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Posted 22 Oct 2011

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Replacing foreach loop with LINQ

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5 Dec 2011CPOL
Advantages of replacing a foreach loop with LINQ

In some cases LINQ can simplify iterative code, and in those cases, it's a good practice to switch iterative code into LINQ.

Regular foreach loop:
var bestStudents = new List<Student>();
foreach (var s in students)
    if (s.Grade > 9)

LINQ way:
//LINQ query which generate the same result as the foreach loop above
var bestStudents = students.Where(s => s.Grade > 9).ToList();

Why does it look better with LINQ?

  1. Removing the if statement reduces the complexity (even if just a little)
  2. For me, declarative code is often more readable

Reference: LINQ Tutorial.

Click here for more LINQ examples


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About the Author

Software Developer GE
Israel Israel
I am Software Developer at GE company for more than 2 years,

I created since I didn't found any other good dedicate LINQ tutorial

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Paulo Zemek9-Nov-11 1:44
MemberPaulo Zemek9-Nov-11 1:44 
Well... you may replace the if with linq... but you still need the foreach
After all, how do you iterate through the "bestStudents"? I will do a foreach.
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