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NiteshPanj 9-Oct-14 1:09am View
Done thanxxx
NiteshPanj 9-Oct-14 0:58am View
mate what about in c# language? and little modification that there is no compulsory square brackets in [anything].Sorry i know question was a bit ambiguos
NiteshPanj 22-Aug-14 9:34am View
mate sorting is not working that itself is an issue
NiteshPanj 21-Aug-14 2:54am View
i want to do this using nth-child
NiteshPanj 12-Aug-14 8:39am View
final que can u help me in assigning exec(@@sql) value to sql variable as i dant want to create a table
NiteshPanj 12-Aug-14 4:07am View
exactly wat i wanted thnx
NiteshPanj 12-Aug-14 3:30am View
I want to use if condition on result obtained of exec(@@sql) like

can u help in this??

NiteshPanj 12-Aug-14 3:06am View
done thanxx
NiteshPanj 12-Aug-14 3:04am View
How to display result of EXEC(@@SQL)??It is not showing
NiteshPanj 11-Aug-14 3:47am View
i mean i have a string such as:
@myString="1 or (1 and 0)"

Now if i evaluate this i have ans as 1
How to do this??please see that paranthesis should be kept in mind while evaluating
NiteshPanj 11-Aug-14 3:43am View
I mean i have a string such as
@myString="1 or (1 and 0)"

Now if i evaluate this i should have result 1

How to do this??