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How do you share your programming books between work and home?   [Edit]

Survey period: 6 Feb 2006 to 12 Feb 2006

Trying to share resources between work and home can be a challenge. (suggested by Fabio Cavalcante)

I keep my books at home and bring them to work when needed54551.90
I keep my books at work and bring them home when needed23622.48
My books have no fixed abode17116.29
I have 2 copies of my most used books242.29
Use an electronic alternative like Safari?747.05

GeneralLong titles Pin
Paul Watson6-Feb-06 5:25
sitebuilderPaul Watson6-Feb-06 5:25 
JokeRe: Long titles Pin
toxcct6-Feb-06 6:41
Membertoxcct6-Feb-06 6:41 
JokeRe: Long titles Pin
The Man from U.N.C.L.E.7-Feb-06 1:26
MemberThe Man from U.N.C.L.E.7-Feb-06 1:26 
GeneralRe: Long titles Pin
Brian Delahunty7-Feb-06 5:49
MemberBrian Delahunty7-Feb-06 5:49 
GeneralRe: Long titles Pin
The Man from U.N.C.L.E.7-Feb-06 6:03
MemberThe Man from U.N.C.L.E.7-Feb-06 6:03 
GeneralRe: Long titles Pin
Paul Watson7-Feb-06 6:34
sitebuilderPaul Watson7-Feb-06 6:34 
GeneralRe: Long titles Pin
Brian Delahunty7-Feb-06 6:39
MemberBrian Delahunty7-Feb-06 6:39 
GeneralRe: Long titles Pin
Paul Watson7-Feb-06 6:41
sitebuilderPaul Watson7-Feb-06 6:41 
Muwahahahahaha! Use Ruby on Rails for everything! RadRails IDE for everything! Muwahahahaha...

(Just to fill everybody in, Brian and I work together. He is sitting behind me, shouting at VS2005. I am sitting behind him, shouting at RadRails. It's all good.)

Paul Watson

Feed Henry!

K(arl) wrote:

GeneralRe: Long titles Pin
Gary Wheeler7-Feb-06 6:54
MemberGary Wheeler7-Feb-06 6:54 
GeneralRe: Long titles Pin
Paul Watson7-Feb-06 7:58
sitebuilderPaul Watson7-Feb-06 7:58 
GeneralRe: Long titles Pin
olliemail8-Feb-06 2:18
Memberolliemail8-Feb-06 2:18 
GeneralRe: Long titles Pin
Polymorpher7-Feb-06 8:39
MemberPolymorpher7-Feb-06 8:39 
GeneralRe: Long titles Pin
Jeremy Falcon8-Feb-06 17:09
professionalJeremy Falcon8-Feb-06 17:09 
GeneralRe: Long titles Pin
Chris Maunder8-Feb-06 5:40
cofounderChris Maunder8-Feb-06 5:40 
GeneralRe: Long titles Pin
Paul Watson8-Feb-06 5:45
sitebuilderPaul Watson8-Feb-06 5:45 
GeneralAll at home Pin
Bob Stanneveld6-Feb-06 1:39
MemberBob Stanneveld6-Feb-06 1:39 
Generalbooks? Pin
ed welch6-Feb-06 1:08
Membered welch6-Feb-06 1:08 
GeneralCalling a win32 dll from VB.NET Pin
Marco Turrini5-Feb-06 23:51
MemberMarco Turrini5-Feb-06 23:51 
GeneralRe: Calling a win32 dll from VB.NET Pin
Gary R. Wheeler6-Feb-06 1:00
MemberGary R. Wheeler6-Feb-06 1:00 
GeneraleVersion Pin
Paul Watson5-Feb-06 22:47
sitebuilderPaul Watson5-Feb-06 22:47 
GeneralI keep my books at home... Pin
Michael P Butler5-Feb-06 21:54
MemberMichael P Butler5-Feb-06 21:54 
GeneralRe: I keep my books at home... Pin
Gary R. Wheeler6-Feb-06 0:58
MemberGary R. Wheeler6-Feb-06 0:58 
GeneralI work at home! Pin
Robert Buldoc5-Feb-06 19:24
MemberRobert Buldoc5-Feb-06 19:24 
GeneralRe: I work at home! Pin
Chris Meech6-Feb-06 9:48
MemberChris Meech6-Feb-06 9:48 
General#3: Always where they're not needed... Pin
Shog95-Feb-06 19:23
sitebuilderShog95-Feb-06 19:23 

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