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Monthly competition Winners List

Each month the best article in each category will be awarded a swag of prizes based on the votes of readers. Every month a link to a voting form will be placed on the homepage and after 2 weeks of voting the winners will be decided - by you! We'll put together a bunch of prizes from different companies and it's winner takes all.

Check out the submission guidelines for information on posting articles. You may only enter where local laws and international export laws allow your participation. Judges decision is final, and prizes and values may be changed at any time. Deliveries to some locations may require an import duty or tax to be paid. Winners will be responsible for paying all duties and taxes owing.

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Congratulations to the following Winners!

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Winners from February, 2023

Best Article of February 2023 
First Prize Graeme_Grant - 
Prize pool CodeProject Mug - CodeProject
First Prize Mark Pelf  - 
Prize pool CodeProject Mug - CodeProject
Second Prize Mike Hankey - 
Prize pool Bob Sticker - CodeProject
Second Prize Kenneth Haugland - 
Prize pool Bob Sticker - CodeProject

Winners from January, 2023

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Winners from November, 2022

Winners from October, 2022

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