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Comments by JanHalfar (Top 2 by date)

JanHalfar 8-Aug-14 17:50pm View
Well I need Rating Control (and I guess Im not the only one), which is not included in main assembly/namespace. (Maybe because its one of items in "Preview band").
I did'n find any other way to get to it then reference its assembly directly (as
And then the namespace clash ensues :(
Didn't find a workaround for it.

Besides I just double-checked and I'm getting 'Ambiguous type reference' errors even when adding only WPFToolkit.dll and only referencing it with the generic format in XAML.
JanHalfar 8-Aug-14 13:16pm View
How did you solve the Namespaces clash ?
Since both .Net 4.0+ WPF and WPF Toolkit define same namespaces and classes (like VisualStateManager), VS2010 is giving errors about 'Ambiguous reference' in XAML.