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Member 14174664 8-May-19 3:24am View
anyone can help me?
Member 14174664 2-May-19 6:00am View
can you guide me accurate the code?
Member 14174664 2-May-19 5:41am View
I can't apply the solution by you, because my all images link is from content of the article (load dynamic from mysql), not only images, but also text... and it popup when user click on any image when view detail the article. thank Christian Graus
Member 14174664 2-May-19 4:14am View
thanks DerekTP123
Member 14174664 17-Apr-19 5:20am View
any body can help me!
Member 14174664 17-Apr-19 4:13am View
oh yes, post error when i press F5. i will delete,
Member 14174664 10-Mar-19 23:23pm View
sir, i redescribed in the question, can you help me.
Member 14174664 7-Mar-19 12:45pm View
Dear CHill60,
I try and run Your Query but Result return not satisfy, it's only show customers that simultaneously in Receipt and Payment tables. It mean, the customer only in Receipt OR only in Payment will not return in result. Exactly, in my customer table have 604 customers, in that, 18 customer simultaneously in Receipt and Payment tables, 91 customers simultaneously in Receipt and Payment and Or in Receipt OR in Payment.
The query above only show 18 Customers. My hope must be 91 customers.

I think the problem are LEFT JOIN command? what do you think?
I know you are very busy, please spend a little time help me.