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I am somewhat beginner in coding. My question seem easy, but...
I wrote an application to send some special text to a printer (a Zebra printer, the text is a ZPL code).

What I have tried:

I definded a string in the app combined with some variables.
My question is: there is the string with a variable:

"^FB330,1,,C^FO0,493^A0n,31,31^F8^FD" + LATK + "^FS"

I would like to put this string in a separate text file.
In the app I would like to read the text file, assign a value to the LATK variable from the text file, and then send it to the printer. The question is, how could I evaluate the string with the variables to get this


Appreciate any aswers.
Updated 13-Oct-20 11:32am

1 solution

The way I'd do it is to add format markers:
string putThisToFile = "fixed text:{0}:more fixed text";
string LATK = "variable text";
string result = string.Format(putThisToFile, LATK);

The result you get is:
fixed text:variable text:more fixed text

Make sense?

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