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Posted 16 Mar 2006


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TreeCtrl - A WTL Tree Control with Windows Vista Style Item Selection

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9 Apr 2006CPOL
A WTL tree control that supports Windows Vista style selection and multiple selection

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After quite a few requests, I thought I'd post this tree control that uses a similar selection drawing style to the list control I posted here: ListCtrl - A WTL list control with Windows Vista style item selection. For an added bonus, I've also included support for multiple-selection.

How to Use CTreeCtrl

Simply use the tree control as you would the normal CTreeViewCtrl, however there are a couple of functions required to activate and retrieve multiple selections:

void ShowThemed( 
    BOOL bShowThemed = TRUE


Draw item selection themed.


  • bShowThemed - TRUE = Draw themed selection; FALSE = Classic mode
void SetMultipleSelect( 
       BOOL bMultipleSelect


Turns on/off multiple selection.


  • bMultipleSelect - TRUE = Turn on multiple select
void GetSelectedItems( 
    CSimpleArray < HTREEITEM >& aSelectedItems


Retrieves a list of selected tree items.


  • aSelectedItems - Reference to an array of HTREEITEM


Any comments or suggestions are welcome.


  • 16th March, 2006: 1.0
    • First release
  • 20th March, 2006: 1.1
    • Small bug fix for VS2005
  • 5th April, 2006: 1.2
    • Corrected problems with multiple select and checkboxes - many thanks to Phil C.


This article, along with any associated source code and files, is licensed under The Code Project Open License (CPOL)


About the Author

United Kingdom United Kingdom
Alan has been developing applications for a very long time (~10 years), but he's not bitter about this at all. My main area of expertise is C++. He lives in Sweden with his beautiful wife, daughter and son and enjoys climbing mountains and kayaking in his spare time (which isn't much).

Comments and Discussions

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asdf112212-Nov-12 23:47
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GeneralOnLButtonUp is not called correctly Pin
JinXu24-Apr-08 6:15
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aditya raut18-Sep-07 16:58
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GeneralMake the tree items editable Pin
shaohao5-Aug-06 6:52
Membershaohao5-Aug-06 6:52 
GeneralFixes for keeping selection when clicking expand and collapse and setting background color Pin
J Chris Davies19-Apr-06 8:44
MemberJ Chris Davies19-Apr-06 8:44 
QuestionIt's very nice , but have MFC version ? Pin
XiaoQing Li18-Apr-06 0:36
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Black.Stone13-Apr-06 21:35
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_oti3-Apr-06 15:34
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GeneralRe: Looks great, but ... Pin
AlanW9-Apr-06 23:43
MemberAlanW9-Apr-06 23:43 
Generalgreat work but I find a bug! Pin
lihezhao17-Mar-06 6:11
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GeneralRe: great work but I find a bug! Pin
AlanW17-Mar-06 6:32
MemberAlanW17-Mar-06 6:32 
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Sreekanth Muralidharan17-Mar-06 3:48
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AlanW17-Mar-06 10:26
MemberAlanW17-Mar-06 10:26 

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