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I would like to get the highest score group by Id .If two highest score's are same then i would like get the highest score based on lowest Optional ID.
I would like to get it in Java Stream.So far i have a code works.Is there any efficient way to rewrite this code in java stream

Example :

Array List:

ID: 1 Score:80 OptionalId:1
ID: 1 Score:90 OptionalId:2
ID: 1 Score:90 OptionalId:3
ID: 2 Score:80 OptionalId:1
ID: 2 Score:100 OptionalId:3
ID: 2 Score:100 OptionalId:5

The result should be

ID: 1 Score 90 OptionalId:2
ID 2 Score 100 OptionalId:3

What I have tried:

List<Person> highestRecords = new ArrayList<>();for(
Person s:records)
if(!highestRecords.isEmpty()) {
    boolean contains = false;
    for(Person ns: new ArrayList<>(highestRecords)) {
        if(s.Id().compareTo(ns.Id()) == 0) {
            contains = true;
            if(s.getScore.compareTo(ns.getScore()) > 0     
    && s.optionalId().compareTo(ns.optionalId()) < 0) {

    if(contains == false) {
}else {
Updated 25-Jan-19 12:27pm

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