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Is there a version of wpf toolkit for .Net 4. I cant find any and i am curious if the usage of the existing one to a .Net 4 application might cause me any problems.

Any suggestions?

1 solution

You can always find the most recent release (which isn't currently that recent) on CodePlex.

While the current version is from Feb 2010, it should work on .NET 4.x without any issues. I've not used everything in the toolkit but what I have used worked fine on .NET 4 and .NET 4.5.
Abhishek Pant 15-Jan-13 11:59am
JanHalfar 8-Aug-14 13:16pm
How did you solve the Namespaces clash ?
Since both .Net 4.0+ WPF and WPF Toolkit define same namespaces and classes (like VisualStateManager), VS2010 is giving errors about 'Ambiguous reference' in XAML.
Jason Gleim 8-Aug-14 14:07pm
I never got that. I suspect that your xmlns statement might be referencing the clr-namespace and assembly rather than the more generic http://... format. The toolkit is designed to merge seamlessly into the various namespaces.
JanHalfar 8-Aug-14 17:50pm
Well I need Rating Control (and I guess Im not the only one), which is not included in main assembly/namespace. (Maybe because its one of items in "Preview band").
I did'n find any other way to get to it then reference its assembly directly (as
And then the namespace clash ensues :(
Didn't find a workaround for it.

Besides I just double-checked and I'm getting 'Ambiguous type reference' errors even when adding only WPFToolkit.dll and only referencing it with the generic format in XAML.

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