "stdafx.h"
#include "ScreenSaverWizard.h"
#include "ScreenSaverWizardaw.h"

#undef THIS_FILE
static char THIS_FILE[] = __FILE__;

// This is called immediately after the custom AppWizard is loaded.  Initialize
//  the state of the custom AppWizard here.
void CScreenSaverWizardAppWiz::InitCustomAppWiz()
	// There are no steps in this custom AppWizard.

	// TODO: Add any other custom AppWizard-wide initialization here.

// This is called just before the custom AppWizard is unloaded.
void CScreenSaverWizardAppWiz::ExitCustomAppWiz()
	// TODO: Add code here to deallocate resources used by the custom AppWizard

// This is called when the user clicks "Create..." on the New Project dialog
//  or "Next" on one of the custom AppWizard's steps.
CAppWizStepDlg* CScreenSaverWizardAppWiz::Next(CAppWizStepDlg* pDlg)
		ASSERT(pDlg == NULL);	// By default, this custom AppWizard has no steps

	// Set template macros based on the project name entered by the user.

	// Get value of $$root$$ (already set by AppWizard)
	CString strRoot;
	m_Dictionary.Lookup(_T("root"), strRoot);
	// Set value of $$Doc$$, $$DOC$$
	CString strDoc = strRoot.Left(6);
	m_Dictionary[_T("Doc")] = strDoc;
	m_Dictionary[_T("DOC")] = strDoc;

	// Set value of $$MAC_TYPE$$
	strRoot = strRoot.Left(4);
	int nLen = strRoot.GetLength();
	if (strRoot.GetLength() < 4)
		CString strPad(_T(' '), 4 - nLen);
		strRoot += strPad;
	m_Dictionary[_T("MAC_TYPE")] = strRoot;

	// Return NULL to indicate there are no more steps.  (In this case, there are
	//  no steps at all.)
	return NULL;

void CScreenSaverWizardAppWiz::CustomizeProject(IBuildProject* pProject)
	CComPtr<IConfigurations> pConfigs;
	HRESULT hr=pProject->get_Configurations(&pConfigs);
		AfxMessageBox("An error occurred while obtaining the IConfigurations interface pointer");
	CComPtr<IConfiguration> pConfig;
	CComVariant index;
	VARIANT dummy = {0};
	CComBSTR Name;
	CString text;
	CString output;

	long Count=0;

	// Iterate through all the configurations of the project
	for(int i=1; i <= Count; i++)
		hr=pConfigs->Item(index, &pConfig);
			AfxMessageBox("An error occurred while obtaining the IConfiguration pointer");
		text = Name;
		if (text.Find("Debug") == -1)
			output = "Release";
			output = "Debug";

			[Link Debug]

			[Link Release]

			[C++ Debug]

			/I "d:\imageclass\cximage" 
			/D "WIN32" 
			/D "_DEBUG" 
			/D "_WINDOWS" 
			/D "_MBCS" 
			[C++ Release]

			/I "d:\imageclass\cximage" 
			/D "WIN32" 
			/D "NDEBUG" 
			/D "_WINDOWS" 
			/D "_MBCS" 


		pConfig->AddToolSettings(L"link.exe", text.AllocSysString(), dummy);
		pConfig->AddToolSettings(L"mfc", L"0", dummy);
		pConfig->AddToolSettings(L"link.exe", L"/subsystem:windows", dummy);
		pConfig->AddToolSettings(L"link.exe", L"/incremental:yes", dummy);
		pConfig->AddToolSettings(L"link.exe", L"/machine:I386", dummy);
		pConfig->AddToolSettings(L"link.exe", L"/nodefaultlib:\"MSVCRTD\"", dummy);

		// change the preprocessor definitions
		pConfig->AddToolSettings(L"cl.exe", L"/D \"_WINDOWS\"", dummy);
		pConfig->AddToolSettings(L"cl.exe", L"/nologo", dummy);
		pConfig->AddToolSettings(L"cl.exe", L"/D \"_MBCS\"", dummy);
		pConfig->AddToolSettings(L"cl.exe", L"/D \"WIN32\"", dummy);
		pConfig->AddToolSettings(L"cl.exe", L"/Od", dummy);
		pConfig->AddToolSettings(L"cl.exe", L"/MD", dummy);
		pConfig->AddToolSettings(L"cl.exe", L"/W3", dummy);
		pConfig->AddToolSettings(L"cl.exe", L"/ZI", dummy);	// Program Database for "Edit & Continue" can not be defined when /driver option is defined
		pConfig->AddToolSettings(L"cl.exe", L"/GZ", dummy);	//GZ initializes all local variables not explicitly initialized by the program. It fills all memory used by these variables with 0xCC
		pConfig->AddToolSettings(L"cl.exe", L"/Zi", dummy);	// Program Database
		pConfig->AddToolSettings(L"cl.exe", L"/Oi", dummy);	// 
		pConfig->AddToolSettings(L"cl.exe", L"/Gz", dummy);	// __stdcall calling convention
		pConfig->AddToolSettings(L"cl.exe", L"/Gz", dummy);

		// Change the libraries
		pConfig->AddToolSettings(L"link.exe", L"kernel32.lib", dummy);
		pConfig->AddToolSettings(L"link.exe", L"user32.lib", dummy);
		pConfig->AddToolSettings(L"link.exe", L"gdi32.lib", dummy);
		pConfig->AddToolSettings(L"link.exe", L"winspool.lib", dummy);
		pConfig->AddToolSettings(L"link.exe", L"comdlg32.lib", dummy);
		pConfig->AddToolSettings(L"link.exe", L"advapi32.lib", dummy);
		pConfig->AddToolSettings(L"link.exe", L"shell32.lib", dummy);
		pConfig->AddToolSettings(L"link.exe", L"ole32.lib", dummy);
		pConfig->AddToolSettings(L"link.exe", L"oleaut32.lib", dummy);
		pConfig->AddToolSettings(L"link.exe", L"uuid.lib", dummy);
		pConfig->AddToolSettings(L"link.exe", L"odbc32.lib", dummy);
		pConfig->AddToolSettings(L"link.exe", L"odbccp32.lib", dummy);
		pConfig->AddToolSettings(L"link.exe", L"scrnsave.lib", dummy);


// Here we define one instance of the CScreenSaverWizardAppWiz class.  You can access
//  m_Dictionary and any other public members of this class through the
//  global ScreenSaverWizardaw.
CScreenSaverWizardAppWiz ScreenSaverWizardaw;

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About the Author

Fabio Fornaro
Software Developer (Senior)
Italy Italy
Worked as a Java developer targeting J2EE and J2SE for half a decade.

Now he's employed for Avanade as a Senior Associate Consultant on Microsoft technologies.

His hobbies are Win32 programming using SDK, MFC, ATL and COM; playing guitar and listening to music.

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