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Posted 26 Aug 2009


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Draw Connecting Lines between Items on a Web Page (Mozilla/Internet Explorer)

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26 Aug 2009CPOL2 min read
GUI allows user to "connect" items shown on a web application; lines are drawn dynamically showing connections
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This simple HTML page displays two columns of items, representing items in two tables in a database. The interface allows the user to "connect" these items in a 1-to-1 format by clicking them. A line is drawn between connected items, giving the user a graphic representation of their connections. Connections can also be removed by the user clicking a connected item again.


This is an extension of a line-drawing method described by Doga Arinir in his article: Drawing Lines in Mozilla Based Browsers and the Internet Explorer.

Using the Code

Everything is in a single HTML file (except the server-side save function, not included). When the user clicks an item in either table, the item is prepared to be connected. If the user then clicks an unconnected item from the other table, a connection is made. A line is drawn to show the connection. The connections are made by the following two functions:

function setSource(oSrc) {
	//if another source was clicked first, unhilite it
	if (oSource != null) {
		if (oSource.className == "treeItem_hi") {
			oSource.className = "treeItem";
		oSource = null;
	//if this source is already set, clear its line and its target
	if (oSrc.className == "treeItem_set") {
		//this source was already set; clear
	oSrc.className = "treeItem_hi";
	oSource = oSrc;
	if (oTarget != null) {
		drawLine();  //line is drawn from current Source to current Target
		oSource = null;
		oTarget = null;
function setTarget(oTar) {
	if (oTarget != null) {
		if (oTarget.className == "treeItem_hi") {
			oTarget.className = "treeItem";
		oTarget = null;
	if (oTar.className == "treeItem_set") {
		//this target already has a source; clear
	oTar.className = "treeItem_hi";
	oTarget = oTar;
	if (oSource != null) {
		drawLine();  //line is drawn from current Source to current Target
		oSource = null;
		oTarget = null;

When an item is clicked, it clears any previously clicked (but not connected) item in its table. Any existing connections to the clicked item are removed. Then if an item was already clicked in the other table, it connects them. By design, if a connection is made to an item that is already connected, the new connection overrides the old one.

In the HTML, onClick event handlers for the source and target items call the functions respectively:

<span id="Item0_0" class="treeItem" onclick="setSource(this)">Source Item One</span>
<span id="Item1_0" class="treeItem" onclick="setTarget(this)">Target Item 1</span>

Points of Interest

The only "tricky" part of this project was getting connector lines to disappear when their source or target items were clicked again. Since this model is a 1-to-1 data relationship, multiple connections to a single item are not allowed. (You could allow multiple connections with a little more work on the "Package Up" routine). To accomplish this, I've added two custom attributes to each "line segment" DIV: mySrc and myTar. When an element on the page is clicked, the code checks to see if it was already connected (by checking its current style definition). If it was, the "canvas" where all the lines are contained is searched for the line that connected that item. The line is then removed from the document.

Future Work

I have not yet addressed pre-populating the page with the connections currently stored in the database. This would be necessary if this tool was used to edit existing cross-reference connections between items.


  • 26th August, 2009: Initial post


This article, along with any associated source code and files, is licensed under The Code Project Open License (CPOL)


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