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What format for the monthly competition would you prefer?

26 Aug 2013 to 2 Sep 2013 There's been a lot of debate so we wanted to open the floor to you for your say. Suggestions, variations and crazy wild ideas welcome. Just make it fair and fun.

Text entry answers for sorted by frequency of occurrance.

(2) Monthly Competition winner can be based on Maximum Views and Downloads of Article
(1) More BACON! More better!
(1) Multilpe selection
(1) My suggestion, I would like both type of voting with fix percentage of mark.
(1) Only votes from gold members count.
(1) Please do not try and fix something that is not broke.
(1) The Authors of the ten highest rated articles have to fight against each other in a wrestling combat, broadcasted by Codeproject TV
(1) There's a monthly competition!?
(1) Traffic generated for CP. How many unique individuals read the article, bookmark it for later, etc.
(1) 3 with highest votes + 3 with highest ratings and someone rolls the dice? Or perhaps a clever combination of votes, rating, views and downloads?
(1) A combination of both plus baconable clistctrl.
(1) Automatic selection makes more sense.
(1) Automatic selection to make a list, then manually voting the finalists
(1) Average IP-inferred antipodal affinity (i.e., state votes)
(1) Bacon eating competition
(1) Both
(1) BOTH! I'd say, remove the time limit! Some articles get better and better over time. I suggest a combination of above solutions, first article needs a specific number of view/vote/ranking ratio to be nominated, then every month among nominees a manual vote selects winner. Loosers may need to gain a higher rank/view/etc ratio to enter a contest again. I think this will encourage authors to increase quality of existing works instead of focusing on quantity.
(1) CListCtrl
(1) CListCtrl Optin blogging
(1) Combination of both
(1) Combination of both plus...
(1) Combination of both, with manual (2/3) and automatic (1/3) of the end result.
(1) Combination of First Two options
(1) Combination of the first two with 50-50%
(1) Combine the two
(1) Doesn't matter
(1) Get top 5 results from automatic selection and ask for manual voting for those top 5. Once voted and combine the results of manual voting and the expert panel and choose the best one.!!
(1) Tie in both popularity and votes. Live updating so the popular articles & up-voted articles can gain attention.
(1) Hybrid (50-50)
(1) I don't have time to read all those articles.
(1) I like the idea of automatic selection, thought it would be helpful to be shown a list of contenders towards the end of the competition. The reminder often leads me to articles I would have otherwise missed. /ravi
(1) I vote for Manual selection and Automatic voting
(1) It's fine the way it is.
(1) Keep doing what you are doing now
(1) Manual for sure.
(1) May also want to consider reputation, which includes both rating and number of votes.
(1) Mixed mode. The articles with the highest ratings within a given time period get into a manual voting competition. Afterwards, calculate a total score out of the manual votes and the automatically collected data.