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suprcodr 9-Jun-11 11:53am View
What is the issue you are trying to take care of? You could potentially hack it and inject a meta-tag to redirect the user to the page they are currently on after 19 minutes, but that would be ugly.
suprcodr 8-Jun-11 15:12pm View
Had no idea! Done and done.
suprcodr 8-Jun-11 10:33am View
While both responses are good, this response has exactly what I needed. Thank you for the input!
suprcodr 9-May-11 13:30pm View
Luckily I would not be sending any sensitive data, so the data being able to be "sniffed" isn't really any issue. Thank you for your input though. I definitely needed to clarify that.
suprcodr 12-Apr-11 11:27am View
Thank you for the clarification web works but unfortunately somebody else got to it first >< Much appreciated though!
suprcodr 12-Apr-11 11:27am View
Oh nice! I had the understanding that the titles of "property" and "variable" could be used interchangeably in C# but apparently I'm wrong. Do you know of any good reference material that I could look at that spells out differences like this? I've been more thrown into a "hands on" environment with my current situation and haven't had the chance to pour over the necessary pre-requisites yet. Thank you for the info!
suprcodr 12-Apr-11 10:45am View
web works,

If I'm interpreting your request correctly (you're asking me to try just placing that single Eval statement within the ItemTemplate?) then I already have tried that and got the same error. I have also tried using the DataBinder.Eval(Container.DateItem, "NavigationUrl") approach as well. Thank you for your comment(s)!
suprcodr 19-Mar-11 16:40pm View
Resize page as in a javascript function or resize page as in a code-behind method?
suprcodr 14-Mar-11 13:03pm View
Thank you very much for your input
suprcodr 14-Mar-11 13:03pm View
Windows centric answer it is. Thank you
suprcodr 11-Mar-11 14:36pm View
Oh and thank you very much for the feedback!
suprcodr 11-Mar-11 14:36pm View
Windows service eh? Judging by the name of it, I would imagine a Windows service would only run on a Windows server? Is there a cross-platform "service" that I could program or should I base the service off the OS my server is running?
suprcodr 11-Mar-11 13:58pm View
Great! Thank you for your feedback. The real issue that I don't know how to overcome though is running a given application every x minutes on a server. Is there any light you could shed on this for me?
suprcodr 11-Mar-11 13:30pm View
I have a hunch that disabling cookies might only disable the receiving of cookies instead of the sending of cookies. I know you said you cleared your browser cache but did you also delete all relevant cookies from your machine?
suprcodr 11-Mar-11 12:39pm View
In addition to wondering what you are doing with your cookies, did you clear out your browsers' caches / start new sessions? If not then relevant cookie-based information could still be cached and therefore accessible via Session.