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Suppose I have unique ID kvk0001

where kvk is fixed 0001 is increment by one such as:

And unique ID kvk0001 is same id for each table of registration.

how to develop a code for above case in C# & ASP.NET ?
Updated 13-Mar-14 16:29pm
[no name] 13-Sep-13 10:45am
"code for above case in C#", if you are unable to add 1 to an integer and concatenate a string then you really should be picking a book on basic C# programming and working through it.

adding a prefix/suffix. Something like this should work:

1 - Add an IDENTITY field which will be auto-incremented
2 - Add a calculated field in the table with the definition of:

[InvoiceNo] AS ('AS' + RIGHT(('000000000' + CAST(idfield AS varchar(9))), 9) + 'FAK')

This will give you invoiceno in the format of:

Thanks7872 11-Sep-13 8:23am
Great one..! +5
Anuja Pawar Indore 12-Sep-13 3:03am
Thanks Rohan
Thanks7872 12-Sep-13 3:05am
I found approximately 7 to 8 similar type of questions in last 24 hours.
Anuja Pawar Indore 12-Sep-13 3:13am
Agree, its very common. But rather than searching everyone needs it to be served
Thanks7872 12-Sep-13 3:14am

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