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pradippatel99 26-Jul-19 4:16am View    
removed link now.
pradippatel99 29-Aug-13 1:45am View    
add in master page
<%@ Register Src="~/WebUserControl1.ascx" TagName="RepeaterControl" TagPrefix="uc1" %>

now you can use usercontrol as below in
<uc1:RepeaterControl ID="usercontrol" runat="server" />
pradippatel99 29-Aug-13 0:27am View    
for that you need to put usercontrol in other folder then use it check my code as below
in webconfig file
<pages masterPageFile="~/Site.Master">
<add src="~/UserControls/WebUserControl1.ascx" tagname="userControltag" tagprefix="uc1">


in site master
<uc1:userControltag ID="usercontrol" runat="server" />

in sitemaster.cs
you can access usercontrol.

please follow folder structure like usercontrol should be put in other fodler

UserControl -> WebUserControl1.ascx
pradippatel99 27-Aug-13 9:08am View    
can you tell me where and how usercontrol is registered in master page?
pradippatel99 27-Aug-13 8:43am View    
i have registered user control in web config file then i used.
it works.
can you check which control you cannot find user control or image of usercontrol ?