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Survey Results

Who does the graphic and UI design for your projects?   [Edit]

Survey period: 27 Jul 2009 to 3 Aug 2009

A professional? Or you and Paint.NET?

We have an in-house graphic designer(s)14915.88
We have someone in-house who can do a good enough job10711.41
We use a contractor when needed758.00
Whoever writes the code does the graphic/UI design52756.18
We don't do any graphic / UI design232.45
We don't need any graphic or UI design202.13
I have no idea what happens in our organisation373.94

Generalwe have looking for the way Pin
favorxx2-Aug-09 0:36
Memberfavorxx2-Aug-09 0:36 
Generalgraphic and UI design Pin
JimmyRopes31-Jul-09 13:42
professionalJimmyRopes31-Jul-09 13:42 
GeneralUI's made for who? Pin
Rainer Skerra30-Jul-09 5:37
MemberRainer Skerra30-Jul-09 5:37 
GeneralUI and Design are 2 different things... Pin
AlexCode29-Jul-09 6:06
professionalAlexCode29-Jul-09 6:06 
GeneralNot all coders are bad at UI Pin
Grav-Vt29-Jul-09 3:17
MemberGrav-Vt29-Jul-09 3:17 
GeneralRe: Not all coders are bad at UI Pin
Mycroft Holmes31-Jul-09 12:49
professionalMycroft Holmes31-Jul-09 12:49 
Generalmissed one - we have someone in house who does the work and stinks at it. Pin
Donsw29-Jul-09 1:11
MemberDonsw29-Jul-09 1:11 
we have someone in house who does the work and stinks at it.
this person wants to validate all ui changes and what comes out it not the best. Every screen looks busy, too complicated.

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Generalthe color blind draws the icons Pin
peterchen28-Jul-09 23:45
Memberpeterchen28-Jul-09 23:45 
GeneralGraphic design and UI design aren't the same... Pin
Indivara28-Jul-09 14:44
professionalIndivara28-Jul-09 14:44 
GeneralDepartment Policy: You made it, you do it's make-up Pin
Josh.Hetland28-Jul-09 11:18
MemberJosh.Hetland28-Jul-09 11:18 
GeneralHahahahaha Pin
nsimeonov28-Jul-09 7:04
Membernsimeonov28-Jul-09 7:04 
GeneralRe: Hahahahaha Pin
W Balboos, GHB28-Jul-09 7:21
mveW Balboos, GHB28-Jul-09 7:21 
GeneralRe: Hahahahaha Pin
thrakazog30-Jul-09 5:09
Memberthrakazog30-Jul-09 5:09 
Generalthis is my big problem Pin
mheidari28-Jul-09 3:57
Membermheidari28-Jul-09 3:57 
GeneralUI importance - based on my experience. PinPopular
Mauro Gagna28-Jul-09 2:03
MemberMauro Gagna28-Jul-09 2:03 
GeneralRe: UI importance - based on my experience. Pin
That's Aragon29-Jul-09 3:42
MemberThat's Aragon29-Jul-09 3:42 
Generalmyself Pin
pimb228-Jul-09 1:48
Memberpimb228-Jul-09 1:48 
GeneralRe: myself Pin
Xmen Real 28-Jul-09 16:48
professional Xmen Real 28-Jul-09 16:48 
GeneralRe: myself Pin
Narvius28-Jul-09 22:48
MemberNarvius28-Jul-09 22:48 
GeneralRe: myself Pin
reverseenergy4-Aug-09 15:06
Memberreverseenergy4-Aug-09 15:06 
GeneralI like UI design Pin
Paul Darlington27-Jul-09 21:09
MemberPaul Darlington27-Jul-09 21:09 
Generalhalf and half Pin
Almighty Bob27-Jul-09 8:00
MemberAlmighty Bob27-Jul-09 8:00 
GeneralRe: half and half Pin
Elrond27-Jul-09 21:35
MemberElrond27-Jul-09 21:35 
GeneralThankfully, professional UI designers Pin
Nemanja Trifunovic27-Jul-09 4:32
MemberNemanja Trifunovic27-Jul-09 4:32 
GeneralUI Design is really a Difficult and Intelligence task Pin
koolprasad200327-Jul-09 2:06
professionalkoolprasad200327-Jul-09 2:06 

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