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Erik Putrycz - Professional Profile


I am a senior software something at Apption and I write predictive algorithms in .NET that run on large clusters. In the past, I spent too much time in school and have now one too many degrees including a PhD. I also spent couple years looking to find ways to improve software development by doing research at the national research council. When I am not writing complex algorithms in .net, I like to write Windows Phone apps or I write music.

Some apps I wrote:
- 123Count for Intel Ultrabook Contest
"The game consists in associating multiple giraffes to their number. In each level, there are more numbers and more choices. In addition to the game, when sensors are presents, the game will use the light and tilt sensors. The voice makes a comment when the light changes from bright to dark and it is possible to move the giraffe by tilting the device from left to right."
I am currently porting that application to Windows 8, Windows Phone and XNA
- Many successful Windows Phone Apps: WPJira (a Jira client for windows Phone), WKRRadar (a radar app that takes environment canada data to display an animated radar map)
- I am writing a Windows 8 Gesture Controller for the Intel Perceptual Challenge


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