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Comments by srinivas vadepally (Top 47 by date)

srinivas vadepally 7-Jan-15 7:35am View
srinivas vadepally 14-Jul-14 2:17am View
Could you detail your question?
srinivas vadepally 22-Jul-13 6:17am View
thnks monika
srinivas vadepally 26-Jun-12 6:07am View
do you want to add connection string while hosting?
srinivas vadepally 16-Feb-12 0:54am View
the selectedvalue of the text(lblPickuparea.text) is 3.
So i should go with findbytext only na??
srinivas vadepally 15-Feb-12 9:00am View
i have tried, not working.
still getting the first value.
srinivas vadepally 15-Feb-12 7:34am View
no sudip.
it is outside of the gridview control
srinivas vadepally 20-Jan-12 0:50am View
manjula, your question is not enough clear to give a solution.
Can you reply with an appropriate issue?
srinivas vadepally 11-Jan-12 4:16am View
thank you karthik,
how to send the querystring with same url of javascript?
srinivas vadepally 24-Dec-11 6:29am View
k manish,
srinivas vadepally 24-Dec-11 4:33am View
srinivas vadepally 9-Dec-11 8:29am View
go through this link, i think css problem,
still u have problem, send me query.
srinivas vadepally 5-Dec-11 1:03am View
it can be possible through Thread Synchronization in
srinivas vadepally 29-Nov-11 0:07am View
have you get the solution?
if not, send us the code and we do give the better solution.
srinivas vadepally 28-Nov-11 1:36am View
what is your error? Can you elaborate?
srinivas vadepally 22-Nov-11 2:09am View
lot of stuff is there in try and get the code and make mistakes and learn from it.
srinivas vadepally 21-Nov-11 4:33am View
check this link.
srinivas vadepally 19-Nov-11 7:42am View
Explanation needed to give you proper solution.
srinivas vadepally 19-Nov-11 7:10am View
Have you provide the control to validate property?
Just verify it.
srinivas vadepally 19-Nov-11 7:08am View
Hi Thendral,
Better go with code behind.
or go through url
srinivas vadepally 19-Nov-11 5:24am View
Is this maths class?
srinivas vadepally 19-Nov-11 4:04am View
Datatypes of attribute from front end and back end(Database) should be equal.
You are inserting price in textbox, treated as string.
So the exception has come.
srinivas vadepally 19-Nov-11 3:53am View
Narmatha ,
Use radiobuttonlist or radio buttons instead of bulleted list, write the code in selectedindex_changed event.
srinivas vadepally 15-Nov-11 3:21am View
Do you want to bind the data of IssuedItem table into dropdownlist based on the selected addeditem value?
Simply like coutnry,state and city or something else.Can you elaborate it?
srinivas vadepally 11-Nov-11 1:30am View
If you provide your code we can solve your problem,
Have tried with below solutions?
srinivas vadepally 31-Oct-11 10:07am View
hi bala,
i have the category like tag in ask question of codeproject,the problem is how to extract categories and how to store in bookcategories table?
srinivas vadepally 31-Oct-11 9:15am View
hi prakash,
i have the category like tag in ask question of codeproject,the problem is how to extract categories and how to store in bookcategories table?
srinivas vadepally 27-Oct-11 2:26am View
find this link,i hope it helps you...
srinivas vadepally 25-Oct-11 8:38am View
Sorry Amir,just find it now
srinivas vadepally 25-Oct-11 8:12am View
Hi Koti,
Your question is not clear,Do you want to create an application like google+?
srinivas vadepally 24-Oct-11 0:36am View
Thank you so much gladiatron,a small mistake made me mad for two days.
anyways thanks.
have a great time.
srinivas vadepally 22-Oct-11 6:48am View
Hi gladiatron,
i am getting HTTP 404. I also tried with path.contains,getting same issue.
Is there any wrong with the code?
srinivas vadepally 5-Oct-11 3:36am View
Hi edward,
it is working fine for text and when i insert the text and image,it doesn't work
help me out
srinivas vadepally 5-Oct-11 1:41am View
HTML format only
srinivas vadepally 4-Oct-11 3:59am View
hi abhi,
i had done in class
Anything is wrong,please correct me.
srinivas vadepally 27-Sep-11 1:28am View
Ok ,customer has access my database without entering into my application directly.
srinivas vadepally 17-Sep-11 6:56am View
I have done and given code for you dear!!!
Just Verify your code.
srinivas vadepally 8-Sep-11 7:56am View
Hi kfsehgal,
Question is not clear to solve your problem.Elaborate your question or Improve it to get solutions.
srinivas vadepally 30-Aug-11 9:13am View
protected void ddlCid_SelectedIndexChanged(object sender, EventArgs e)
if (ddlCid.SelectedIndex != 0)
//write ur code

It helps you
srinivas vadepally 30-Aug-11 0:46am View
thank you abhinav
srinivas vadepally 17-Aug-11 4:19am View
thank you Dylan-Morley.
could you give your email id?
srinivas vadepally 10-Aug-11 5:01am View
thank you thatraja
srinivas vadepally 9-Aug-11 6:48am View
create trigger sriviewtrigger9
on sriview
instead of insert
set nocount on
declare @countryid int
declare @stateid int
declare @statecid int
declare @cityid int
declare @citystateid int

if(not exists (select ctry.countryname from country ctry,inserted i where
insert into country(countryname) select country from inserted

if(not exists (select s.statename from state s,inserted i where s.statename=i.state))

insert into state (statecid,statename) values(select ctry.countryid from country ctry,inserted i where,select state from inserted)

if(not exists(select c.cityname from city c,inserted i where
set @stateid=select s.stateid from state s,inserted i where s.statname=i.state
insert into city (cityname,citystateid) values (select city from inserted,@stateid)

srinivas vadepally 9-Aug-11 6:02am View
hi sujith,
i have created trigger,still i am unable to that,just explain with the above example please....
srinivas vadepally 9-Aug-11 3:02am View
thank you abhi.
srinivas vadepally 8-Aug-11 5:59am View
thank you OriginalGriff,i am from rural background ,do not know much technical people ,joined in the forums and asking for help.thank you so much
Help all of us.
srinivas vadepally 8-Aug-11 5:59am View
thank you Abhi,i am from rural background ,do not know much technical people ,joined in the forums and asking for help.thank you so much
Help all of us.