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Comments by Sibeesh Passion (Top 9 by date)

Sibeesh Passion 10-Jun-16 5:37am View
Thank you. I am using a code first approach from Database (The last option in Entity Framework), and I created EventPhotos just for mapping the result set.
Sibeesh Passion 10-Jun-16 4:53am View
Hi, Thanks. I have already tried debugging. It just go to the constructor of EventPhotos. And returns back.
Sibeesh Passion 30-Oct-15 9:00am View
OMG, I got it. Sorry, will check the query with the updated information and let you know. Thank you
Sibeesh Passion 30-Oct-15 1:16am View
Thanks a lot for your reply, But when I run the given query, it throws an error as "Query (14, 8) The dimension '[Dim Data Period]' was not found in the cube when the string, [Dim Data Period].[Fiscal Year].[ALL], was parsed."
Sibeesh Passion 14-Jul-15 9:25am View
Yes, sorry. I will update the same. Thank you
Sibeesh Passion 14-Jul-15 7:45am View
Yeah, But someone may tried this before right?
Sibeesh Passion 14-Jul-15 7:15am View
I asked the same there also. But could not get any responds . That is why I thought of posting the question here. And I have already Installed latest version of SSAS.
Sibeesh Passion 20-Jan-15 5:07am View
I have already checked that link before posting question here.I have XML content in that variable. Will it work for XML content too?
Sibeesh Passion 19-Jan-15 23:41pm View
Do you mean that in the data grid, in one cell you need to show both image and text?