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dawood abbas 11-Jan-19 7:58am View
@shawn patil I can join but cannot get data by grouping.
dawood abbas 11-Jan-19 7:56am View
below just grouping which is in Ctroller.cs working and getting data..fine
var res = _objRefCustomerBS.GetAllRefCustomer().GroupBy(x => x.MobileNo).Select(x => x.ToList().OrderByDescending(y => y.cuRefID).First()).ToList();
but this below code is not working in DAL class file.
var res = CRMEntites.RefCustomers.GroupBy(x => x.MobileNo).Select(x => x.ToList().OrderByDescending(y => y.cuRefID).First()).ToList();
dawood abbas 11-Jan-19 7:54am View
I got they query but throwing an error null exception...whereas in MVC controller it's coming, in DAL cant...

var res = from users in CRMEntites.Users
join cust in CRMEntites.Customers on users.uID equals cust.uID
join refCust in (
from refC in CRMEntites.RefCustomers
group refC by refC.MobileNo into grp
select grp.OrderByDescending(g => g.cuRefID).FirstOrDefault()
) on users.MobileNo equals refCust.MobileNo
where users.IsDelete != true && users.rID == 3 && cust.Status == "INV" && cust.Status == "VIS"
select new DashboardGrid
Name = users.Name,
CreatedOn = refCust.CreatedOn,
MobileNo = refCust.MobileNo,
Extension = refCust.Extension
dawood abbas 10-Jan-19 2:35am View
I cant complete my linq query as per above sql query.
dawood abbas 8-Jul-15 0:51am View
I got the right answer..

PackagePeriod varchar(20),
UserId INT,
OldExpiryDate DATE,
AmountToPay FLOAT,
PyingAmount FLOAT,
Balance FLOAT,
LastPaidDate DATE,
Company_Id INT

declare @PackagePeriod varchar(20)
declare @UserId int
declare @OldExpiryDate DATE
declare @AmountToPay FLOAT
declare @PyingAmount FLOAT
declare @Balance FLOAT
declare @LastPaidDate DATE
declare @Company_Id INT

declare result_cursor cursor for
SELECT PackagePeriod, UserId, OldExpiryDate, AmountToPay, PyingAmount, Balance, LastPaidDate, Company_Id from #result

OPEN result_cursor

FETCH NEXT FROM result_cursor INTO @PackagePeriod, @UserId, @OldExpiryDate, @AmountToPay, @PyingAmount, @Balance, @LastPaidDate, @Company_Id



-- update your table
else if(@PackagePeriod='Quarterly')
--update table

FETCH NEXT FROM result_cursor INTO @PackagePeriod, @UserId, @OldExpiryDate, @AmountToPay, @PyingAmount, @Balance, @LastPaidDate, @Company_Id


CLOSE result_cursor

DEALLOCATE result_cursor
dawood abbas 2-Jul-15 8:30am View
i dnt have any condition to retrieve data from column in loop..
dawood abbas 20-Jun-15 7:13am View
its not working
dawood abbas 20-Jun-15 6:41am View
where to write it? in under qoutes or "+Server.MapPath("~/LoginPage.aspx")+" like this
dawood abbas 20-Jun-15 6:33am View

Server Error in '/' Application.

The resource cannot be found.
dawood abbas 20-Jun-15 6:31am View
so how to give path which is out side of the folder?
dawood abbas 19-Jun-15 5:26am View
in logout page i want to null it..
dawood abbas 19-Jun-15 5:26am View
thanq but how to set null value to this coockie?
dawood abbas 18-Jun-15 8:21am View
I have one demo project which was developed in php in that happening na.
dawood abbas 18-Jun-15 6:32am View
then how to do it?
dawood abbas 5-May-15 8:44am View
please read properly my post.
dawood abbas 22-Apr-15 2:43am View
I used it but at many places displaying error (red mark)
dawood abbas 21-Apr-15 5:31am View
@Maciej Los I tried with many times then only to came here for result.I did with view state.some are said its not a good way thats why i ddnt post my code.
dawood abbas 15-Apr-15 4:34am View
dont you get?
dawood abbas 15-Apr-15 3:31am View