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Industry Content

Article 1 Aug 2022 by Bridget Mwikali
This article provides an overview of LLVM and how it applies to oneAPI and its compiler.
Article 29 Jul 2022 by Intel
Intel has invested in optimizing performance of Python itself, with the Intel® Distribution for Python, and has optimized key data science libraries used with scikit-learn, such as XGBoost, NumPy, and SciPy. This article gives more information on installing and using these extensions.
Article 28 Jul 2022 by Valentin Kubarev
In this article we discuss how to use SYCL and oneIPL to offload Gaussian image filtering to an accelerator.
Article 27 Jul 2022 by Intel
This document demonstrates how a linear algebra Jacobi iterative method written in CUDA* can be migrated to the SYCL* heterogenous programing language.
Article 26 Jul 2022 by Abhay_Rawat, Dr. Amarpal S Kapoor
This article focuses on tuning and scaling a deep-learning-based algorithm on a cluster of compute nodes.
Article 25 Jul 2022 by Intel
This article serves to provide users a guide for best practices and advice when using Intel® Distribution of Modin.
Article 18 Jul 2022 by Ahmed Hashesh
This article examines how Intel provides standardized specifications that streamline this environment.