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Comments by Sergey Kizyan (Top 7 by date)

Sergey Kizyan 9-Nov-15 4:06am View
One line sample that I just tested:
File.WriteAllBytes(@"C:\temp\new.txt", new byte[]{1,2,3});
Sergey Kizyan 9-Nov-15 4:05am View
Here is example for string that I found:
string path = Path.GetTempPath();
byte[] binaryData;
string text = "romil123456";
using (MemoryStream memStream = new MemoryStream(Encoding.ASCII.GetBytes(text)))
binaryData = memStream.ToArray();
System.IO.File.WriteAllBytes(@path + "\\words123.txt" , binaryData);
In your case it is simpler, just put your array to function
Sergey Kizyan 6-Nov-15 16:48pm View
Process that locked the file is writing to it. You can monitor this all the time in some loop for example
Sergey Kizyan 6-Nov-15 14:42pm View
Can you ping computer from external network? Is it visible?
Sergey Kizyan 6-Nov-15 3:53am View
In any case just for testing you can redefine problematic class in your area to make sure this is linking and dependency issue
Sergey Kizyan 25-Sep-15 10:52am View
I don't see you execture reading second time. You need to have another ExecuteReader adn reader Close pair
Sergey Kizyan 22-Sep-15 9:10am View
This is what I mentioned. I didn't know which type of project you use and which controls are good for you. If this is xamarin control it is great.