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Comments by kumar nitesh (Top 5 by date)

kumar nitesh 13-Apr-17 2:55am View
Please provide details of your db schema and requirements .
You can select multiple row from select statement depending on a where clause and store it in a list/dataset . But i don't understand this is very straight forward then what is the problem you are facing ,please mention everything clearly .
kumar nitesh 13-Apr-17 2:48am View
If you are trying to get all rows from partyMaster2 where code matches your input,then what is the need to select it from countermaster2 . Please make clear your requirements .
kumar nitesh 11-Apr-17 2:32am View
As per the error statement it looks like you are trying to convert your datagridrow to string . can you please show me your html code ??
kumar nitesh 27-May-15 2:22am View
after adding the content type ie. 'application/json' it will showing cors issue.
kumar nitesh 20-Feb-15 4:59am View
yes i have added ajax scriptmanager in master page and ajax control is working perfectly .but the client script in not working .throwing a javascript error unexpected identifier