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Newsletter - 14 Feb 2022

Weekly Newsletter (14 Feb 2022)
Welcome to this week's newsletter from CodeProject.
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Latest Additions

New articles added

Artificial Intelligence

  (1 votes) by Shakhansho (updated 4 days ago)
An overview of newly written package anonympy and a walk-through some of its methods and functionality

Desktop Programming

  (6 votes) by Michael Sydney Balloni (updated 6 days ago)
Replace your nasty .bat files with friendly mscripts for clean and powerful command line operations
  (4 votes) by Peter Huber SG (updated 19 hours ago)
Did you ever wonder what WPF is doing under the hood to place your control on the screen ?

High Performance Computing

  (0 votes) by Roger Winter (updated 4 days ago)
In this article we look at how developers can take advantage of the cross-architecture of oneAPI to make use of GPU resources in their applications.

Hosted Services

  (1 votes) by Rahul__Sharma (updated 6 days ago)
How Managed Identities enable a Spring Boot web app running in Azure App service
  (1 votes) by Rahul__Sharma (updated 5 days ago)
How Managed Identities enable a containerized Spring Boot web app running on Azure Kubernetes Service
  (1 votes) by Rahul__Sharma (updated 4 days ago)
How Managed Identities enable a Spring web app to obtain credentials from Azure Key Store and use them to access both Azure APIs and external APIs
  (1 votes) by Matthew Casperson (updated 3 days ago)
How to create a Spring Boot web app in Java that replicates the functionality of the “Teams Conversation Bot SSO” sample app on GitHub
  (0 votes) by Matthew Casperson (updated 2 days ago)
How to create a Spring Boot web app in Java that replicates the functionality of the “Universal Bots” sample app on GitHub

Internet of Things

  (0 votes) by honey the codewitch (updated 23 hours ago)
Run your IoT display driver independent of the bus it uses, whether I2C, SPI or parallel
  (2 votes) by Sergey L. Gladkiy (updated 6 days ago)
How to create a driver distraction detector and how to run it on an Arm-powered device like a Raspberry Pi or Jetson Nano

Programming Languages

  (4 votes) by Marc Clifton (updated 5 days ago)
Reduces number of per-table controllers, models, services, and other code you end up writing or having auto-generated!

Web Development

  (3 votes) by Graeme_Grant (updated 6 days ago)
ARIA compliant normal and EditForm Toggle switches with light & dark theme support baked in. Six bonus custom skins included.

Articles updated


  (8 votes) by Aly Elhaddad (updated yesterday)
Introduction and documentation for new ThunderboltIoc framework that achieves DI in .NET without reflection

Hosted Services

  (17 votes) by KristianEkman (updated 4 days ago)
An online Angular, .NET 5 Web API, SQL Server on Azure backgammon game

Internet of Things

  (45 votes) by honey the codewitch (updated 12 hours ago)
GFX is a fast and full featured replacement for standard IoT drawing libraries that is optimized to reduce bus I/O

Programming Languages

  (13 votes) by Pavel Bashkardin (updated 6 days ago)
Represents a C# generic implementation of the NameValueCollection
  (12 votes) by Cinchoo (updated 4 days ago)
Simple Xml file reader for .NET

Web Development

  (42 votes) by Ștefan-Mihai MOGA (updated 2 days ago)
You can use IntelliPort to transfer large files from a computer onto your portable computer using a serial port rather than going through the process of setting up your portable computer on a network.

New Tips and Tricks added

Desktop Programming

  (1 votes) by (updated 5 days ago)
How to get started using the MVVM Toolkit

Hosted Services

  (0 votes) by Jim_Gray (updated 6 days ago)
Example code showing how to use Subtle Crypto to sign your request to Azure API in pure JavaScript or jQuery

Programming Languages

  (1 votes) by Marc Clifton (updated 5 days ago)
SqlKata is cool but having to use hardcoded strings for tables and fields in not my cup of tea.

Web Development

  (3 votes) by ferdrodrigues (updated 3 days ago)
Implementation of a folder tree in front-end and back-end

New Technical Blogs added

Programming Languages

  (1 votes) by J. Frank Reeves (updated 5 days ago)
Power of JavaScript template literal

Web Development

  (1 votes) by Aram Tchekrekjian (updated 6 days ago)
How to localize in ASP.NET Core Web API 6

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