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I have dropdown with values, whenever user selects a value from dropdown on change event it fetch data from table through EF and display in the page i.e. has input textboxes.

Thanks in advance
Pheonyx 15-Sep-14 7:32am
You need to explain your question a bit more clearly. Do you have an existing site that you are trying to re-produce using MVC and Razor views? Or is this a new project? You say you already have the drop downs so what exactly is your issue/error?
a.anvesh 15-Sep-14 7:45am
Actually My requirement is i have dropdown with values. when am selecting dropdown value i need to take id from dropdown down and am search with id in table getting the details from the table and i want to display those values in to textboxes..

SumithF 15-Sep-14 7:46am
call Ajax method on dropdown onchange event.
a.anvesh 18-Sep-14 1:03am
Shall i call normal method or ActionResult method from Ajax request

Now am callin like this

var id = $("#Templates").val();
if (id >= 1) {

Url: "/Project/Index",
data: { "id": id },
success: function (data) {
alert('Template loaded');


in that index method am assigning values to project model but it is not working..
please help me as well as possible...
SumithF 18-Sep-14 4:16am
Your client side ajax call method is correct and Controller action method should be like this.

public JsonResult GetAll()
List<string> model = new List<string> { "A", "B" };
return Json(model, JsonRequestBehavior.AllowGet);
a.anvesh 24-Sep-14 6:12am
how to assign a textbox value if am using above method..

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