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   public class Person : INotifyPropertyChanged
    private List<websiteList> website_Recording  ;
        public List<websiteList> Website_Recording
            get { return website_Recording; }
                website_Recording = value;
       public class websiteList
           public string websit { get; set; }
           public Int32 id { get; set; }


the error is

Inconsistent accessibility: property type 'System.Collections.Generic.List<Common.Person.websiteList>'
 is less accessible than property 'Common.Person.Website_Recording'
Updated 4-Apr-13 23:30pm
Nicholas Marty 5-Apr-13 5:34am
Should work... Have you tried a rebuild?
Keith Barrow 5-Apr-13 6:12am
Just compiled it on my machine, it should work. I'd try a clean and re-built as Nicholas Marty suggests (or even restart VS - this has fixed things for me in the past).
Despite my deleted reply, both the property and the nested class have the same visibility (public) so you shouldn't be getting this error.
Pheonyx 5-Apr-13 6:20am
Also, looking at this code, are you trying to use it in a WCF application?
If so, you might need to define "WebsiteList" with a [DataContract] attribute, and its properties with the "[DataMember]" attributes because the client might not understand them (it is just a guess with that though.)

1 solution

I suspect it relates to the following:


Change that to:


Also I would not advice putting the websiteList class inside the Person class. Instead have that declared separately.
Keith Barrow 5-Apr-13 5:48am
That will cause problems to anything that relies upon INotifyPropertyChanged, but won't cause the bug described
Nicholas Marty 5-Apr-13 5:51am
Didn't spot the typo.. However I also think it's always better not to nest classes if not necessary.. However this should not cause the bug as the class is public...

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