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I am trying to validate a textbox to accept user input in certain format with regular expressions. But unfortunately I was not able to get desired results.

I need user input as first 3 digits as fixed number 405 followed by year ranging 1950-current year and followed by six digit unique identifier, can I please get some help with this?

Any suggestions and help is appreciated.

Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 29-Oct-15 15:23pm
You really want to abuse your users, this is bad.

Your UI, if you implement it as you want, will really be user-hostile.

Make it simpler for the user. If "405" is really always there (I doubt that though), just write it in some label, don't force the user to enter it. As to the year in the range, use the control System.Windows.Forms.NumericUpDown and set the range of values you want:[^],[^],[^].

If you use WPF, create a similar control of find out a similar one. See, for example: Creating a NumericUpDown control from scratch[^].

Another alternative is some kind of more specialized date/time picker.

Member 12076824 29-Oct-15 18:43pm
I was using regex for some of the simple text fields for alphabets and numbers only, so just tried to utilize same for this part. Thanks for the suggestion I will try this out.
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 29-Oct-15 22:31pm
You are welcome. Consider accepting this answer formally. Not allowing the user to make a mistake and no validation is always better than validation.
Don't use a regex, or don;t use a regex alone.
They aren't good at "numeric ranges" - they are a text processing system.
So use a regex to break up the input:
And then use the three named groups to verify the actual content. It's more flexible, and a lot easier to understand (and make work next year as well...)
Member 12076824 29-Oct-15 18:42pm
Thanks for the suggestion I will try this.
Member 12076824 5-Nov-15 18:38pm
Can you please give more example or syntax for this?

I will really appreciate it.


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