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I am trying to create a class to perform CRUD operations in a SQL Server Database Table.

I want to be able to Create, Update, or Delete a single row of data in a Table. I have no problem retrieving a single row of data, or multiple rows of data from a table, using the SQL Data Reader. I have spent several hours searching Microsoft help files for examples of how to do this. The MS Help examples all refer to Adding or updating multiple rows at a time, using a Data Adapter. Creating the SQL Query is no problem. Using it with a Data Adapter, or a Data Set, is.

An example of how to retrieve a row of data, modify one or more of the columns, and update that row is what I really need. If you can help, I would appreciate it.
I'm using VisualStudio 2022, and SQJ Server version 15.0.2080

I don't understand how to do that with a Data Adapter, or a Data Set.

What I have tried:

Using various examples from the MS help files, including using a Data adapter to execute a Stored Procedure. Unable to make any of them work. :(
Updated 1-Apr-22 2:07am

1 solution

Try the SQL Command and associated command structure

SQL Syntax[^][^]
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Slow Eddie 1-Apr-22 7:42am    
Thank you, Mike for your reply. I am sorry for not being more specific. I am able to write Sql queries, and have done so for years. My problem is with the Data Adapter, and Data Sets. I find the Help files to be incomprehensible.
Mike Hankey 1-Apr-22 7:52am    
Not a problem, I had a problem early on grappling with ADO and bought ADO.NET in a Nutshell book by Matthew MacDonald[^] this book. I very rarely find uSoft docs useful
Slow Eddie 1-Apr-22 8:09am     CRLF
Cool! I'll give it a try. Also, I have updated my question.

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