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Hi everyone,
I have 2 table in my SQL Server.

First Table
SKU Name Description Availability Price

a   a    abcdfghilmn 10           15,10
b   b    abcdfghilmn 45           18,90
c   c    abcdfghilmn 90           40,00

Second Table
SKU Name Description Availability Price

a   t    abcdfghilmn 90           25,10
b   g    abcdfghilmn 00           12,90
c   m    abcdfghilmn 01           38,00

I want to update Availability and Price from Second Table to the First Table using SKU like "WHERE" conditions.

First of all, I isolated the SKU using an array. In order to use them as a condition when I go to upgrade the data.

This is my code:
string connString = "Data Source=,1433; Network Library=DBMSSOCN; Initial Catalog = Gestionale; User ID=*; Password=*";

SqlConnection connessione = new SqlConnection(connString);

string codice_giacenza = "SELECT Codice_prodotto_del_produttore_ManufacturerSKU FROM dbo.ListinoNetline";

SqlCommand cmd = new SqlCommand(codice_giacenza, connessione);

ArrayList valori = new ArrayList();

SqlDataReader reader;


reader = cmd.ExecuteReader();

while (reader.Read())
foreach(var item in valori)
    string query = "SELECT MIN(Price), Availability FROM Table2 WHERE SKU = '" + item.ToString() + "'";

Arriving a this point I could not go forward.

But, there is a constraint. There are the possibility that in the second table there are records with the same SKU. So, I want to
select only the MIN price with its Availability. But, Availability must to is >= 1, else i choose the "second best price".

Which is the best way to do it ?
Updated 3-Nov-15 0:14am
Sinisa Hajnal 3-Nov-15 7:16am    
Best way is to write SQL UPDATE statement, not loop through tables in the code. SQL is created with data sets in mind, optimized to work fast over many rows...especially since your loop will loose time accessing the database multiple times.

Try following

also tell me if i forgot something.

update t1 
set t1.Availability = case when (t2.Availability>=1 and t2.Price<t1.Price) then t2.Availability else t1.Availability end, 
t1.Price = case when (t2.Availability>=1 and t2.Price<t1.Price) then t2.Price else t1.Price end 
from Table1 as t1
inner join Table2 as t2
on t1.SKU=t2.SKU
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Member 10558090 3-Nov-15 8:37am     CRLF
I think that you query works, because when I run it on my SQL Management Studio says: "(806 row(s) affected)". But, if I do: SELECT * FROM Table1 The column t1.Availability and t1.Price have data "NULL" Why ? Edit: Now, using your query I had this error: Msg 8114, Level 16, State 5, Line 1 Is a problem to convert data. Because in the first table Price and Availability are VARCHAR and in the second table are DECIMAL(18,4) and INT
D V L 3-Nov-15 12:16pm     CRLF
and as per your question & information given works well but you have to add with detail to get accurate answer
D V L 3-Nov-15 12:11pm     CRLF
well, i tried on my server to solve your problem.. query works fine without null little conversion & some condition changes will works
Member 10558090 4-Nov-15 5:46am    
I solved conversion problem, but price and availability didn't change.
this is how you will get data you need on database. if you have any questions just ask ;)

begin tran
drop table  #table2

create table #table2(
    sku varchar(20),
    avail int,
    price int

insert into #table2 values('a', 1, 18)
insert into #table2 values('b', 1, 20)
insert into #table2 values('c', 1, 15)
insert into #table2 values('d', 0, 25)
insert into #table2 values('a', 20, 13)
insert into #table2 values('a', 8, 9)
insert into #table2 values('a', 9, 17)
insert into #table2 values('b', 0, 25)

select * from #table2

select sku, min(price) from #table2 where avail >= 1
group by sku

select grouped.sku, t.avail, grouped.price from #table2 t
left join (
select sku, min(price) as price from #table2 where avail >= 1
group by sku
) as grouped
on t.sku = grouped.sku and t.price = grouped.price
where grouped.sku is not null

--insert into #table1 (sku, avail, price) above select

rollback tran
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