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Comments by IlanGreen (Top 6 by date)

IlanGreen 16-May-19 3:25am View    
My biggest requirement is the ability to mock without changing my code, I havent seen this parameter in the comparison of Wikipedia, thats why I posted it here
IlanGreen 8-Apr-19 3:38am View    
Nice! such friendly Api, easier to use than reflection with this huge amount of option.
IlanGreen 3-Apr-19 5:39am View    
Thank you very much for the input. by that you mean I must mock all dependencies of these methods in order to test it in an efficient way?
IlanGreen 2-Apr-19 10:03am View     CRLF
Thank you for the advice @F-ES Sitecore, I tried this scenario and the coverage of private bool IsValid(int number) is indeed 100% as its beings fully executed. My problem begins when this private method is accessing other places, for example a DB that cant be reached and i am not able to check this scenarios
IlanGreen 2-Apr-19 9:25am View     CRLF
1.80% sequence coverage, excuse me for the typo 2.Well, I was instructed to do it, also how do you reach more than 50% code coverage at all? I mean, it is obvious that all your project cant be public 4.I will try it now, thanks for the article 5.Ill check those toold right now Thank you very much in general, you calmed me down, i was sure i am in big trouble not being able to do such easy task