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Choroid 15-Feb-22 15:18pm View    
Thanks I provided a link to the code as a Zip file and uninstallable exe here
Choroid 8-Feb-22 12:11pm View    
Thanks Yes the DB will only store the links to the files on the C drive
Just using the DGV to view the Link Path
Choroid 11-Jan-22 21:05pm View    
Richard This got way more complex than I could have ever believed possible
Here is the solution to the issue it was a Windows 7 and the Registry File
Here is a link to the solution
Choroid 11-Jan-22 18:24pm View    
Richard I have tried it both ways Still Same ERROR
Here is what I did wrong I did not un check Configure for HTTPS
So NOW no Error but the only thing I see is

Read RSS Feeds

in default.aspx
It does not call the feed in default.aspx.vb
Create a new project

Open Visual Studio

Click Continue without code

Click File

Select New

Select Project

Select the following:

enter image description here

Then, select:

enter image description here

Click Next

Enter desired project name (ex: RSSFeedReader)

Click Create

Select the following:

enter image description here

Optional: On right-side, under Advanced, uncheck Configure for HTTPS

Click Create
Choroid 11-Jan-22 14:08pm View    
Can you take a look at my Solution and the ERROR