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I need help in the below code example that i got from a book.In the example iam trying to call a methode TimedMethod() after ten minutes repeatedly after a secod using the Timer class of System.Threadind name space. I was told to use the Start() method(commented in the following code) of the Timer class but i get an error indicating that the class has no such method. How can i achieve this or what can be the problem here?

using System;
using System.Collections;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using System.Linq;
using System.Text;
using System.Threading;

namespace ImplementingTimers
    class Program
        static void TimedMethod(Object stateInfo)

        static void Main(string[] args)
            TimerCallback timerDelegate = new TimerCallback(TimedMethod);
            Timer stateTimer = new Timer(timerDelegate, null, 10000, 1000);
Updated 2-Jun-12 0:05am
hitech_s 2-Jun-12 6:05am
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1 solution

That is not how the System.Threading.Timer[^] works...

"When you create a timer, you can specify an amount of time to wait before the first execution of the method (due time), and an amount of time to wait between subsequent executions (period). You can change these values, or disable the timer, using the Change method." -MSDN.

Are you sure the author of the book is not using one of the other two Timers[^]? A System.Timers.Timer[^] or System.Windows.Forms.Timer[^]?
These two DO have a Start Method (although they don't have a constructor that takes a delegate as parameter)... :)
Hope that helps.
thusolebalang 2-Jun-12 8:14am
Thanks for that Naerling. I also found out that the Timer class used have no such method but i was wondering why it is used in the book. I am very sure that the class used here is a "System.Threading.Timer" class because its under the topic "Multithreaded Applications" in the book. I am getting to think that the author made a mistake because the author also described the (Start(), Dispose() and Close()) methods as the only methods of this class. But is there a way of achieving task of this example using this class. Please if possible edit my code and show me.
Sander Rossel 2-Jun-12 9:42am
The Threading.Timer starts automatically. In your code it should print "Executed" after 10 seconds and then after every second after that. For more info I must point you toward the MSDN article, because it has a full sample and explanation.
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Good luck!

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