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Posted 27 Oct 2011

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General string parsing techniques

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28 Oct 2011CPOL
I would have actually opted to remove the start index being passed in. Then, you can spruce up the calls with extension methods (albeit not necessary).Usage:removeList.AddRange(html.ToString().GetBetween("");Code:public static class StringUtilities{ ///...
I would have actually opted to remove the start index being passed in. Then, you can spruce up the calls with extension methods (albeit not necessary).

removeList.AddRange(html.ToString().GetBetween("<img id=", " />");


public static class StringUtilities
  /// <summary>
  /// Gets a string that has the provided start and end.
  /// </summary>
  /// <param name="source">The source string to search.</param>
  /// <param name="start">The start of the string.</param>
  /// <param name="end">The end of the string.</param>
  /// <param name="includeTokens">Indicates whether to include the token strings or not in the returned value.</param>
  /// <returns>A string starting with start and ending with end.</returns>
  public static IEnumerable<string> GetBetween(this string source, string start, string end, bool includeTokens = false)
     int currentIndex, startIndex, endIndex;

     currentIndex = 0;

     while (currentIndex < source.Length)
       if (((startIndex = source.IndexOf(start, currentIndex)) != -1)
        && ((endIndex = source.IndexOf(end, startIndex + start.Length)) != -1))
          currentIndex = endIndex + end.Length;

          if (includeTokens)
            yield return source.Substring(startIndex, endIndex - startIndex + end.Length);
            yield return source.Substring(startIndex + start.Length, endIndex - startIndex - start.Length);
         yield break;


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Since I've begun my profession as a software developer, I've learned one important fact - change is inevitable. Requirements change, code changes, and life changes.

So..If you're not moving forward, you're moving backwards.

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Andrew Rissing1-Nov-11 5:14
MemberAndrew Rissing1-Nov-11 5:14 
Indeed, I have. Oddly enough, your alternate was removed. *shrug*
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Henry.Ayoola27-Oct-11 23:11
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Andrew Rissing28-Oct-11 4:06
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GeneralReason for my vote of 4 pretty cool Pin
rj4527-Oct-11 17:12
Memberrj4527-Oct-11 17:12 

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