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pandu web dev 6-Apr-16 10:54am View
pandu web dev 5-Apr-16 11:59am View
I know mysql. I think you are messing up with logical operators like in or not in etc. One way to avoid this error is to provide only one expression, or one column, in the SELECT subquery statement. This is said in some documentation.
pandu web dev 31-Aug-14 8:51am View
your Question is incomplete. What do you mean by a search engine?
pandu web dev 17-Aug-14 14:26pm View
The error is simple. The file is not found or directory path is wrong etc. Check the files using ftp or filezilla
pandu web dev 13-Aug-14 5:27am View
You can try jquery json reading plugins. For reading json easily.
pandu web dev 13-Aug-14 5:11am View
post the exact code, that you are getting error or problem.
pandu web dev 13-Aug-14 4:39am View
Which line you are getting error
pandu web dev 10-Aug-14 4:52am View
hi, check spelling mistakes in your question.