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Comments by Amith 12807185 (Top 19 by date)

Amith 12807185 29-Jan-17 23:55pm View
Hi CHill60, thanks for the answer
Amith 12807185 10-Jan-17 5:23am View
F-ES Sitecore, thanks for the insight, it worked. Thing is it's not development so I need to configure my code as you suggested.
Amith 12807185 10-Jan-17 2:54am View
Thank You so much Bryian, it worked!!!
Amith 12807185 9-Jan-17 7:45am View
ok F-ES Sitecore, I'll try with the smtp4dev and share my findings.
Amith 12807185 9-Jan-17 3:10am View
Hi Michael,
I tried telnet 25
connection failed. I think it is not getting connected.
Amith 12807185 2-Jan-17 0:34am View
Thanks Muhammd for the support
Amith 12807185 2-Jan-17 0:02am View
Yes muhammd, I applied the same logic using cookie it's working fine now.
Amith 12807185 2-Jan-17 0:01am View
After full one day of trying, I tried with cookie, It's working for me now.
Changes did was: assigning firstName to a cookie in login page then retriving it in page load event of site.master.cs. It is working now and last addition I did was during btn click of logout event, I deleted the cookie so after btn click of log out the msg should vanish.
Amith 12807185 31-Dec-16 3:51am View
yes am getting null in site.master.cs file though it is stored n checked to be fine in login page. Don't really know where it is missing.
Amith 12807185 31-Dec-16 3:47am View
yes Muhammd,by doing this I've to retrieve session["FirstName"] in all pages. My requirement is storing firstName in login page then retrieve that in master page so it will be displayed in all pages till user is logged out.
Amith 12807185 28-Nov-16 0:08am View
Hi, thanks for the deep insight on this error. Actually I tried to change database type to bit but there is dependencies on more store procs. But this answer also works.
Amith 12807185 28-Nov-16 0:04am View
Hi, it worked. I checked the code once more and confirmed database column values are '0','1' and null due to not null constraint.And in code I only want to check if value is '1'. So converting to string does the job for me.
Amith 12807185 18-Nov-16 8:03am View
Hi Jawad,

Thanks You so much, it worked. In my case it was Response.Redirect("~/Offer.aspx").
Amith 12807185 18-Nov-16 5:17am View
Thanks a lot Puneet. Seems so simple now.
Amith 12807185 15-Nov-16 5:00am View
I defined the method outside pageload event removed static, now it is not throwing any error but that method still not available in editCampaign page.[the type or namespace name 'offer' couldn't be found] while declaring the instance. Seriously not knowing what to do? Please let me know if u want some more info on the prob.
Amith 12807185 15-Nov-16 4:53am View
No class is not in dll. It was downloaded from ftp server and solution was built.
Tried rest of the steps but still I 'am unable to access that method in editcampaign page.So I tried to define trustedForm function outside pageload event taking out static, there is no error now, however i still couldn't access the function in another .cs file
Amith 12807185 25-Oct-16 6:47am View
I searched entire database wasn't there any.
As this is my first development work, I am given the code for review purpose and learn.
Since yesterday I'am rectifying errors one by one now I'am stuck here. I just wanted
to know my understanding correct on this and there cannot be done anything if
there is no table.
Amith 12807185 25-Oct-16 6:47am View
yea it's not there, just wanted to double check on that.
Amith 12807185 25-Oct-16 6:45am View
I just wanted to know my understanding is correct on this since the code was given to review and learn